Sunday, September 21, 2008

fellowship of the tankee

i'm officially posted to the armour unit! and to be more specific, i'm appointed as a tankee! weeeee!!
tankee is basically someone operates the tank! i dunno which position i'll be in yet...but i noe there are only three positions...the driver, the gunner and the ammo loader. (i want to be the gunner...KAPOOOOM!!!)

i always wanted to be a Gundam operator...but yeah, it's impossible. so the next closest job i can get is to be a tank operator! yeah, i got chosen for the tankee interview...(for i say 'no' to command sch)...and then i happily expressed 'yes' to the interviewer. so tats tat...I'm a tankee! a little dream come true? hahaha!

btw, my batch is going to operate the LEOPARD's one of the best tanks in the world. the SAF just bought them and we shall become the first batch operating the new tanks. i shot a brand new SAR21...and now i going to sit in a brand new leopard
(go google the tank ya!)

yeah, from what i noe... its not easy to be an armour tankee. maintaining and cleaning of the tank will be a pain in my ass, my lungs, my brain, my toes....well, i'll be fine. hahaha!

i'm very excited now. but oso feeling damn shitty at the same time.

i had a really wonderful break after POP. saying goodbye is so hard.

guys, wish me luck!

i'll continue to tan my skin, strengthen myself, gain weight, be more disciplined, be more serious abt work...bla bla bla. i'll be a good soldier!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pass Out Parade!

My 93rd blog entry! Just nice I wana post my P.O.P photos....something really special and meaningful for me!!!

Let's go! as usual, i'll do the 'talking' below the photos :)

the 'F' company...we areFalcon's 0308 batch. 2008 year's 3rd batch of tom, dick and harry...
we are Platoon 3, the best platoon. no argument!


tehy are my section/bunk mates! 2 are out of course...hence, our bunk is somewhat more spacious...haha!

okay! this is the actual Pass Out Parade day...we all got promoted to become a Private!
9 weeks of Basic Military Training...FUN lah!

so proud of!

my sis managed to attend my P.O.P...Thanks, sis!!!

i took this photo! nice rite...haha!

more grp photos!

My buddy, Peh Cheng Ning! very lucky to hav you as my buddy! i enjoyed chatting, singing, marching, bathing, sleeping, quarrelling, joking and crapping with you :)

Louis! he's our buddy too...cos Louis's buddy is out of training(OOT)...
he is from Hong Kong too!!! talk as much crap as me...LOL!

Charles! tok cock leh! Power lah! Hi 5!(inside jokes...)
He is Falcon's mascot during Games Day. He is Falcon's Funniest shit!
Damn on! he brightens up my day!

woohoo! section 2 again. yong beng not inside..mus be sleeping already...

the formidable Falcon formation! Take that!!!

I have not gather all the photos yet...may post them if i hav time. so far, army is fun! i dun mind serving for another 20 years....LOL! jus jokkkkkking....i must be out of my mind to say this.

i wana thank all my commanders! great ppl! nice to know you all...and thank you for ya guidances, teachings, care and concerns! POWER LAH!

Tekong is a beautiful island. I got to see many amazing sunrise and sunsets...i oso got to see grasshoppers, praying mantis, eagles, seagulls, centipedes, fireflies, super big black shit flies, rats , freaking noisy birds etc. the night sky is always filled with thousands of twinking stars. OMG!~~~

tissue pls...

F3207 out!