Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fruitful 2009!

I briefly read through my entries of 2009. Its great to know that i've smoothly sail through 2009, the year whereby i'm gonna serve one whole year of National Service. it's quite an accomplishment already :)

but 2009 have more significant things than that.

My one and only 21st Birthday celebration held in the camp. I really expect nothing, but it turn out to be one fine mini party. thanks to my army frens. and of cos, those who wished me birthday! i believe i have failed to give most of u guys birthday wishes, the super forgetful me is super sorry! Happy belated Birthday everyone! ( too late lah, brother...)

My training trips to Germany and Australia were both fantastic in their own way!

i oso got my marksman this year. (good shooting skill). SHIOK!

but i injured my right knee from long distance running. SUCKS!

aniwae, i'm very proud to say that i'm pretty disciplined this year. I've cut down on playing, and put focus on reading books, drawing and writing stories. the result was more than satisfactory!
i've improved quite abit in my art. mainly on the control of my medium. things look nicer only, not fantastic yet. I foresee next year, i'll up my skill and knowledge more, and i'll definitely see even bigger improvement. (subjects to improve on: anatomy, perspectives and colour theory...same old basics.)

best day of 2009? 19 July 09.
the day i've come up with a main story that is suitable for 蝶语! (my beloved personal project)
almost everything that popped out in this world are by chance, i don't anticipate or design them out. the ideas/stories just 'auto-play' in my mind. totally natural..but happens very slowly. With this general story ready, i'm more confident and sure of how i should design my characters and the world accordingly to further realise this concept. bravo bravo!

another important date: 21 may 09.
The day my original character was created. Ray Ray! sadly, i can't commit myself to draw a series for him. He'll most likely appear in my illustration works ba :)
Will still find opportunities to make a Ray Ray Children book though.

And in 2009, I've lost my secondary school friend who died upon a bike accident. Life is this fragile. This is the worst reminder anyone would want. I couldn't attend his wake because I have weekend outfield training. Definitely my biggest loss this year.
Paul, i'll remember you as a great friend and a great basketball teammate!

My biggest self-discovery, I-Ching. I also came out with my own way to analyse people, something related to Yin and Yang through numbers. Not super accurate but proofed to be useful for me, haha!

my biggest battle? myself. I've been fighting against myself throughout this year. Sometimes I can't win myself. It's one of the worst feelings ever. I've endured it, and i think i'm going to reach the balance point in my life soon. (becos i'm going to ORD soon? haha!)

biggest lesson? to realise that i'm still not mature enough. Not yet a man. Far from a man. lol!

things not done? have yet to take Oath to announce myself as a true Singapore Citizen. aiya, i've encountered some prob when denouncing my British (foreign) Citizenship. Time is running out! argh shit!! $%#$#@%^(*&^#$%#$% I fucking hate to do all this!

Next step? applied for Hong Kong City University's Creative Media course. Hope I can get in!

Yeap, thats my 2009. As I expect the least from this year, I actually got many great things out of this year. it's a fruitful year for me :)

did i gain weight? oh forget abt it.

I believe this is my last art piece for the year 2009!
Ray Ray welcoming 2010, the year of Tiger!!

May everyone have a Happy 2010! :D

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

this is funny

As i was painting an Avatar that can only be driven by me...a very awkward feeling struck me. this blue...the ears....isn't it Stitch?

Holy crap, the Na'Vi's close cousins are the Stitch family! wat a weird surprise, lol.

btw, i've emailed to Hollywood that they will use my Avatar as one of the character in Avatar 2.
they 've approved the idea.

hahahaha, jus kidding la! if thats the case, Avatar 2 will be like Storm Warriors :x

yup Stitch and Na'vi... are related. LOL!

Monday, December 21, 2009


today is 21-12-2009. Exactly 3 years left till 21-12-2012.

do i hav something to say? certainly haha.

10 more days to a new year. and i'm pretty sure that the year 2010 is an important year to my Role-Playing-Game, known as WOW. wait a minute, i'm not referring to World of Warcraft. i'm toking about the Role Playing Game that everyone alive is involved in. This game is World of Wonders....WOW.

to make it less confusing, we can call it, wow-wow or even oh-wow. lol

while many people are playing computer games such as World of Warcraft...i'm more interested in World of Wonders. while they are busy improving their character's skills and abilities, i'm busy improving my own skills and abilities. we have one common goal...to own other ppl in WOW. just that they wana own ppl in world of warcraft, i wana own ppl in world of wonders. NICE.

yes, i have a lot of bullshit to share.

nvm. i'm trying to send one message across actually. Guys who feels that there are no more challenging games left for you to play..well.... maybe you're right. cos u can complete all sorts of games...from level difficulty 'EASY' to level difficulty 'COME VISIT YA GRAVEYARD' or 'HELL'.
yes, u are good. but...but...why not try...World of Wonders? try level difficulty 'NORMAL'.

World of Wonders has approximately 6 billion plus active players, the game is functioning 24/7. u won't worry about not having enough side-quests or main quests in this world. the best part is, you've already signed up an account under your name since the day you are born....FOR FREEEEE! you are given literally nothing at first....and look what you've got now? you have a place to use internet!u've completed elementary school of earth, wind, water, fire...oops...should be elementary school of English, Maths, Science and Mother Tongue...bla bla. U have your own group of frens...see facebook to reassure yourself. and in World of Wonders... when you are bored... u can play World of Warcraft to be an orc or something. u can catch the recent epic show, Avatar.

