Wednesday, April 27, 2011

thin air

Alright, April is going to be over soon...and today is the day which i have both some energy and time to blog something here :)

well, i have too many things going on in my head recently. It's pretty crazy. indeed. ...anyway, i am going to finish my second semester pretty soon...with just a one more assignments and a test to do. no more schooling i'm pretty much in holiday or happy mood now, haha

let's see what else i can talk about.

okay, I wish to informally announce that I will probably be coming back to Singapore somewhere near the end of June period! (preferably from 24th June to 3rd July) I have not book the air ticket yet, will do so asap! The trip will be 10 days long, and I will most likely be staying at my cousin's place. I believe during the 10 days, if i can plan it nicely, i would be able to meet most of the people whom i wish to meet. but to think again, things may not go so smoothly...and i may miss meeting several of you guys! that would be so shitty!! D:

basically, I would like to meet these 4 major group of people
1) primary sch frens
2) secondary sch frens
3) polytechnic frens
4) army frens
oh wait, these are all the people i know in Singapore :/
hahaaha! and there are some smaller group of people whom i'll probably meet separately...

...and after calculations, there are practically 7 different meet ups in 10 days for me and if you take away the arrival day and the departure day, i will only have 8 days to do all this. Not impossible, but not too easy everybody's time table are let's just hope for the best :)
(also note that i should be back at my cousin's place b4 there goes my night time.)

hmm...if i have still have 'my' beloved Pearl Bank Apartment in Singapore...i will DEFINITELY stay in SG for about a month or so. oh well, nobody likes to hear about the 'what if'. but yea, you've heard me. haha~

what else? hmm oh ya, i've heard about the General Election event in Singapore. Very ashamed to say that i have very little idea what is really going on there. never had a clear understanding about political and economic issues. needa wake up my ideas. all i can do now is to wish the event will go on as peacefully and ideally as possible..with everyone coming to a common understanding in the end...and move on together!

haizz, i actually tried to give some "valuable" personal opinions on this issue...but i only ended up typing quite a lot of unconstructive comment and ideas. shall delete them...keep more and understand more.

still, my itchy mouth makes me want to say this...that a lot of great things were done through the 'trial and error' method. I don't mind people going for THE matter it is a good change or a bad change at the end of the day, because the people of Singapore will gain invaluable experience from it. Of course, this is a HUGE decision to make, as it involves the entire nation. i see this 'competition' a good event for Singapore in a long run. Even if PAP won again this time, i feel that it will do quite some (positive) adjustments for the nation soon after.

that's how i see it. or guess it. haha.

kk, shall cut the talking here.

all the best everyone :)