Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hmm, life is okay so far, sometimes i would feel damn low though. this school is pretty confusing. or maybe i'm stoooopeed...(swallowed hard)...i...i...i...haiz...

anw, I'm super unproductive and rusty nowadays. *&^*%^$&&* super angry with myself *^&^$%^#%. I don't understand why i just can't concentrate on my work. i find it hard to read long passages. and i took super long to do english and chinese essay writings&^&^&$%@#@($& I find it very hard to express myself when writing. (*&^*%*^%789 there are so many simple chinese words that i've forgotten how to write, and have to look up online dictionary all the time. and i only know these little amount of vocab...hence i hav difficulty doing descriptive writing. haiz....i'll take it slow bah....*%%$%#$%^$#@

oh ya, this is the ONLY finished work i hav done since the day i've came back to HK. and i forgot to thank this guy, Teo Min, for helping me to install Photoshop into my computer (so that i can add colour to this ink work)... Thanks man! btw, Teo Min is the first person from SG to drop by in HK and meet up with me so far!

i wish to draw more...but i'm too slow with my school work...in the end, no time. wth. shit.
i'll be very busy...cos the assignments' deadlines are nearing, and then new assignments with three times the difficulty are coming, bla bla bla....

oh oh...i've watched Satoshi Kon's Millenium Actress...i give it 7.5/10...and Feng Xiaogang's Aftershock....i give it 9/10. (luckily i watched Aftershock at home, for i can't stop crying lol) ...brilliant works! must watch!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


i've just watched finished 'Tokyo Godfathers' online. Have always been wanting to watching this anime film created by Satoshi Kon, and until recently I almost got to borrow the DVD from CityU's library, only to realise that it was being borrowed by somebody else. In the end, i couldn't wait anymore and decided to stream it online and watch it while i hav the time this morning.

I jus feel that I hav to watch this film somehow...and i know that i will like it...simply because i enjoyed his other works very much (Paprika and Perfect Blue) ...his works are very realistic and yet very imaginative or at least entertaining to me. He create films through his own unique vision, and everyone mus really work with him closely in order to realise the work. He is just like another Hayao Miyazaki...just that Satoshi Kon has his own approach to filmmaking...they were both amazing ppl.

how i wish i can be like them. it's a difficult path to follow...or lead...but this is really what i want to do. to write my own scripts, and make these ideas into films with a group of ppl. it's a wonderful process. I look up to these giants in this entertainment industry...hoping to draw strengths and inspirations from them and their works, and then continue to realise my own dream or goal.

As the show 'Tokyo Godfathers' ended, i have once again, found new strengths to carry on with my life. It's a pretty simple story...but the storytelling and the interesting characters have made this films very entertaining to watch. and as usual, i would go online and read the reviews, as well as trying to find out more abt the show or any latest news about director Satoshi Kon.

... Quoting from the Wikipedia......"On May 2010, Kon was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Given half a year to live, Kon chose to spend the remainder of his life in his home. Before his death, Kon uploaded a final message onto his blog. Kon died on August 24, 2010 at the age of 46."

i'm totally devastated right now. As his fans or people who appreciate his works, we all know that he was now at his prime of his career, which means that we are all expecting more great works from him! and his most recent project would be 'The Dream Machine'...his fifth film...but unfortunately, the cancer took away his life before he could finish the film.

I feel that Satoshi Kon is creating films of his own genre...i really don't want to accept this cruel truth... whyyy?

Life is so unpredictable indeed. i can't type anymore for the moment.

here's the link to read Satoshi Kon's last words.

Farewell, Satoshi-sensei.