World of Wonders has everything.

there are so many role to choose. so many guilds to join. so many levels to train. this world is totally real and interactive! theres no such thing as LAG. the game is running in real-time mode! (erm maybe thats why ppl don't like playing world of wonders, haha.)

ok ok. straight to the point. i hope ppl can treat this world as a Role Playing Game.

wana be a true winner? then try win the game of World of Wonders. Current leaders are......(too many many_...ok, i name a few...they are James Cameron, Obama, Hayao Miyazaki, Bill Gates, Jackie Chan, Jackie Wu, Jack Neo....the list goes on. Yea, try to match them. Their influence, power, intelligence, wealth and experience points are way above us. so u think you're good now? pls do a World of Wonders check. i mean reality check.

Invest more time in World of Wonders now! the best game since the beginning of time...

haha, this entry is abit anti-hardcore gamers. but why not? haha!

okay, a new year is coming!

i gotta write something b4 i get too busy.

i wana thank everyone. you guys have made my time in World of Wonders pretty wonderful haha! thank you thank you!

i wana say sorry to everyone esp my friends. cos i think i didn't give enough care and concern to you all. i don't deserve you all.

and yet, we are still friends...thanks a million. we are family yo!

and i wana specially thank my dad and mum and sis. i love you all and will love you all more and more. and yes, i will express my love through great care and concern. not by giving money. u guys will love me more, haha.

i wana thank myself for being so strong. keep it up :) but there's still a universe for improvement, you this ignorant stupid piece of crap!

and if i've hurt anyone (unknowingly or in purpose).... Please forgive me. i'm far from a good guy.

well, i have been working hard to learn more about this game. early this year, i have advance to World of Wonders: The Adulthood Life. (stage 2) ...but currently still stuck in some military training place to upgrade my fighting capabilities...and soon, later next year....i gonna leave this place :(

basically stage 2 is about further improving my specialty, getting a job and forming my own family. i have to farm lots of money and experience points!!! and i aim to earn this particular prestigious artifact---The Golden Horse Award. HAHAHAHA!

my time here in Singapore is truly a fruitful and memorable one. if i'm living else where, i may not be who i am now. and i don't wish that to happen, cos i'm happy to be who i am now. but the again, i have to say goodbye soon.... it's not easy.... trust me.

i hope my understanding about World of Wonders is good enough, jus so that i have not made too many mistakes or wrong choices. This decision is a huge one. I hope it's the right move.

time to pack up my thoughts and feelings. omg.

i'm like going to experience rebirth. kind of cool and kind of sucky.

btw i'm the legendary Warrior Wizard, Xelex, the Wonderman (the man who wonders), class RARE GEM. hahaha!

needa stop typing.

Xelex logged off.
(retreated to his own world of Peace and Chaos)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

成也风云, 败也风云。

first of all, i need to apologise. i dun wish to do this, but i really need to (let it out).....slam this piece of storm shit. pardon my language(including grammar, haha) and my rudeness.

an angry movie review for Storm Warriors/ FengYun2.

the first movie really moved me. it's an epic tale that has done incredibly well for almost all categories (Direction, story, actions, visuals, acting etc.). I feel for all the characters! the first one is usually more interesting to tell...and definitely very tough to do as well (to adapt HK comic into movie and keeping the style)... u'll hav lots of things to juggle with, but that at least keep the movie filled with characters intro, establishment of a believable world, lots of actions and story telling...the audience has a lot to absorb and enjoy. unlike the second one...it contains air.

the big challenge for the first film is whether the audience who do not know anything abt the comic story will eventually understand this world and love it....as well as, pleasing/not offending the comic fans who know the story inside out...

1998, Andrew Lau directed , 风云之雄霸天下. He and the production team has done an impressive job. the edited story for the silver screen is pretty perfect...He made all the right moves...taking out unimportant characters, tightening the pace and maintaining the flow by chopping and stringing the events together... the adapted story is genius (sorry, i actually didn't read through the original comic yet...but i know there's alot of alterations made and since no one complained abt it, i assume tat the film adaption is good haha!)...but of cos, credits to 马荣成 Ma Wing Shing for his original comic story where everything start off from.

The casting of the actors! and this is where fate/destiny comes into the picture. Aaron as Cloud and Ekin as Wind! OMG, perfect match! LOL! but never forget abt 雄霸 (Conqueror) ! starring 千叶真一! he is another perfect choice!
if u get any other actors to act..i think the movie's impressiveness would dropped by alot!
and yea, 孔慈, 楚楚 and 文丑丑 all hav the somewhat right cast to act :)

next is the theme song! it has captured the soul of the comic! perfect theme song for me!!!
the song has stayed in my mind for 11 years till now. i love it. and there's another love song in the movie which is very nice too.


The story is somewhat deep (in a good way) when comes to the Mud Buddha's prediction, totally hilarious when comes to the jester, totally awesome when comes to all the fight scenes, super cool when the actors are posing like the comic characters and look exactly like them! really entertaining.

on a personal note, i had a france born chinese friend named Philip who actually lived with me for 3 weeks to learn abit abt Chinese painting from my mum. Philip's chinese Dad learns chinese painting from my dad. ya, tats abt that. so, on 1998 Philip got this golden opportunity to watch Storm Riders with my family in Singapore. He knows nothing about HK comic or anything abt martial art. in the end, he understood that world and loves it. i remember he likes them flying ard jus that. haha!

This is Hong Kong Cinema's future. this movie will pave a path for a series of Wuxia movies that only asians can do and excel. I can't imagine how much more wonderful things will happen 10 years from 1998...the visual effects r gonna be more realistic and fantastic, the stage will only be bigger and better...nothing is impossible.

11 years later, i encountered storm shit.

