Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ladieeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss aaaannnnnd Gentlemen!

Mr Lee Hou Yeung is an adult now!

Congrats! Horray! Jumps around!~

Yeap, nothing much actually...

I'm still me. And I won't act or behave like an adult until I have to, haha!

Wat abt being 21? I get to vote, I have rights! and now I needa renounced my British citizenship (born in HK, British Gov was ruling back then.) before I can take my Oath to officially become a Singapore Citizen!!!! I see lots of 'it's your responsibility' thingy screwed.

Okae, I shall note down abt my last day before adult life, 2nd March 2009.
I never thought that I would get to celebrate my birthday...cos i will be spending my time at the camp. Thus, I have zero expectation...
Miracle can happen. I've experienced it on 2nd March. My status personels (not so healthy were my angels that day. they were supposed to attend their physio thingy when they book out...and after the treatment, they brought a cake to the bunk!! Thanks Wei Tai and Teo Min!
By right, i should be reading my (boring) book about philosophy and pass my time slowly...
Now, i'm going to cut cake and blow candles (with lights off)...have a bunch of great guys surrounding me...singing birthday song for me! made 3 wishes...But before this, I was forced to do something. It's about unforgettable experience...oh my god....
yeah, it was pretty high...and then, Wei Tai passed me a gift...they oso bought me an Everlast watch! Wtf! i tot the cake was good enuff...i really tot that i'm dreaming. Great friends, lucky me, end of story! then, meldon smashed a piece of cake on my face. ya, calvin was using a non-camera handphone and 'snapped' lots of pics and took some!i just got a standard package of birthday celebration in the army! tats really cool! lastly, i got to watch DMC live action movie thru Teo Min's Psp! had a wonderful night! Thanks guys!!
And that week was the best, we had nothing to we slacked, sleep, read bks and play psp all day long...a movie screening for our battalion on thurs...'Wanted'. nice camera work man...

And i bought a printer yesterday at suntec IT fair. Brother brand, model DCP-185C at $148. Actually i only want the scanning function..but well, tat... :)


Here's the latest chinese entry by me! comes with direct english me! (dun expect good english...haha!)




当时的我毫无烦恼、 生活十分简单、 要求很少。








生活不再那么简单, 对人生的要求变多了, 烦恼当然也跟着多了。




青草原、 苹果树、小山丘、细水流

我现在只想接触大自然, 和它聊天做朋友。








It has been a long time since I was standing at the balcony admiring at the beautiful cityscape.

I still remember that I used stopover at the balcony to gaze at the neon lights.

I was a carefree kid, leading a simple life without much expectation.

Now I’m standing at this small balcony, awed by the neon lights once again.

However this time, I turned around and left almost immediately.

Was I sick of the neon lights?

There should be more neon lights than the past, hence it should be more mesmerizing.

It’s because I’ve grown up.

The world inside me has changed.

Life ain’t that simple anymore. I expect a lot more things now. Of course, I have a lot more problems than before.

Now, I see the tall buildings as giant jails.

I see the highways as roads of misery.

I see the neon lights as the unreachable hopes of life.

Fields, apple trees, small hills, streams…

Nowadays, I only wish to interact with the nature, talk to them and befriend them.

These highrise buildings, made of concrete and steel, were so overwhelming that I could hardly breathe.

Even the starry night above my head could not ease my desire for a simple life.

The once carefree boy was buried deep inside me,

but I will free ‘him’!

The next time I stepped onto this balcony, I wonder what kind of feeling I will have.


I want to be there right now!


and yes, a big THANK YOU to those who wished me happy birthday! really happy to know that u guys rmb 3 march is mr lee's day...hahaha!

alrite, tats quite alot from me. Earth day ard the corner. do your part.
Take care guys :)