Friday, February 22, 2008

500G harddisk

500GB Seagull harddisk obtained! for $199. no in-built fan gotta fan it yourself. i'll probably tell lame jokes to it, to keep it feeling cold? lol...ya i noe...Seadoor harddisk lah.

okay...went to watch the movie 'Jump-ass' yesterday. the movie supposed to have lots of fast pace actions! sadly....i dun really think those Jump-ass jumped or teleported exciting enough yet. or rather, the excitement didn't stack up...i can see lots of potential in this movie....but yeah...the approach to this movie is pretty safe, but not well rounded...TOO MANY questions left unanswered...i'm pretty dissappointed becos i think it can be one of my fav show in 2008 ( if only i directed this show....WAHAHAHA!) i give it 5.5/ can be a 8/10 show though. wasted. now, we shall wait for those ppl from the scary movies production team to recreate this show and make it a fun one!

next, i think i gotta mention abt CJ7 by stephen chow. i felt frustrated and very dissapointed. not gonna explain....paiseh. 4/10 or 2 stars.

passed my napfa test finally. got silver. and i'll promised to continue running...and do more pull-ups....until my arms are thicker than my thighs thicker than tree trunks....then i'll be paralysed becos i'm too too fit...LOL!

okay....gotta change tactic for my big poster. i'm going for simplicity....a very very nice way to 'cover up' my laziness...well, its a smart move i guess. in exchange, i got to PLAY more!~ soul is feeling abit restless though...needa good rest actually. i want to go to some villages or farmlands to breath in FRESH air! to cleanse my charge up my brain

argh...forget it. i dun noe wat to say liao. bye.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


THE POINT IS i want to blog now! THE POINT IS i dun care if 'the point is' is adrian's fav line anot....and i'm gonna use it now! the point is...the point is....the point is....blow some whistle.....the point is...the point is...the point is...the point is...the point is...(i'm like practise typing

the point for this post is to post some photos.

Zhang Fei? Top Chef? Hou Yeung? FREAK!!!!!!
Went to the museum to see some statues. the whole gang saw a chio bu...and some of us spent more time observing the 'real piece of art' instead those beautiful statues :X
thanx josh for the pic. i only did a bit of touch up....

Zhi Jie's birthday! we bought him ZEN WONDER! b4 that, daniel pranked him (pls refer to the plastic package on the bottom left of the photo)....he put an old discman, a pear, some sweet(if i'm not wrong)...and most importantly, a used white under garment!!!!!! Brilliant move by daniel i mus say! we wanted him to eat tat 'contaminated' pear....LOL!

good looking huh? thanx to xue'e for the photo.

looks even better now.
okay, we were trying to act abit retard/nerdy/hippy/high. i give this shot 9/10.

Huifen's birthday! nice photo for memory...huifen should really use liquid paper to write all those names down mah...haha! and ya, amelie went for the celebration too! so many ppl were there sia. (photo grabbed from huifen's blog)

eh,we sang. ya...erm....i think...we sang. and erm ya...i think we sang....erm some songs?

wat happened on tues?

yeap. blogging this means tat i can't finish my poster by thurs. SIANZ.

ran 2.4km with josh. wonder if i can pass my napfa on thurs. yawnz~

played basketball!!!!!!!!!! totally FUN-tastic. never get sick of playing bball...i only get sick after playing bball...LOLOLOL!!! i'm not gonna typed out the names....i guess there were around 6 million ppl playing...300 million ppl watching....(did i exaggerated too much?) *cough cough*

soon. very soon...i'll be graduating from NYP. and having this kind of fun in NYP for me was jus priceless. not tat i'm sad in NYP.........hahaha! but i guess i've ONLY played less than 20 times in NYP...Pathetic!....3 years in this sch u noe? but these >20 times i played in sch were jus priceless. (did i use the word 'priceless' twice? shit.)

OH!....jus for fun. i'll like to mention abt my wish to set up a 'HOU YEUNG ART FUND'. it would be awesome to get ppl to pay $1 a month to support my daily expenses so that i can focus on my artistic creations. 1 fan $1 per month...hence, 100,000 fans $100,000 per month! holyshit, that sounds SO freaking nice! i'm not trying to get rich here...jus tat it's a perfect deal for me if i can get ppl who love art(my art) to give a little bit of money to me to aid me allocate more time and concern on the 'art' part rather than considering the 'survival' part...

of cos, i mus prove to ppl tat i'm worth the 'investment'. and all my art that i've created will be absolutely FREE for the public...becos "no you, no me"....get it?

however....the truth is almost 0% that this will happen. i guess i don't need to explain abt this. jus a lame casual note for myself....but i'm 100% sure tat i would like this 'dream' to happen. but hey, actually this idea is abit stupid lah...I'm owning myself...wth.

the point is....i'm sleeping liao. Nitex.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


hello, firefox! haha, finally downloaded this browser...reason being my internet explorer browser showed some 'attitude' to my blog in, not displaying my site and stated that this website could not be found...and that scared the shit out of me!