...and that shit storm is storm warriors.... the sequel of the storm riders!?
I mus have done something wrong, why is this happening? Few days after watching the show and still unable to get over it, i decided to go a little deeper to understand this storm shit...i went to youtube to search their making of...interview of the directors. and eventually going online to find the original comic to find out why/how such shit storm is created. i know almost nothing abt the story after the Conqueror is defeated and i need to understand the original for this one, becos the sequel has offered almost zero story telling to pull me back into the world of Wind and Cloud. what a shame.

i'm about the burst.

ok. the pang brothers (directors of Storm Warriors). screw u. i heard that one pays more attention to the story while the other pays more attention to the visual effects and art direction. screw both of u again. both of you have failed to deliver in both story and visuals..... fail. ...epic shit ...this is it man.... both of you have brought so much joy to everyone who watched the first show, and then both of you screw it up 11 years later. screw both of u again.

somehow, this tragedy tallies with saying of 成也风云, 败也风云。am i supposed to laugh or cry now?

lets talk abt the story. what the fuck is wrong here? the story is an empty shell. it goes right into the actions...where i dun know a bunch of characters. it started off with a lot of words that quickly sums up what happened after the first movie and what's going to happen in this movie. basically, i'm shocked that they decided to throw in so many words b4 anything happened and thus i can't absorb a single shit that the narrator has to say. (i exaggerated abit i noe) nvm, i'm gonna slowly pick up later..... sorry...let the fight begins! and then prepare for another fight. then fight to fight and fight again. there is NO character development for most of the characters! Wind and Cloud became so one-dimensional here. Predictable, boring and emo. this is really really frustrating. don't u assume that we know who they are and then u jus let them to fight fight fight so casually. you have to design and put in time to show us what they are concern with...and not just about leveling up and fight fight fight. what the fight u want? the dialogues have one million 风大哥 and 云大哥 being addressed. pretty annoying. i feel that they are trying to say out how intimate they are with each other rather then showing (the better way, but takes time). and yes, the 2 female actresses has almost zero chemistry with their 风大哥 and 云大哥.

luckily, master nameless and Godless's casting is almost spot on. that probably is the only nice thing i can get from the show. phew~

the actions? going to be the asian 300? well, if u focus on delivering a good Storm Warriors in its own way. it will be 300 times better than 300. fuck your slow motion sequence. very untimely most of the time. i heard ppl laughed and then cut off their laughs immediately becos they know its meant to be serious here. but they can't help it as the facial expressions are so ugly fugly to see in slow mo.... and then the pang bros purposely slow mo it...as if they want to magnified that flaw. the audience cut off their laughs becos they still want to respect the film. do u know how freaking sad that is? i guess neither of u pang brothers expect this. but this is the feedback.

blue screen. superb technology? well, all your fight scenes ended up having one facing another...nicely aligned...for the blue screen. so that ppl later on can have a easier time to add in the special effects. that means less wild camera movements...oh ya...i know u guys can do more if there's more money. but hey, the result is that i see nameless and Godless fought face to face without moving positions (1st scene). then i see Cloud fights nameless face to face without moving positions (on the incredibly narrow bridge which became a training grd as well wtf). then i see Wind and Cloud fighting face to face TWICE without much movement in positions. (on the wooden log and on the cliff) there is no.."all over the place, and fly to wherever u like" attitude that i find a standard wuxia show should have in this movie. they should fight all over the place like a real swordsman and not like digimons!!!! (horizontal screen and spam combos across..) instead they are stuck to some fixed locations so that ppl can insert digital backgrounds. nice. and the real backgrounds are also mainly man-made..which look freaking fake...remember the caves? oh yeah, there are many caves, rocky mountains and sand btw.
WHY? why so BORING? becos they are BOUNDED by the superb technology that they want to abuse on. thats why.

result? STORM SHIT. i'm fucking mad.

then, the theme song. shut your ears please thank you.

u know what i'm feeling now?

and ya..talk abt memorable slow mo that can match up with 300. in the first movie, the sword saint's arrival to Conqueror's hall, freezing everyone and slowly stepped on them to reach to Conqueror and stab straight into his chest....that slow motion sequence is a classic! no many can top that. sometimes we really don't know how good we are until someone tells us. in this case, the pang brothers self pwned themselves to the max. move on brothers, reach for new height.

the sequel should only be made when there's a solid story plot that will spur the heroes back into action. from this failure, i see that it is crucial to continue to put in effort in portraying all the characters diligently. and provide a proper set up for the problem. how Godless defy the Emperor of Japan and came to conquer the Mainland. what's the importance of dragon bones. need some flashbacks to tell the story? then do so! continue to pay attention to Wind and Cloud's love life and their future/goals. Its not the fight that concerns us the most. i can accept 90% set up with 10% epic fight that will make me feel for it. Its hard to accept 90% nonsense fight with 10% story telling. i believe that the Pang brothers thought that they've smartly cut off the setting up of the story just enuff for us to understand the surface of it and went for actions. so smart...really efficient there. but for this upset, i think Storm Warriors should INCLUDE the rise of Godless, the reunion of Wind and Cloud, the terror Godless has cast upon the ppl on Mainland (the real threat) and then go to somewhere near to the actual movie. then short cut the stupid time used for levelling up...bla bla bla...epic battle against Godless, then final showdown between Wind and Cloud. that would make abit more sense and abit more story and character development.

maybe its the budget. how much more time is left for Aaron and Ekin to stay youthful? this movie is indeed a fatal mistake that i must never link to the first movie.

sigh, i'm really sad. something i really cherished has become so unacceptable.

maybe its fate.

nvm, lets enjoy whats really good. the originals!!!!!! i have found some links...enjoy the art and the story.

the interesting thing is there's a comic version based on this movie which is quite well done. thanks to Ma Wing Shing's magical touch again.

the art books. i'm giving the link to their first book. back track abit to link to all. any prob can ask me.

