Saturday, January 17, 2009



If i'm not wrong, i used to think that sleeping is a waste of time. Sleeping takes up approx 30% of your entire lifetime...hmm, if you live up to 100 years old, you've spent 30 years sleeping!!!! I used to believe that i prefer not sleeping(if i can do so)... and make good use of those 'sleeping time'.

hey hey. i was wrong.

Sleeping is a wonderful thing. Only till I went to the army, then i started to appreciate sleeping. the moment you know that you can close your eyes and rest after some super tiring trainings, you know that you are 'going to heaven'. this kind of feeling is awesome...period.

and i've jus attended 2 of my friends' 21st birthday chalet this sat! Congrats to Zhi Jie (15th Jan) and Amelie (17th Jan). i had a great time, Osh! but i'm super tired lah...I got to meet some 'long time no see' sec sch frens and poly frens! its really nice to see them again. I treasure friendship ALOT! (in case, u guys don't noe, lol!) I hope all the friends who i know but lost contacted still remember me! well, i'm not really good at keeping in touch with friends actually, i kinda dislike going online and chat and i dislike maintaining my friendster and facebook bad.

anyway, i slept like a pig when i got home. and now, i hav e mood to blog! oops, i've skipped my lunch....heck lah.

yeap, sleeping is essential. it's a irreplaceable thing. it's a gift from our creator, haha! i would say, everyone has at least ard 30% of happiness in their life! and those 30% are from sleeping...provided you have a nice bed, nice pillow, nice blanket, nice room temperature etc...wahaha!

I will never want to sleep more than what i need though, cos my life is still based on those time when i'm awake. hence, i shouldn't waste my time sleeping too much....or blogging too much...haha!

kk, shall go and do some other stuff.

LEON LEE reporting!

Health : NOT BAD
Energy : NOT BAD
Intelligence: NOT FOUND
Creativity: ERROR
Finance: POOR
Career : NONE
Stomach: EMPTY

what a!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


WAHA! 1st Jan 2009! the year of moo moo cow. welcome to my!

it's a year...from the start to the end....that i'll be serving the army. Moooo~

it's a year that i will go to Germany and Australia...

it's a year that i will learn and experience new things that may have a great impact on my future life.

it's a year of bad economy...but it won't affect me!

it's a year that i need lots of mind power to overcome...haha!

it's a year that i expect the least from everything.

perhaps with low expectations, i can actually enjoy my life better?

i shall!

well, this doesn't mean that i will 'moo moo' my 2009 away like a loser...

it's a year that i will continue to improve myself, as an artist...a soldier...a normal human being. moooo~

2008 was great. i'll tell u why...

at first, i tot 2008 was nothing much (i'm so wrong)...probably becos of that epic 'acneggedon' issue that kinda ruined my good feelings about 2008. (stupid me).... i also got emo about having insufficient time to draw and rest...haiz....not to mention that i'm going to be single for 21 years! and i didn't gain much skill deproved...can no longer touch the rim....haiz.... parents not around to cook good food for me...holycow~

BUT i think i've neglected some really wonderful things that had happened earlier this year! i received Diploma with Merit from Digital Media Design course. miss my lor mee! miss my illegal Lan game sessions! miss everything there lah! and then i went to HK and Shen to meet my relatives! updated my ID card to lee HOU yeung. went to Thailand with my buddies, i won't forget this one :) ...after grad, i played like there's no tomorrow. i oso managed to draw something that pleased myself. then, i got enlisted! Army is FUN for me...but the idea that it takes 2 years to finish is kinda TOO fun...moohaha! 24km route march, field camp, live firing, threw grenade, super short hair cut, gay on bed etc. and recently, became a gold for IPPT...make new army frens....and now i have developed some awesome ideas for my future projects!!! (my greatest achievement in 2008.) Mooray!!

2008 was fantastic lah. 2008 had contributed a lot to this super nice guy u noe now. i'm grateful.

i randomly picked a card from a deck minutes before 2009 arrives...i wanted this card to 'represent' my life in the year 2009....

~Seven of Hearts!~

somehow i like this card. i guess i'll like 2009 as well!

yeap, thats about it. Wish everyone a Happy New Year!


oh ya, i wana declare one thing before i go!

u guys can call me Leon!

Leon Lee Hou Yeung a.k.a Xelex.

it's unofficial...but i'll introduce myself as Leon Lee in the future!

one step closer to stardom....or stardoom!

i feel complete now!!!!