Saturday, January 28, 2012

More Mojo Needed

Man, I’m pretty sure I’m losing my mojo to blog recently. Hmmm…


Okay let’s talk about 2011…it is pretty good overall. I did a proper filming project with my schoolmates for Cinematography class. It took around 5 or 6 days to finish the shoot. The whole team has around 13 people. And I’m in the lighting group, to help out with the lighting of course, haha. The whole filming thing is pretty rewarding for me as I got to experience something I have never try before but have always wanted to try. I must say that we are just a bunch of students trying to create a 15 minutes plus film…getting things done the way we want to and the way we can best get things done…hence I didn’t quite get the “professional” experience in filming yet. But then again, apart from the difference in equipments (those A-class filming equipments) and other areas like professional actors, higher budget bla bla bla…I have to say this project has really allow me to understand a lot more about filming….(the-making-part I must emphasised)…and it is really pretty damn life-draining….and pretty damn time and money costly. But I always enjoy to be a part of a group of people doing something wholeheartedly…with might and passion…(haha!)…and I got this wonderful atmosphere again while doing this project. (Yea, reminds me of the good old days when I was playing for my sec sch basketball team and doing final year project with my poly mates.) The final output of this film project was pretty good…though I think the story can be much better. Well, it’s very difficult for us to do what we know that can make the film better when we don’t have lots of money and connection and stuff…so we always find the most effective way to tell the story…which is just another way of saying simplifying the parts or the whole thing to something more manageable…which leads to lowering the output’s quality. Well, such problem and approach to overcome the problem happens everywhere…just that the “form” is different. Right?

I still love films, more than ever. But I’m really not seeing myself enjoying every bits of the filming process…unlike when I’m drawing. I really like moving images edited nicely together to create drama, along with great sound effect and music etc…but it just takes too many things to do it…(there are much to elaborate on this, but I’m fast forwarding to the key point) ... when I realized that drawing can create drama too, and it only requires me alone to achieve it… I really begin to see what I should really be crazy about over the next few years.

Well, this is me…talking again. Hope that this is not a meaningless post.

Oh oh, btw, I can never be a vegetarian as I’m just not disciplined enough.
Really quite disappointed with myself. As for now, I will only eat chicken, follow by pork and seafood. I will limit myself not eat beef and mutton…but will still eat if there is no other option and I’m freaking hungry etc. My stupid logic is that it’s okay to kill chickens, pigs and fishes, but it’s cruel to kill cows and sheep. No-sense. Oh yea, whenever there is some vegetarian food around, it will still be my top priority….provided it is not too expensive, lol. damn, it’s hard to live in this world isn’t it?

Okay, that’s all for now :)