Ma Wing Shing's legendary works.

the website is pretty awesome. has great research materials for me.

1998, France won World Cup and Philip is a crazy soccer fan. 1998, Blizzard Entertainment released Starcraft and Philip installed it into my computer. we completed this rather complex game without cheats!
and now I pray that 11 plus years later, Starcraft 2 is another great RTS game. please dun spoil this one..

Friday, December 4, 2009

back from aussome training!

hello!! i'm super proud of myself. able to take part and finished ATEC. the consecutive days of outfield missions are not easy...but not impossible to do. it's tough, and it's jus tough enough to not 'kill' me yet. its jus tough enough to make me a stronger and better person. its jus tough enough to make me feel homesick and wana cherish my freedom more. this exercise is the highlight of my tankee career and i think i've done well :)

i needa mention abt the night sky during my outfield...FULL OF STARS. i've made a wish upon a shooting star. then after staring at the sky for another few more minutes... i saw another one. then i realise the shooting stars there are "free". hence i jus lay my back on the tank's turret and enjoy the very cooling weather at night. afternoon time can be crazy hot. but u won't perspire much. i have lots to share..but lazy to type them down here haha

the R&R programmes are kinda plain as rockhampton is a pretty normal suburban town.
still i've really enjoyed myself throughout this trip. i watched Mary and Max and Overheard on the SIA plane...great shows. and i watched 2012 at rockhampton...i wish to slap the director's face..nuff said.

can't wait for Avatar. pray that it will be one of my fav sci-fi show.

kk, some photos. those mission photos are much more epic but can't share here :(

before we set off to aussie!

the tankee warriors.

my crew consists of houyeung (loader), calvin(gunner) and bryan (driver). the ultimate vehicle commander for the crew is not in the picture though. we are the champion!

i'm slightly cuter.

never forget to draw a little.

spread across a few days to finish this piece.
if possible, i wish to hav this couple sculpted out. and then there would be another right hand holding a samurai sword to be sculpted out for buyers to change. how i wish~

one-shot marker pen work.

december already. ORD in May. BRAVO!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


the feeling of needing to draw and to express is growing. shiok!

xelex is gonna share today.

the word 'drawing' in my context here would refer to creating images bla bla bla...
well, i have a different take on this word now... draw means extract. yea, i simply use its another meaning... but it really help change my approach to drawing.

say, the artist is drawing the garden.
hence, the artist is 'extracting' the garden. i replaced the word to 'extract' so as to let u see how i see this word now...instead of focusing on the artist's illustration piece (the final drawing).... i'm putting attention to the process that comes before the act of drawing the art piece. it is the drawing/extraction of ideas and images from the given source.

we can't jus copy exactly from the source. if not, pls take a camera and take photos of your source. in art, i personally feel that the artist should (naturally) input his or her own take or expression to the subject. Draw/Extract what has make an impact on u, u may expand that feeling throughout the piece or anything else until you've achieve what u intended to put into the work.
(will explain more about the input part later)

'The artist is drawing the garden.'

do u see what i see now? The artist is extracting forms, light and shade, and colours from the garden to his work.

kk let's continue

now, someone is commenting on the artist's garden painting...
"The artist has breathe life into the painting. it's so magical yet so real! oh look at the colours. oh look at those strokes. Amazing..."

what has contributed to such wonderful praise from the viewer?

3 sources. (hahaha, 3 is the magic number)

World. You. Medium.

The World is the inspirations outside of you. And You generates your own inspirations 'inside'.

here's the input part :)

so when you draw something, you are actually drawing/extracting 3 things.

You are drawing the INSPIRATIONS you've got from the world and you are also drawing your personal STYLE into the art piece. Last but not least, the FEEL of the medium is the 3rd thing you are drawing. Pen, pencil, marker, brush, watercolour paper, photocopy paper, oil paint, ink, watercolour...they all provide different feel to your work.

In other words, a finished piece came from the 3 sources that you've extracted and put into it.
The World, You and the Medium.

i would say that the artist has painted the garden so fantastically because he/she has managed to draw/extract the right amount/choice of 'material' from the 3 sources AND he/she has proficient skill and knowledge to express them to the art work.

alrite, i've covered the new interpretation of the word 'draw' in the context of drawing, and the 3 sources that we are drawing when we are drawing. lol!

btw, we are unconciously drawing from these 3 sources when we are drawing, but never much aware of it.
Now i'm gonna single out 1 of the 3 sources that makes the biggest difference in everyone's art.

the medium will not 'misbehave' ....when you are using a pencil, the pencil won't give u ink, but what it has.
the world is always as it is, there is no 300 versions of the earth, but there are countless different interpretations of the earth.
YOU are the only source in the 'holy 3 sources' of art that is a non-constant. everyone is different and unique. every YOU is different and unique.
My observation is that the world will not ruin your work. the medium shouldn't ruin your work (provided they function well)...it is YOU who couldn't deliver what you want. That's where skill and knowledge is so important.
but even when YOU have acquired the professional skills and knowledge to draw, your work can still fail to impress. why? maybe because you didn't draw/extract enough from the yourself Or perhaps, you didn't even draw/extract a single bit intothe work. You probably thought that things that you've created, as long as it is visually pleasing will be great. (not for me) yes, orange and blue looks nice together. so is red and green. it's better to have foreground, mid-ground, and back ground presented to make the composition more interesting and they provide a sense of depth. 3-point-lighting is a good way to light your subject....These are all skills and knowledge. But what you've failed to draw/extract to the drawing could be YOU.
I'm refering to your personalities and interpretations. YOU are not enough in the drawing!!!!
yea, i believe that the value of a work lies in the 'YOU' factor.

