Friday, February 26, 2010

let's see...or let's watch


it's time to blog something.

so i shall just do a recap of the movies i've watched recently!
some watched in cinema, some watched on psp, some watched online...
I'll oso provide some short and casual comments for the films...
not in orders to which i watched them...

No country for old men:
i enjoyed how the killer deal with things, and how he kill the people. style.

Apocalypse Now:
from the director of Godfather. worth watching, but not super fantastic as i expected it to be.

I love Ellen Page's role. I like the whole show very much.

Couples Retreat:
Funny and entertaining. its a show good for singles to watch too.

Pursuit of Happyness:
its not the hardest pursuit one can imagine of. but its really quite inspiring to watch. i watched the show partly becos i wana see Will Smith's son who is acting as his son in the show, nice.

best cameo ever. super entertaining for me. the final showdown abit poorly handled, in other words, dumb.

Bodyguards and Assassins:
nice storyline. leon lai made me laugh. Wang Xue Qi's acting damn good. One of my favourite actor of the older generation.

Mei Lan Fang:
Leon lai (acting as the old Mei Lan Fang) fails again. Wang Xue Qi rocks. and the guy acting as the young Mei Lan Fang is pretty perfect haha!

14 Blades:
Just watch for the actions.

Percy Jackson and the lightning thief:
freaking silly plot.

Schindler's List:
One of Steven Spielberg's great works. The ending is very touching. I like Liam Neeson.

yeah, Liam Neeson rocks.

Sweetney Todd:
'I'll steal you Joanna~' very nice song

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus:
so-so show. but its nice to see those movie stars coming together to finish this film.

The Wrestler:
Awesome show. the lead actor (the wrestler of cos) will be casted as the villain with some electronic wip in Iron Man 2.

I don't like the show.

Nice 2d film. i'm not sure abt the story telling, abit too simple? Nonetheless, it's a magical film. And after i've watched a documentary abt the making of, I began to appreciate the film much much more. Long live Hayao Miyazaki.

the second half of the show is extremely disappointing.

Storm warriors:
Error 404. (damn, i just can't stop slamming this show, lol)

the technology for the captured performance is outstanding. the visual is great. but i'm not a big fan of that world or the story though.

Bright Star:
Ben Wishaw is truly amazing. and of cos, the film is beautifully shot. i like this show!

I believe that are some shows that i've watched but just can't rmb...but anw, this shall be all. and there are still a lot of shows that i want to watch but haven't watch, haha!

i wish time can pass by a little slower sometimes, cos life is too good rite now!