Thursday, April 24, 2008

in HK first post hong kong.

*wind blows by...

*me whistling....

*the world is still spinning...

everytime i vist HK...i feel like a tourist...HK is like a foreign country to me....i'm never very familiar with any place in HK...its wonderful to travel ard, shop, eat and enjoy everyday to the fullest as a tourist.....but i start to wonder if i can 'fit' back into HK as a local....haven't get to meet my cousin sharon sis yet....she is sick and needs to rest...will visit her next wk bah...hope she will recover asap!

now, i'm blogging in a LAN game night....but 'primary sch' aged kids all ard me playing online games...scolding 'fuck' in cantonese all the time...a very funny scene lol...btw, i dun hav a computer at home i can't go online most of the time...

well, my digital cam spoilt today.....DAMN! end up, i missed the chance to take some wonderful photos....guess i'll have to wait till i go back to shen zhen and get my dad's digi cam....his beloved digi cam...he better let me use....or else i'll cry....hahahahahaha!

and ya, the house in shen zhen is effing nice! my parent had built their dream house finally (happy for them) i shall build my own dream hse someday too!

okay....the kids are screaming 'fuck' louder and louder....

the kid beside me is at most primary 3.....he didn't scold fuck....but he is playing grand theft auto...driving a truck...banging passerbys.....what the fuck!

kk, i need to get home liao....

anything impt...rmb to tell me! mail over and find me....anything!

bye bye....fuck the kids!

oopsss...i've misbehaved.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

let's say it...

hahaha...i guess when one was young....he/she would speak out his/her mind without holding back. As you grew older and wiser, you will know that something is better not to be discussed, revealed or explained...because you don't wish to proceed to the next phase...
nothing wrong here...i jus wana addressed this.cos I think ltat lots of ppl kept alot of things inside themselves. (and i kept the hou world inside me, ya noe? haha!)

so here's e 'problem' i see sometimes...

people will get emotionally/spiritually hurt if they kept too many things unsaid...some people get emo becos of this issue i guess...

and some people think that it is best that everything is left unsaid...
LOL! either u are extremely wise or u are extremely emo..u come to this conclusion.
but for me, i think its not right to be like that. personal opinion here :)
be like me! tok like a dog when needed...tok like a god when needed...
Be flexible! Be responsive! Be cool! #$&*&*%!#*($ __ !!!!!!!

so if i hav a lot of things kept inside me...where will i release my shit?
good question! most of the time, i release my shit into the ever-hungry toilet bowl!
apart from that, i'll release my shit through art! so i probably dun get emo becos...i do art and shit all the time....
any more ways? of cos, i'll scold people, curse and swear....hit the pillow, bite my own toe...burn my armpit hair...e list goes on....

my conclusion is....u eat shit, u gotta shit more shit.

do i release shit on this blog? yes i do. i 'm releasing my shit NOW! L-a-u-g-h-s !

So wat things are best to be heard?

I'm leaving Singapore from 16 April to 7 May. 3 weeks at HK and Shen Zhen.
at first i thought this trip will disrupt my plan and momentum and stuff....BULLSHIT! how can i be so stupid? damn u, lee hou yeung!
this trip is so freaking important to me now!

#1. Meet parents and relatives!!!!!! miss ya all so much!
#2. Find out about the (entertainment) industry there.
#3. Shop like a king, Eat like a bear.
#4. Watch NBA playoffs and play bball with hongkies!
#5. See Hong Kong girls! drools....
#6. take research...(as if...)
#7. practise my cantonese. man i almost lost it.

so u heard this now. good!

this post is slightly better than the previous one i guess...hahahaha!

i'll tok abt my chalet experience next time.

OK! i'm done. till May then. : )

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

best left unsaid

things that are best left unsaid...

...are those things that you want to say most.

why did u choose not to say it?i believe the answer lies in....fear of change.

when u say/do something....somethings gonna change.

you fear the change.

so u choose not to say a word or act.

(common things that people may wana say but left unsaid...the truth, complains, frustrations, personal opinions, religious opinions, government opinions, society opinions, friendship opinions, love, hate, fear, doubts, secrets, problems etc.)

i hav things i wana say too. but i noe the time isn't right for me now.
so i shall wait.
timing is a very important factor...many people neglected this part and they failed in what they do miserably...

well...somethings are best left unsaid. jus like this

i so wanted to delete this post...cos its very uncomfortable to type this..

i think its really best left unsaid...but i still post it anyway...hahahaha! ( i retyped parts of this post many times...seriously)

the uneasy feeling when i'm typing this post is really one of its kind!

kk...shall left things unsaid...LOL!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

73rd post.

Wahahaha! 73rd posts liao!

1996. class 2B. Pearl's Hill Primary School.
I'm at the 3rd row, 8th from the left. all girls beside me sia...or maybe the photographer tot tat i'm a girl wearing pants...LOL! the photo is scaled to a smaller size so that u cannot see us clearly!!!!

Then we went to Miss Hay's house this year! Glad that she still rmbs me!
u can see her in the '96 class photo!

Jun Seng block ppl again...aiyo! Chun Huat was wearing our Pri sch P.E t-shirt! XL seems small liao...ahhahaha!

me and Miss Hay! I like her cos she's kind to me! :)

went to Hui Min's birthday party at Bukit Merah Mac on 29th March 08.

the PHS frens! and huimin was my secondary schoolmate oso!

that table is really small...hahaha! our knees are supposed to go under the table...LoL!

The cake is spectacular isn't it?

ard 10 years ago, we celebrated hui min's birthday here...
now, we are back....thanx hui min for holding this party!!!

hui min with her parents and relatives...

Hui Min is the star today!!! SMILE!!!

Sisters gossipping...Eat your food lah!

Charlene is the gal's name! primary 2 only...
she's abit ah lian sia...dun play play...haha!

i'm too 'young'....Sigh...

Thanx Chun Huat for the photos!

very memorable and happy events!

I love to be ard with kids! and i think the kids like the skinny and funny brother(me) too!hahaha!
they jus dun appear to be afraid of me...they tend to bully me more than i bully them...
they noe i'm a kind person....can't help it....

Apart from this, I enjoyed lying on Vivio City's top level's ground and stare at the sky. the wind was gentle and the atmosphere was pretty serene...The throwing of little stones against each other was pretty irritating...but fun..haha!

after all the fun, i realised that i have to start drawing! can't afford to get rusty.... :)