let's say i'm right abt the 'YOU' factor...

hence, the secret to create art with life, style, personalities, unique interpretations is to IMPROVE YOURSELF! something that is actually very achievable. the more diverse you are, the more diverse your work can be. Constantly improving yourself would push your limits in art.

so if you are evil...you will be drawing/extracting evil stuff into the art. if you are lame, your art will be lame. if you have no personalities, you will be painting 'photographs'...totally no signs of YOU inside. If you are as fantastic as me or Hayao Miyazaki, you would be able to deliver fantastic stuff. what i'm lacking now is better skill and knowledge and a better ME!

In conclusion, 'YOU' plays the most important part in the Art of Drawing.
Be yourself, draw the right thing.

phew! that's about it. now its time to take a look at my not-so-recent and recent drawings, haha!
in chronological order, starting from the earliest.

draw from photos. trying out my o.o5 marker pen.
Done in june. my first few attempts with the pen.

draw from my creative mind :)

draw from a toy magazine.

drew this after reading H.R Giger's art+autobio book.
He is one of my favourite artist. cos u can 'see' HIM all over the artwork.
yea, he's the Alien designer. A genius.

Wanna 'draw' out the bad feelings in me and put them on the paper.

Wanna hold your hands...dur....
100% brush work for the characters.

draw from a photo on a newspaper. was doing COS duty in camp on sunday. damn...

added some grey in photoshop.

I had a great week as I was on leave. my mum came back on last sunday till friday. we went to Science Center's Body Worlds. It's a fantastic exhibition. It's not a scary thing, or make you wanna puke...in fact, i felt more alive after this exhibition. only $21 per ticket in exchange of this great experience! and i saw actress wong liling and her family. that's a plus!
i've learnt that, mammals on average have 1 billion heartbeats in a lifetime. a shrew lives less than 4 years at 500 heartbeats per minute. human have ard 70 heartbeats per minute, elephant is ard 30 and can live up to 70 years old. (it's related to their body mass). no wonder a shrew dies much earlier, becos it reaches 1 billion heartbeat much faster with its super fast heart beating pace!

anyway, i've tot of a romantic line base on this knowledge.
"A billion heartbeats of loving you."
It's means loving you for a lifetime.
nice lah!

and i've watched Michael Jackson's 'This is it" show at grand cathay. Cinema 1, seat E19 is a great spot to watch the show. next time mus book ard that area to watch other shows. okay, this film is a informal documentary about MJ's last show. Freaking nice!!! he can still dance and sing very well at age 50. truly a legend. he is one of the few guys who's heart for the world is the greatest and we can all feel it. the concert is going to be superb, but its really really sad to see that he has left before he even performed once to the fans. while watching the film, the knowing that he has already passed away, breaks my heart. this film has the most applause and cheers that i've ever come across in the cinema. everytime MJ finished rehearsing one song, the fans in the cinema (mainly girls) would cheer "woow!" "yeah!" and applause loudly. i guess that really enhance the whole experience. "Love lives forever". Indeed.

and i've came up with a new story idea AGAIN. and the Day of Defeat Lan gaming session was mind blowing!

(freaking long post, november special issue, lol!)

after all this goodness, i'm heading to Australia to eat some sand and grass till the end of november.
let the SHIT begin!

wish me well!

Friday, October 16, 2009

123th post! Ray Ray!

Post #123 is dedicated to someone special...

okay, this is probably my greatest work till date, LOL!!!

Presenting to everyone, let's welcome RAY RAY!!~~
He 'came out' from my heart. He may be me, haha!

(note: he is called Ray Ray. can't jus call him Ray. His chinese name is 雷雷. Pronounced as lei lei.)

Ray Ray is just as curious and playful as any other kid, but he especially loves mother nature (trees, flowers, hills, river etc) and his little red ball. His favourite tee-shirt has a big piece of green leaf printed on it. And his hair is definitely his trademark!

If i'm persistent and creative enough, i would create a series of Ray Ray Children Books.... Everyone will buy and read the books, and then i will mind control all the kids and become the first world-president...here i go again..haha!

this is my initial concept sketch of Ray Ray. His body proportions have yet to be finalised yet, so is the overall art style...I wish to make him more animatable...but i still prefer him to have a big head and short limbs...cuter that way.

Ray Ray's favourite tree. Here, I've drawn him in a more angular manner. The art style is less cartoony...more of my own elements inside. kinda like this approach :)

no colour template yet. gotta create his world too..not easy...i can't tell that if he's a causasian or chinese, lol! most likely causasian bah.

yea, i love trees. and i want everyone to love them too. Ray Ray probably came to this world to help me achieve this 'goal'. In return, i shall give Ray Ray lots of friends and lots of wonderful exprience :)

He will never grow old, always smiling, always loving the tree...

i shall help him say.."Hi!" hahaha!

suddenly wana sing....
ABC! easy as 123! oh simple as do-re-mi, ABC, 123, baby you and me girl~~~
(michael jackson's ABC song)

yup, tats all!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


okay, i did go onto the internet and some bookstore to read up about I-Ching. its very impressive...but can be quite complex and hard to understand sometimes. will read more after my Australia training trip which starts from 08 Nov till i don't know when...lol. close to 4 weeks of military training there...wonderful...my ass...

so i decided to use my wacom tablet again...want to paint a tree...use a photo as reference...the composition is super boring again i know...spam lots of texture oso...but i had lots of fun painting this one. and i've learnt some new technics too. clap clap!

