Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thailand trip

First time to Thailand! And it's the first time the five of us travelling together overseas by plane!
took Jetstar Airline there...we got to seat near the emergency exit in the plane when we're getting there...hence, our seats are much more spacious!
on the way back, we got allocated to those crampy seats again...but we felt nothing uncomfortable..cos we were so tired that we slept b4 the plane took off...and had no idea wat happened until we landed...tats becos we made full use of our time! we went clubbing till morning and then went back hotel to take van to go airport.
tat club is the only one still opening late at night...hence, it attracted LOTS of hippy, funky, fun-loving foreigners to there and party. its like an international! we had a great time there!

this trip is a special one. Its impossible for me to forget it, cos i'm treasuring those memories!

HouYeung, WeiBin, Kevin, ZhiJie, PATTAYA!!!!!!

translate: Never waste ya youth...(something like that)

I love horse riding! it makes me feel like those ancient chinese scholars!

Bike! motorbike!....vroom vroom! with NO NO joke!

helmet on, gay not.

what's up with this place?

Paintball game! our first time!

let's shoot the camera man!

ZhiJie got a piece of it. injured quite badly...we got too near to him and too high...(guilty)

Pattaya beach...

fed some bunnies...

Pattaya at night.

Bangkok! we gave up the idea of squeezing 5 ppl illegally into 1 presidential suite which allows 2 ppl max.
we almost got to stay at 70plus floor of that Baiyoke Sky hotel! damn~

i like this shot!


welcome to Thailand.

tat's my boy.

gravity off!

i jump, u take pic k?

now we are flying...

r we dragon warriors?

now who's the extra extra?

Thai Police with commander Lee.

Drew this and gave it to a thai massager!

we went to shopping most of the time actually...its a fun experience too! and we oso got to eat lots of good food. Went to Chatuchak market on friday...only some stores were opened...(the market is only working during sat and sun..and we're leaving on sat morning.)
Went siam square on friday night...its like our orchard road here. saw SO many nice/cute looking girls over there...and we began to REGRET so badly that we did not extend our trip till sunday!!!!! ARGH!!!!
we intend to go to Hollywood Bangkok..(the best club there..but closed at 2plus am...sian) so we headed towards that club i mentioned earlier.

i didn't get to see the sleeping buddha! aiya...will travel to there again! no worries :)

Monday, June 23, 2008


okay, i hav issues....

i planned to go to Hong Kong and work after I finish my army training(2 freaking years)...

then now i heard from adrian that i still hav to stay and work in Singapore for another few years so as to clear my wad so call...Tuition Grant debt (dun know how many thousand dollars...)..which was 'given' by the Government to support my Poly study...

and wad if i'm working as a freelancer in Singapore? Drawing illustration books and pictures for counts as a proper job right? i'm afraid that the Government requires me to get a full time job...

another few years? thats like...2 years of NS, plus like 3 years of working life in 5 years more....i jus dun feel like dragging...i wana start from scratch in HK asap...cos i really really really dun noe..wad my future will be like over there...i need time to get things right...the earlier i go, the better. tats how i think abt my career in HK for now.

I'm at lost right now...

and CPF (Central Provident Fund)...i dun want to be bothered by it...pls leave me alone!

so wat if i seriously hav to stay in Singapore for a few years after NS?
Everything happens for a reason. I guess I'm actually alright with the idea of starting my career as an illustrator in Singapore. For i strongly believe i can do watever i like and do it well, no matter where i am. Hence, I'll say let it be/come what may. Watever i'll get, i'll accept it. But i'll still fight for watever I want. I'm so freaking proud of!

i feel safer to plan a few years ahead of me....cos i dun really enjoy a total 'carefree' life. I need to see targets that i can hit. I need to feel stretched. however it's alright that things usually turn out different from wat's been planned...
but why mus this (hk) plan be screwed? i guess i'm a very lousy planner...hahahaha!

i gotta be much more alert and careful when comes to bills, contracts, filling forms and stuff....i'm pretty much a grown up now...and yet i still behave like a kid most of the time...frequently setting my brain to auto-pilot mode or follow-the-guy-in-front-of-you-and-you-will-be-fine mode.

I think i'm a really lucky guy. (apart from love life and basketball life) As in, I always make it through whenever the storm is coming. I always managed to pass my tests or meet the minimal requirement for certain things...i hav helpful and great friends around me. a great mum who babysits me until now....haha!

so far, nothing has went very wrong for me...but i knew that if i still hav this 'someone's gonna watch my back' attitude...i will face my doom earlier than i thought...

i wana change. change for the better. i wana be more independent. be a real man. haha!
(sometimes good things happened to you could be a bad thing...i'm feeling it right now.)

this tuition grant thingy was once a headache for me..but i guess i've found my 'solution' already.

Peace (of mind)...and Love (chaos)!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celtics Wins 2008 NBA Championship

Kevin Garnett is now a champion! Paul Pierce is now a champion! Ray Allen is now a champion! That's because they've won it all. 2008 NBA Champion banner belongs to the Celtics team. Its the ball club's 17th title..and they won it on 17th June 2008. Not bad huh...hahahaha!

In the best of 7 series, Celtics won with 4 games to 2games(lakers). Whats the last game's result?
131-92. won by 39 points!!!!!!! totally thrashed the Lakers at their home court! The Big Three is definitely much bigger and tougher than just one...Kobe bryant. Unfair? this is a team game.

Ray Allen said, "We are not Big Three, we're Big Fifteen." (15 players in a team.)

What a night!

Paul Pierce was crowned the Final's MVP for his heroic performance.

Garnett finally got one of his own. Congrats!

Celebration for the next 400 hours!


The champion team! Win again next year!!!!


Since this is my 83th post...i shall add one more classic photo! hahaha!

A group photo of Outram Basketball Team of both upper sec and lower sec.
I'm wearing the #9 Jersey!!!!! I lost the formal photo...this informal photo looks crappy...
many seniors ain't in the photos...sad. Anyway, I enjoyed my time in the team. (though we always lose...LOL!)

Thats why i chose to do art in Poly! hahahahaha!

yeap! I'm very happy today!

Friday, June 6, 2008

some art works...

hello guys! i decided to post my works here temporarily...i guess it's heaven's will i guess to take away my art links...hahaha...

these are all pencil works...used photoshop to do some touch up of cos...

did this in inspired by some chinese artist!

i can relate to this kind of drawing style pretty well...(happy!)
i pretty much found my voice in this and the prev sketch...will develop more!

random fighter...perhaps a high-tech vampire buster in the future?! some silver knife and really liquid-X spraying!

embrace love, ppl! i actually want to draw couples hugging each other in millions of ways and 'stacked' nicely together...but the outcome is very diff...cos i jus drew it without planning much!

i named this piece "Part of Me"....becos i don't want to name it as "Untitled"...hahaha!
but u noe...any piece of drawing is part of the "Part of Me" is actually as meaningless as "Untitled"...muahahaha!

yup, tats about it! HAPPY JUNE everyone!

(yes, six months left till 2009...and soon we'll see 2010...amazing...)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

so screwed...

i dun wish to curse and swear today...


this is stupid!

i wanted to change my blogskin to something green to support the NBA's Celtics basketball team. as well as promoting a green environment.

with all good intentions, i tot i will only changed the template...

but now...

all my links to my friends are gone!


just like tat!

tats effed up!

gotta relink u guys...i'll try my best...

i can't believe i did this shit. stupid shit.

and now my blog looks weird...

i'm completely spaced out right now...

i almost forgot to breath when i was typing this...

so screwed.