Thursday, March 27, 2008


Oh man! this is the best sunset i've ever seen! witnessed the sun setting slowly...the sun actually 'set' right into the city's horizon....very very red the whole mood! the sky was still blueish....and then the orangy clouds! totally magical!

the photos are not doing any justice man...but u can at least know wat kind of sunset i'm seeing...

and today, i guess i've came up with a very interesting story and world concept. i can feel ALOT for this project. it's a super challenging for me....which means...super fun! i gotta bookmark this in this blog. as today (27 March 08), marks the day where i'm gonna make this story works! and i predict i need at least 4 years of hard work to make this work(as in, completing most of the pre production works)...4 years from now, i shall see if i'm right.

thank you, freedom.



no specific topic in mind....

(warning!...i'm gonna nag nag nag...i'm going in all directions...)

i'm quite a freak. i can be as crazy as a monkey....and be as quite as a fish. perhaps i'm a piscean....a person with dual personalities...constantly opposing one another yet maintaining a balance within chaos. Strangely, the piscean personality description suits me perfectly.

i'm a guy constantly thinking. this is something i do naturally....when i hav nothing to do, I'll think. Now, i think i'm never bored. I hav a ton of stuff listed to do, to achieve...a life time is perhaps too short for me...

death. its an inevitable and unpreditable event.
Now i hav the seeds to all the flowers that i want to grow. Nobody will know what kind of flowers i am planting, until beautiful flowers bloom. People(others) will first see the flowers before acknowledging the seeds, the stems, the leaves and the one who grow it.
get wat i mean? the world is only interested in the final product/result. And i'll hav to grow them till they blossom. Its the only way to prove (to both myself and the world) that i'm a great gardener.
So before i die, i gotta churn out as many wonderful flowers as possible. That's the mission i'm on. or rather a destiny for any great artist-wanabe.
(flowers are used to refer to my completed WIP stuff...)
Death is the beautiful thing here. it sparks the artists to be really creative and we fear that tomorrow we'll die...and we don't wish to regret that we should have done this or that work b4 any artist, we enjoy to create art works that people can admire...not create art works and just store inside our brains. after imagination(passive), comes creation(action).

hence, to define the difference between the artists...we compare their works. thats how important works matter to an artist.

Since seconday 4, I've been jotting down notes that i find interesting. inspirations are from my daily life, my dreams, my wildest imaginations, my jokes, my friends, news, nature, family and even stars. This habit is very very very benefiting for me! Ideas come and go jus like tat, and i can't allow such interesting things to slip away just like tat. a pencil and a word...tat's all i need. this habit probably shapes me into a 'story' person...and now, i'm sharp, observant and sensitive to life(the source of all inspirations)....thanks to this habit.
(and ya, all my seeds lie in my word doc, and papers i kept in a folder. so when i die, u noe wher to

Artist Block. haha....i have this problem too. But i'm lucky...when i can't draw, i will start to think about some story. I'll force myself to think...i go by the hard way. I don't like to wait for the inspiration to come. i need to HIT on something, and then get inspired.
whenever i say i'm hav no inspiration, i hav inspiration the next minute. becos i'm thinking abt it...i made a move...and that move probably broke the 'artist block'. in all, i seldom get artist block...i only feel restless...

Creativity. u hav to work ya mind for this one. u-think-ideas. if u take away 'think' , then u will never reach to the ideas.

Originality. I'll tok about that next time. my brain is over heating already...haha!


Godfather, the movie was fantastic. good story, good acting, good settings, good directing, good lighting, good editing.....tats why its a american classic. recommend to everyone!

Alrite, till then!