title: Blue Blue Tree.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

December 21 2012

I want to blog abt this since last year haha!

yeah, they call Dec 21 2012 as Doomsday and there's a reason why...

hmm, i guess everyone probably knows what i'm talking abt. the maya calender's prediction on the end of the world, pole shift, mass destruction bla bla bla. (and a movie abt this day is oso coming up. may watch it for the visual effects only) anyway, i would like u all to go through this vid before i start to tok abt what i think abt the prediction ...and rmb to read the comments oso...kinda interesting :)


okay, i find that this is by far the most intriguing prophecy abt the end of the world that i've come across. probably becos the maya calendar is very accurate in its predictions...AND...the ancient chinese's I-Ching (pronounced as Eee-Jin) is another work from 'God' that i find its readings would be very reliable for i believe that the chinese and the mayans have discovered the secrets of everything in their own way!!!

i say that their works are works from 'God' becos i find it impossible to find out what-i-would-say a 'strict pattern' in the Way of Life. but yea, the chinese and the mayans did it. F#%@ing amazing!!!!!

(i noe there are probably others who have oso discover the order of the world...but i shall jus tok on these two for now.)

now let's check out the maya calendar and the I-Ching.

yes, this is the calendar. speaking of the perfect combination of art and science.

A-R-Mazzzzing!! everything abt life is in here...oh my...

this is an extended application of I-Ching on the Tao diagram.
again, the secrets of life are perhaps decoded here...
reminds me of Wheel of Fortune!
Big Money! Big Money! LOL!

If the periodic table governs the elements of this world.
Then I-Ching governs the elements of life and death.

thats my informal intro abt Doomsday, focusing on the knowledge of the past/ancient.
actually, i'm more interested to know more abt these ancient works than knowing if Doomsday will kill us all or not. simply becos i don't think human will be extinct on that day. as long as some can continue to live on, i'm more than happy. and perhaps that day will be just like any other day rite?

Ever since i started to put all my heart and soul into Art... I began to discover that there is somewhat a pattern to many things that run this world. There is an ORDER to things. if we OBSERVE, SIMPLIFY them , CLASSIFY them and STUDY them...we will be able to find patterns, cycles and orders in them. we will be able to know what is going to happen next...for we already know how the pattern is going...and there, we are able to predict the future!

what i've discovered is nothing...compared to the work of I-Ching, a simple product that provides easy access to the greatest secrets of Life. by classifying and re-organising all the signs of Life into symbols. made into a table that would contain all the possibilities of life. it was built upon the very basic of life...the Ying and the Yang. I hav no say whether the table is perfect or not, but i find that it is perfect. at least, from the mathematical point of view.

i'll (briefly) study I-Ching one day. haha!

okay, sounds like i really believe that Doomsday will happen on December 21 2012...
hmmm, actually i don't know. i don't really give a damn. and i can't do much about it.
i couldn't be changing all my plans and just go enjoy my life by doing nothing but play rite?...then what if 'nothing' happens on that day?

Xelex( founder of Xelexology) 's verdict abt Doomsday is....

Still believe that Doomsday will fall on December 21 2012. And that I will most probably die on that day.
I will continue with what i'm doing as per normal but with a sense of urgency that i will die very soon. Therefore, i must live life to the fullest by trying to achieve my primary goals of my life before that day comes. so that if i really die on that day, i would have no regrets :)

time is running out.

time is indeed my greatest enemy.

Lastly, i would like to blog down this dream I had last year.
I was at my house and all of a sudden, everything is like heading towards the 'wrong' direction...i hav a very bad feeling abt what's going to happen. Dark clouds spread across the sky in a very short time...(just imagine the movie, The day after tomorrow)....and when i dashed to the balcony to check out what the hell is going on, i realised that the city is flooded by the sea already. there is no sign of hope at that time. i'm dumbfounded...i stood there helplessly... watching the sea level raising higher and higher...
BUT! beocs i live at the 33rd floor and it is high enough for me to escape this disaster! the sea couldn't devour my hse, haha! i'm safe. when i'm at home, i will be safe from this disaster. thats the msg i got from the dream. so i'm going to invite all my frens to my hse and have a crazy party on Dec 20 2012!! rmb to bring lots of food and swim wears just in case! we'll be the kings and the queens of the new world! alrite!!!!!!

haha, i'm so not taking this seriously.

whatever comes after Dec 21 2012 is a bonus.

Be prepared.

further readings...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Keep Breathing...

some old pics. went to some toy convention thingy at art museum. as expected, the toys (on sales) didn't wow me on that day. however, something unexpected there, jus wowed me! those freaking cool toy guns (for trying)! i got to play in one of the mini-death match game. and as expected, i got zero kill and one death at the end of the game.

yeap, met zishen there. and gotta thank him for introducing this hobby to me.

G.I.JOE the rise of the revenge of the fall.

all sorts of weapons, COOL!

