Saturday, May 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Ray Ray!

Fantastic! Ray Ray has been around me for 2 years already!

yeap, 21st May is Ray Ray's birthday. It's an extra pleasure for me to know that 21st May 2011 was rumoured as the end of day or Judgement Day or Doomsday...

as we know by now....(22nd May 2011 already)....yesterday was not the end of the world.

Well...i have this little observation. It is highly possible that our almighty Ray Ray has decided to let mankind live for a while longer. He is giving us one more chance to prove our worth....

LOL. okay. what a story huh.

anyway, i've finished all my assignments already! and my first free time drawing shall be dedicated to Ray Ray of cos. unfortunately, i can only finish it now..which is a few hours after 21st May 2011. hope he doesn't mind me sending this belated birthday card. (of cos, he won't :P )

alright, good day!