cool, now firefox allows me to access to my blog... firefox 1 : internet explorer 0 ...LOL! dad went back to HK on saturday. and my mum is leaving for HK on 28 Feb 08. i'm gonna be rather lonely soon...sob sob. okay, on saturday...i sent dad to raffles place only....then change mrt to go to woodlands to meet huifen, shu guo, hui wen and kaiyun to sing karaoke at partyworld. hmm, partyworld is really much cheaper than the over priced kbox..but was still an enjoyable experince. and after singing and acting nutty...we took a 'polaroid' photo...

and then, went on to meet my primary sch buddies, chun huat, jun seng and kathleen to celebrate their birthday together, along with winnie, you quan and me. though its not a big gathering, but it was a wonderful experience for me. i got to know more abt jun seng's product design course, you quan's print and media course, kathleen's film and media course, bits of winnie's psychology course in NUS(she's a 'crazy' when she's in primary sch...can't imagine her studying this...hahaha!)...and of cos, chun huat's funny medic experience in NS...(he mentioned a couple damn funny blood spilling incidents...but yeah, he suggest us to join medic cos its not as stressful as other departments)

jus nice, i had another 'polaroid' photo with them. kinda cool.

and oh, we may probably pay a visit to my primary sch english teacher, Miss Hay next week! after 10 plus years man....i guess she can only remember my name and not my tongue...okay okay...enuff.

edison chan's case....hmmm, can we change topic? LOL!

but his dick is pretty small.......hmmm, can we talk abt Planet Earth? i prefer to tok abt the elephants than human...hahahaha!

poor actresses...wonder how these photos will affect their lives....hmmm, can send me those photos? i'll tell u how those photos will affect their lives later....WAHAHAHAHAHA!

okay, i'm evil.

my sincere opinion abt this case? cause and effect. u do it, u'll bear the consequences. besides that, such shameful acts...are no longer as shameful as before. i mean its no longer a big deal. however, that guy who declared himself as Kira(he released the photos to the net), man...u made me laugh till my balls dropped...u hav a great sense of humor. but i hope 'Kira' noes abt 'cause and effect' thingy oso....'L' will put him into jail one day.

moral of the story. please stop using your bloody camera handphone or video cam to record such acts if u aren't ready to face the consequences (having them leaked out to the public.) learn from Jack from Titanic. draw your lover's nude figure onto a paper. sincere, erotic, passionate and artistic. clap clap clap....ha ha ha....

okay, here's my latest digital painting! Vultron! inspired by my beloved game, Mechwarrior. i'm pretty satisfied with the look of this one...espicially the legs...i did them in less than 5 mins....and they look so rough and so detailed at the same time!....kinda lost the feel when comes to the cannon part...damn. overall, my photoshop skill has leveled up! happy! now moving on to paint my poster...65 by 80 cm. tats a big piece of crap for me to paint k?

btw, this vultron pic hav a couple of perspective problems. can't be bothered to correct them time bah.

will put my art works on my art blog soon! really soon!
and i'm planning to change my official website soon!, i'm're not THE ONE!

i love to shop!
i especially love photoshopping!

Friday, February 8, 2008



今天就让我用华语和大家拜个好年! 哈哈哈! 不知为什么, 感觉有点怪怪的。可能是因为我很少打中文字,而且现在对汉语拼音特别不敏感,所以我现在用华语写博客很吃力。


好话说完, 该说说自己的事了。最近的日子非常好过,没甚么特别, 不过就是开心。这肯定跟那丰盛的团员饭有关。我吃到我超爱吃的炉鸭舌头! 完美口感, 幸福极了!~

吃完饭倒完数后,我便往挤到水泄不通的牛车水那儿去见朋友。结果就来到志杰的家玩牌打发时间。 要好玩就要赌钱, 要赌钱我就会输钱,道理就那么简单, 可最后, 我还是赌了。过年嘛,开心就好。 谁知道我这个逢赌必输的小子还赢了一点小钱,不错不错。不过下回, 我一定不会那么好运了,因为。。。我就是个‘烂’赌。。。很烂很差的那种。

好, 我必须在这里‘停笔’了, 在‘写’下去我会被这怪怪的南极星软件给气晕,我要打的字不管怎么拼都拼不出,还我要用打词语的方式来找那个字。
当然, 这决对不会是我最后一个华文博客文章


Saturday, February 2, 2008

semester ending!

here's my 63rd post.

my passion of making posts special is slowly fading no no, its still there...haha
just finished watching '5cm per second' anime. pretty well done. especially the background art and their lighting skill. the kind of love in this anime is so pure....almost like a dream. making me feel kinda depressed abt the!

okay, i really enjoyed watching chapter one of this anime, simply becos the animation team had put in lots of attention onto the train station! yes! i love train stations....taking a train ride to sch in the morning is always pleasant. i always wanted to do something related to train station...and this anime just awed me in many ways. good good...

now that i'm inspired....i did this piece. used filter-'poster edges' after i painted the whole thing.
and lastly, this illustration is named 'Other World'. hope u like it.

i am so not in the mood to do work now....well, do i hav a choice?...(laughs)

and ya, my dad came back to Singapore! super long time no see him...Finally had a wonderful dinner with him tonite...yeap. soon my dad and mum will return to HK...leaving me and my sis in Singapore. Kind of happy that i can gain total independence soon...but hey, i'm not a very independent person...tats means i'm pretty much in deep deep shit. we'll see....