Terminator 4 : Resistance Fail

nice cosplay

ghost buster gal and the legendary mask riders. Epic win!

finally, here r my latest doodles.

my "just-draw" feeling is back.
hence, a random piece of art is born.
the rabbit theme was discovered later after putting in some random objects/subjects.
just draw lah!

don't pissed of that peeing guy there, pete.
hmm, i used ink brush for this one. and later used a 0.05 fine marker to refine some edges.
will continue to explore this medium :)

i've been spending more time reading recently. little time for drawing. its fine, cos i noe i'm slowly progressing to the direction i want to go. and this (great feeling) helps me to overcome ALL SORTS OF BAD THINGS that happened in my camp. i'm super overworked, super shag, super pissed off, super sian....and time passed really really slowly for me. the next thing i noe is that my weekends are burnt like free. likely can claim day-off.

my knee is not healing. i fucking hate this injury. its one of the main reason for my unhappiness in camp. (bite lips)




breath in, breath out...

kk, let's enjoy this wonderful piece of song.
Keep Breathing.

all that i know is keep breathing...

hang in there :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

i can see it

i've found a wonder book recently. super happy.

this book really makes me feel that i can realise my dream.

i'm super motivated.

but i'm super occupied.

mum's back from HK todae. had a lunch with her, told her abt my "Butterfly Language" story idea. She loves it. Its the first time she praises me abt my own story. B4 this, she would jus nod her head, one ear in one ear out. haha

eh, previously i tot i'm going to study in HK city university's Creative Media. nope, not anymore. I would go for some other fine art course in some other Uni in HK. cos, i know what i want. Thanks to Digital Media Design :)

watched District 9 with sis. I think its the first time i watch a movie with my sis. we both enjoyed the show. worth the money, very entertaining.

watched UP alone, lol. first time watching alone. (all watched b4 except me)
like Wall E, the first part is very well done, then gradually becomes any other typical show that is ends with lots of actions. to me, both Wall E and UP's first act and their 3rd act has different direction, style and approach. basically, their 3rd act spoils the show. simply becos they thot that the audience would prefer to watch some actions in the films.

i say Ratatouille is the best Pixar show.

the next show i wana watch is Moon! can't wait!

kk, gotta go.

dinner with mum. scene 3 act 2 take 1.


Monday, August 17, 2009

this game

having off today...will bk in later.

hmm i hav no complains about my life for now...

no wait...

there's something i need to complain about...my right knee's ligament strain is BACK. it's not 'working' well again...i have to stop running after running just 1km or less. in the end, all my preparations for the 21km, Army Half Marathon (16/08/09)has gone to waste as i could not take part...but i was there! looking after the participants' bags. nice...

the strain has been around for more than a month already. maybe i didn't stretch properly bah...cos i can never touch my toes when doing leg-stretching exercise...Sit and Reach failure I am. haiz...inflexible piece of shit.

nvm, other than this...life is pretty good now.

however, i noe...i noe...i noe...whenever i've settled with some conclusions abt my (on-going)life, the next moment something will change the course of things and u will have to adjust to it.

u cannot complain...

the cycle of peace and chaos will take their turns to 'play' with your life. i say, learn to enjoy sufferings.

i'm already anticipating my chaos to come.

pessimistic? nope, i think i'm starting to understand this game.

and i'm starting to like it.

i don't think this game is abt winning. i still don't know what's the goal of this game...i believe no one can win this game...and perhaps, there's no win or lose in this game. it's about something else.

i think it's about...

time to book in.

haha, i'm not trying to be like that art tutorial(maybe i am)...hey hey, i'm really trying to figure things out. but u mus be ready that error may occur mid way...but as long as u've enjoyed the journey..the final result is never important. tats why i like that vid?

did i make a point?

nvm. hope i didn't waste anyone's time here.

bye bye!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

great lesson

now i get it.
have a good day guys :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


here's another art related update i guess. strangely, when i tot i've run out of gas to churn art for my art blog and decided to 'freeze' it for a while...i began to draw a lot more frequently...quite happy abt this.

i dunno how it happened that we began to draw on our hands with my black pen. when i draw on their hands...i felt like a tatoo artist!!! fun!

victim 1: Adrian Quek
i drew a Half Angel pen-tatoo for him!!
he looks completely gay, badass and nerd, all at the same time!!!

victim 2: Kamelie Kam
drew a ancient beauty for her as she requested.
took up the challenge..and is quite satisfied with the result!
e art suits the jacket somehow haha!

victim 3: Leon Lee
then i requested Kamelie to draw wise old tree for me.
looks ghostly...like some sleepy hollow tree...
but kinda cool ya!

luckily its getting late, or else i would draw on adrian's entire body!!
aniwae, after pen-tatooing on each of our hand, i realised that issit true that Adrian was once a Half Angel...Kamelie, once an ancient beauty and i'm once a freaking old tree!!!!

we had a good laugh...

not a good pencil render actually. i needa use burn-tool to darken some area...
i'm super impatient when comes to rendering or toning.
still, consider another practise work done.

the army life is pretty tiring for me. i didn't doodle in the bunk recently...sigh.
may wana pick up an anatomy book and get my S&K ready asap.
S&K is Skills and Knowledge.

yea, lixiong got me to come up with this term as we chat abt how we are struggling to improve ourselves when army life is taking away so much time and energy from us.
our common goal now is getting the basics RIGHT first.
I would say those copyworks, life drawings, bk reading, learn software...all fall under S&K. not artistic creation yet...(dunno how to explain clearly here.)

the eventual goal is to have the capability to create personal content. i seriously can't proceed to draw what i want to draw now...haiz.

need more practise. practise for what? for better skills and knowledge :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


i'm feeling alive. very alive.

recovered from the flu. easy come easy go. nice.

i mus announce that i've come up with a story for 蝶语 !!!!
(direct translation, Butterfly Language.)