Friday, March 21, 2008

advertise now!

this is an advertisement. costing $0. profit? priceless.

kk, i noe u wana say priceless means no money oso.

aniwae, i'm going advertise on my OWN websites! hahahaha!

u can find the links on the left side of this blog.

first and foremost! HOUWORLD is my official website. this is the site tat i spend money to obtain...and i'll keep developing it..making it worth revisiting. rite now, its kinda not worth revisting...shame on me.

next, my sketch blog!!! this is the one u all mus watch out i'll be posting all my new works there....scribbles, sketches, painting etc. feel free to comment and critic! oso considersing to all a chatbox now....

lastly, my deviant art site. please link me up if u hav an account too! help me fit into this big society asap! thanks in advance! :)

my curent deviant art avatar..a really quick sketch...

now i kinda hav phobia uploading stuff....hav been uploading quite a lot of stuff recently. damn sick and time consuming. hope my effort pays off!

wish you all a good March! haha!

MarchBoy (another nick?!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fusion 08 over!

6th-8th March 2008. Fusion 08. a period of time where all the 3rd year design students gather ard to showcase their works. its a fun 'gathering time' for us actually...haha

let the pics bring us back to those days!

the entrance! the dead fish is!

i like this shot...except the lady who comes into the frame at the top left corner :X

My booth. the one with chinese calligraphy. my dad wrote dun any how comment hor...HAHAHA!

magic, the gathering! wonderful shot! can u see a love shape formed by the crowd? tats wat this course is all about....passion and teamwork to create magic!

grp photo...i forgot to bend forward a little....sorry abt tat.

digital animation future titans! the fish is smiling....hahaha!

this shot is nice! u can see how imaginative our students are...Applause!

we pose well too!

i didn't pose well in this one...wahaha!

if the gals are F4.....then i'm shan cai!!!

mi and my booth buddy, clara. 4 thumbs up!

mini makeover...leong wei's jacket, bin bin's sunglasses, and huiwen's toilet roll paper.

the result for the makeover? go jail immediately.....

speaking of power shot....this is power!

speaking of gayness....joshua wins in this one. victim: yong ming.

near the end of the showcase, we decided to some superstar event!

speaking of extra....adrian and i are really extra in this

speaking of friendship....

this IS friendship....expressed through violence and aggression.
and i still pose like an!

Fusion 08 is drifting further and further away from me now....i will eat more apples to help me rmb those days better...hahaha!
photos took from gary, cheryl, amirah, amanda, kai ting, joshua, huixuan, amelie and ting ting. thanks!
its been rainning quite frequently these days....and i played bball with my buddies in the rain! it was a splendid experience....holding the ball and wanting to shoot....then the ball slipped through your hands....LOL! then when u hold the ball properly...u raised up ya head...and the rains are dropping into ya eyes.....then when u finally shoot the ball....the ball will either miss or air ball....
aniwae....its a different kind of fun!
if i'm not wrong, the last time i played in the rain was a long long time ago...back in 1933.

Monday, March 10, 2008


fusion is officially over! it was a fantastic experience...not going into details....i want my pictures! feel free to email to if u hav any fusion photos tat hav me inside! thanks in advance.

watched 10,000 BC. (spoilers ahead.)

its the kind of hollywood story again. simple goal...upright protagonist (almost zero bad behaviour), beautiful female lead actress (almost zero personality), a 'holy' grandma (provides predictions, good advice), an evil and muscular bad guy with deep voice( who will snatch away the pretty lead actress so that the protagonist can rise to the call and become a hero, and u will know for sure..he is THE ONE! fuck it...), a respectable senior who serves a mentor for the protagonist....and then died/sacrifies his life during the rescue...(to show ordeal is not a easy job...the stake is high..and we should feel for them more....)...fine, then the protagonist will acknowledge his role even more as a hero, and then he will fight to save his love....and on this journey, he will make friends who will help him later in teh final battle....
the ending, the protagonist WILL deliver (95% of the time in all movies, the protaginist is the one dealing the fatal blow) the devastating blow to kill muscular bad guy as well as his 'GOD'/ tat we will acknowledge him as the hero, and then we will love him and respect him more. crap.

does tat sound like LION KING to you? the story structure is almost the same....and this story structure provides the 'safest' story that can be targeted to the world audience. yes, rather than to be safe than sorry. and this is where many mega block busters' story is so dry and safe...sigh.... i'm just feeling frustrated. these writers follow formula too damn closely...we can't feel that the movies are similar beos settings/time/characters are diferent, but if u observe close enough, u'll realise tat theres A SIMILAR PATTERN in most movies.

