Saturday, August 28, 2010

On your mark, get set, go!

i've been living in HK for more than a month! i'm still quite unfamiliar with this part of the world actually.

it's not easy to set up a house. not mentioning setting up a family and running it well. (lol at my english)

anw, the hse is finally ready today. yea, it's Operational Ready Date (ORD) is 28 August 2010 haahahah! i had a 1 month Basic-Renovation-Training with it...and the end result is pretty satisfying. the house will only get better and opposed to my deteriorating fitness, lol!

and so i've been spending quite some time 'fixing' my timetable. the reason i can blog now is because i've managed to get a particular elective module that would give me a better timetable overall. If not, i'll hav lessons from 9.30am till 3.30pm straight on friday!! i won't go into the details, but basically the students of Hong Kong cityU hav to register quite a number of modules by themselves everytime before the semester starts, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

on a side note, the university is really near my hse as i just need to walk for 15-20mins to get there. the walk from my home to school is a quiet and a pleasant one...i love that walk. this also means that i can jolly well choose a 3hour lesson and place it on any day on my timetable and not to worry that i will be wasting a lot of travel time and energy if i'm just going to school to have a 3 hour lesson on tat day...becos i only need 40mins travel time in total...and i love that walk. haha! yup, most students need to spend a lot of travel time and transportation fee to go to school, and so they prefer to cramp their timetable...and hope to free up one or two days..and relax at home. not bad either :)

alrite i hav talked enough about how flexible i can be about my timetable haha, and tats all i can share for now. for school is starting this coming monday...whereby ther will be a very formal Orientation week organised by the school lecturers and lots of tasks hav to be done....(in order to earn e-money that u will need to use in sch in the near future) i can't screw it up...and so i'll be busy!

and so, till next time! i'll update more about my school life in Hong Kong!

my fellow friends who blog more about your life and everything else! share!!! :D

and yup...i guess i've missed quite a few outings with you guys in Singapore already! miss those time being together. but yea, we are all in the transitional period...getting ready to step into the society and be capable enough to contribute to it. it's time to hav a little less fun but more hard work put in. For the stronger we get, the more people we can help!! at least this is what i think :)

so yup, we'll meet again. and i shall get ready for my 'run'...all the best to me. all the best to you.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blog a little


alrite, i'm currently using the computers available in HK cityU's library! since i can use the com for as long as i can, i've decided to blog a little today :)

yup, 2 more weeks till sch starts. and i hav already met quite a number of freshmen through the orientation grp tat i'm in...haven't really know everybody well, but i know they are all nice ppl haha! will get to know them better when i'm in the 3 days 2 nights O'camp i guess :)

btw, my orientation house's colour is Red! and i was in the Red House when i was in my Primary School, nice. it's really like going through 'Rebirth' or a 'Retake' after I hav left Singapore. And i hope that i would do better this time! I want to be someone more independant, more dependable, more mature, more determined and less lame, haha!

I believe that i'm pretty close to 'Death' during the moment i stepped into the Departure Hall at the Budget Terminal on the day i'm leaving singapore, for this decision to leave is equilvalent to killing 'Lee Yeung' (my old self), someone who has similar personality as Woody of Toy Story, in hope of becoming 'Lee Hou Yeung', the grand master of Film and Art, lol! and i had also paid the price of leaving my frens and giving up watever-watever that i hav built on in Singapore just because I feel that I hav to take this path if I want to be Lee Hou Yeung. there's a time for everything to happen, and this is the time to decide who i really should become, hence 'killing' Lee Yeung for now seems to be the right thing to do.

(sry if it's confusing u, haha)

and for several days, when i jus got back to Hong Kong, i was a walking zombie.

who the hell is Lee Hou Yeung? i was at loss. those pain, doubt and emptiness that i was having almost killed Lee Hou Yeung too. all i know now is that i jus need to do well in what i'm supposed to do...dun care abt the big picture too much. tats all i can do now.

fortunately, i hav my parents by my side during that time. and i got really busy with the renovation and the buying of furniture for my new place to stay, thus helping me not to think much about other things that would possibly 'kill' myself over and over again. While i still can't go online at hm to catch up with frens and relatives, I've spent most of my nights watching and playing basketball!!!!! (oh yea, my Dell computer has not arrived yet haha)

i took the English Placement Test. i didn't do well....shit. but yea, the result would only reflect if i have passed or failed the test. if i pass i'll take a more advance english course, if i fail i'll take the less advance english course. so the fact is that everyone in the Uni hav to take up English study to fulfil certain credit requirement! so yup, pass or fail, jus study la!

kk, shall do a quick conclusion here...

Lee Yeung is who i am. Lee Hou Yeung is who i want to be. Crazy is what i will become.

Run with me!! :)