(sorry, no time to explain abt the entire concept here, i'm jus going to type down the progress i've made. )

all along i'm pretty clear abt the mood, the emotions, the pace, the artistic direction for this world that i've created. the butterflies that brought two people together. but wat's next? well, i couldn't continue it somehow....since 2007. i've been thinking, dreaming and even being haunted by this idea of mine for a long long time.

and today, all the' loose wires' in my brain began to reconnect again...not by coincidence, its only after i watch this movie (online) by the famous director, Wong Kar Wai, who directed '2046' and 'In the mood for love' etc. this movie has many similar aspects with what i want to tell in my story as well as how i want to tell it. (of cos, there should not be anything too similar with my story and his film. i'm not copying...haha)
anyway, its only after watching this film that i got the 'wires' reconnected, and then poof! the 蝶语 story jus came out of my mind as i'm showering lol!

the film is Ashes of Time.
you can watch to trailer...highly recommended martial art film. a lot of great actors in it! my fav hk actor, Leslie Cheung is the main actor!
the story stresses alot on emotions and love actually...and i guess it's this presentation that has enlightened me to come up with my own content. here, i want to thank this film for aiding me with my story prob..haha! and i really like this film.

i will carry on from where i've left off, and finish this story/concept/world...
for my personal joy...dedicated to me, myself and i...haha!

yes, today is definitely the best day of 2009.

i can see so many so many things that i have to do and still haven't do in the future.
i'm not worried abt it, jus feeling impatient and frustrated that i cannot start working on this right away. the whole film is running in my mind...driving me crazy.

before this, i tot i can only settle the story after i've gained alot of precious life experience. probably when i'm 40 years old. hahaaha...ahahahaha!!!! i'm overjoyed...

erm maybe my flu ain't over yet. oh shit...

ok. something else. i've failed to mention abt Michael Jackson upon his shocking death news. He is now the GOD OF POP. i will always remember him as the person when he is dancing and singing. He's a great dad too. i don't give a shit abt the bad things abt him...he is totally a different person when he's performing. and thats the Michael Jackson i love.
i wanted to draw something for him...but couldn't gather the strength or will to do it somehow.
hence, i'll just say...LOVE MJ forever.

this oso leads me to tok abt name. Michael. two of my idols named Michael. Michael Jordan and Michael jackson. they are both MJ. if possible, i'll definitely name my (future) son Michael and my (future) daughter Michelle :)

alrite, i hope i will slowly realise all these in the near future.

Miss July must hav blessed me...haha!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keep bouncing...

junely...july...jooly...jolly..lolli...lorl...ord! (chants on and on...)

alrite, i jus fell off my chair after watching this clip.

the original slamdunk artist did that Ad! and go check out some other ad he did...using giant brush. love them all! he's my idol.

yea, that spur me to draw basketballers. but i somehow couldn't draw manga style ballers...hence i go and surf the net for some awesome NBA photos to sketch them. yes, more copyworks...re-learn abt the pose, the facial expression, anatomy, drapery...bla bla bla

Kobe is the MVP, NBA champion of 2009. Really crafty player, respect!

Michael AIR Jordan. He is the God, the icon, the inspiration.

digital sketch. no reference this time. but...put to halt already...haha.

hmm, had a cold recently. running nose...giddiness...sore throat...welcome to my life..but don't stay ard long haha.

now i'm dreaming abt retiring. having all the time and freedom i want. see my children grad from Uni. and then slowly slowly slowly publish my No.1 bestseller children book series since the beginning of time. gradually brain-wash the world and becomes the first world President at the age of 83. rename Hawaii island as Houwaii island.


i'm not feeling very well u see.

kk, gtg.

if i'm to pick a bikini girl on the calendar...it would be Miss July. i don't why either.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


113th post!

eh, got a 3 inside this post.

but erm, no special feature tis time...

well, i jus did a digital painting! its been a long while since i got back the mood to use my waccow tablet. the pen tip needs to be changed. pls do so...

haha, when i finally got the mood to paint.... i gotta bk in liao...

i'm so lack of practise....


Sunday, June 14, 2009

overdue photos...

here are some overdue photos that i wished to share with u all...My POP day(Pass-out Parade).
somewhere March i think...

yea, thats jus how 'BIG' my company is...

march on, march on...

my platoon mates! we're lifting platoon sergeant and our sir is standing on the right :)

haha, this is just the beginning...

whats next for me are more and more greater scale stuff to do...will be busy till at least end of the year. i'm kind of use to it already...

June already. July coming soon.

Singapore is really freaking hot now.

Lakers is one win away from the NBA title this year. Kobe bryant is the man.

how nice if the world operates with 8-days a week format...then i hav longer book out rest, cos i can enjoy saturday, sunday and then bk in on starday/moonday/spaceday...watever u call it.

okay shall not waste time toking crap.

Leon out.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

111th post!

thats rite. this post is dedicated to my drawings! (some fireworks pls...haha)

i am not driven enuff...

i allow myself to not doodle or paint for weeks.

totally lack of discipline.

i couldn't focus to churn out what i had in mind.

NBA is driving me crazy.

Youtube is distracting me.

online manga is sucking me in.

I'm jus a little bit tired i guess.

nonetheless, here are some sketches that i've done since JAN. wtf, i've done so little.

u are so screwed.

hmm, intend to do some cool all-round villain super soldiers...

i hate the way i drew this shit. nvm...

this one was done to represent myself in the army. lame...

a scene of us on the truck. i like sitting on 5 tonner!

Demon King. unfinished. will never finish.

copy from Discovery Magazine.

i added this guy to the ad, haha!

K-ON. yes, i mus confess that i've been watching lots of anime now.
take that as expanding my knowledge for art, hahaha!
yeap, i like this anime :)

but of cos, i hav lots of other doodles lah..(try to comfort myself)...i dun wana share with u all leh..lalalala.....hahahaha! and i... and i...



haiz, i don't wat to say already.

gotta keep drawing!

yea, i guess i'll jus post my art here from now on.

getting lazier and lazier...