okay back to 10,000 BC. the female lead actress died near the end of the show. hmmm, considering the fact that the protagonist lost his most beloved woman while he still managed to free the i think i can feel abit sorry for him....cause the WHOLE DAMN STORY is about rescuing her and the others (sounds like golden compass huh...rescuing somebody...) and with her dead, this story will be slightly different from the Lion King story which is a perfect ending. In the end, the holy grandma of the protagonist's tribe 'sent' her soul to the dead female lead and revived her. F***K! perfect ending again....a feel good story again....lion king story structure again. the protagonist and others return to his village/pride to re-establish the kingdom. then u'll see the SUN! lolol....(be it sunset or sunset.) why?....cos it symbolises hope, future, justice, warmth and love. yeah, it suggests a new beginning.....then u'll see the credit. same old trick throughout....yawnz.

not sure if u should watch the show? go yahoo movies there and watch the trailers...almost all the better scenes/ action scenes are there....a smart way to hook up more victims. they literally pull out all of the show's best seq into the trailerSSS....kinda sad to know tat they did not reserve any good scenes so tat the audience can be a little surprised when watching the show in cinema.

following the successful formula of a movie may be a smart way to ensure ya movie will appeal to the audience...BUT hey......the 'LION KING formula' has been OVERUSED. damn it....

i dig for formulas and stuff for story writing...cos its really efficient. i learn the formulas in order to understand better....not to apply anyhow....

i tok so much....guess its time for me to do my own stuff soon.

before this....i need to experience a good holiday. to get more inspirations!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

20th birthday.

Hahaha! happy 20th birthday to Lee Hou Yeung! hmmm...i can feel the 'pressure' of turning 20, it really gives an illusion of yourself becoming much older. well, no wrinkles on face yet....phew! not so soon lah!...hahahahaha! and uh, i guess i'll enjoy 2008 more than 2007 because of one word, 'FREEDOM'. freedom of soul comes JOY! and joy comes INSPIRATIONS and DRIVE to CREATE....... i HOPE!

was thinking of getting a psp. but decided not to get 1 becos i dun wish to get hooked up by those awesome games...and then play them all day long....go everywhere oso play. its abit not my style of living. i prefer to spend time thinking, recalling, dealing problems, figuring out something. that properly explains why i don't need an mp3 player or psp till now. i'm not a no life person. i do listen to music, in fact i need communicates to my soul not my brain. and i do play games....many of the inspirations for my art pieces come from games. but the 'question' here is, how much time and attention you should spend on these things...with respect to having a healthy lifestyle. (in order words) Maintaining a good balance between entertainment, rest and work. i'm not good in balancing these 3....its really hard. not mentioning, other aspects of life....

in conclusion, psp is going to take up my 'work' time and hence affecting my work and my rest..and my! so ya, no fate with psp liao. but i dun mind u give me one of cos...i'll figure out how it will fit into my life in no time. hahahaah!

i want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday. here's a doodle i did to thank u all. really blessed to know u guys....for those who didn't wish me a happy birthday....slap yourself 2 times on the face and shout, 'i'm sorry!' ....then cry for 20 minutes, starjump 200 times and then frogjump 2000 km. and u will be forgiven. hahaha....wicked to the core lah! lol! jus kidding...btw, whoever can do tat in one shot...u will be classified under X-men superheroes...where the freaks are...LOL!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

drive through

OH YES! i finally attempted to link a video to my blog properly...and its really tat freaking easy...damn, i tot it was kind of bad.

anyway, heres one of my most enjoyed you tube video, Trapped In The Drive-Thru !!!!!! awesome shit okae! i hope i did not waste 10 plus minute of ya life. i rmb playing this song in my final year project room for my group members to watch (in the middle of the night). their faces were kinda 'stuck' after watching it...kind of 'digusted'...'cannot accept it' feeling....then they blame on me for wasting their time....LOL!

aiya...fusion show is starting on the coming thurs. yeepie!