Sunday, December 26, 2010


wow. 2010.

the big transitional year for me.

overall, it's quite a weird ride for me. i can't say this year is normal, hell or heaven. it's a very weird mix of everything.

haha, mus be too much ups and downs and spin around this year. still having motion sickness i guess. so i can't decide if this is a good or bad year for me. maybe more of a negative thing bah...cos i dun feel very positive while trying to feel 2010 as a whole. but

my health is really bad this year. got skinnier/lighter/more invisible after a stomach flu!

yea. 2010 is pretty much done. I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO A NEW YEAR RIGHT NOW! perhaps I just want some new energy to flow into me, to feel fresh again :)

dun know why...I have this feeling that 2011 is going to be great! hope that i'm right!

oh ya, i've finally bought a new bag to replaced the really old one, lol! yay, so happy!

anyway, 2010 has provided me with several important (personal) lessons...will keep them in mind.

okay, i'll be heading to ShenZhen and stay for a few days...will do my countdown to the new year there with my parents, haha!

so i shall wish everyone a great year ahead here!! :D

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hi there

yay,143 posts! jus nice i've saw some interesting new blogskins on the blog site, so i decided to conveniently change my blogskin to celebrate for this entry, haha!

Almost been living in HK for close to 5 months, and it's quite a monotonous one haha, for i was basically very committed to my study. Shall briefly summarise.

As my University life truly kick start after September 21, the last time I’ve blogged, I was kind of M.I.A (not active in facebook, msn and blog) until I’m done with the semester. Why? I need to concentrate. And this is Mission Impossible: Infinity.

This semester has involved with many new topics/subjects for me to study, and I’m glad that this was happening as I want to learn new things. Okay, I shall run through the subjects that I’ve taken so far…Informally of cos…

Core Modules

+Creative Writing in Chinese

What? Writing creatively in chinese, duh. And then? I am extremely slow in reading long chinese text, be it traditional chinese (for HK) or simplified chinese (don’t think I can improve much on this. Shit.) Still writes with pencil, lol. If I write in pen, I think I can do so much cancelling and stuff until u can’t see what I’m writing. I can’t express myself properly (dunno why). I realized that my chinese suck big time. seriously. Fortunately, the part-time lecturer (full time writer) is great at teaching this subject, learnt a lot from her.


What? It’s an intro course. Gotta try the dark room to produce my very own black and white photo. So? Got to learn about decisive moments, portraits, landscapes, visual poem and other photography related study material. Great exposure for a beginner like me. I’m glad I’ve gone through this module :P

+Sound Basics and Design

I suck at this module. But this could be the best thing to happen on me if only I can follow the lecturer and learn more about Cubase software and those theories and information about sound and design. In a nutshell, I love sound and music, but I just suck at it. Damn sad.



What? I’ve passed the test that I’ve mentioned last time. and so I’m supposed to take a more advance course. Well, this course was very basic too, but it’s so freaking important to me, for I’ve not ‘laid any foundation’ for English since primary sch, lol. Learn about different type of writings. So? English improved! But still stuck at beginner level lah.


+Lifestyle Diversity and Choices

Yeap. I chose this course. I think it is quite cool. And indeed, it’s really cool, haha! Every week the lecturer would cover a new topic…about diversity and life choices. He made us question about the norms and standards and stuff. Useful for me :)

+Rational Thinking and Creative Ideas

Yeap. I chose this course cos I think I need to learn more about rational thinking….and creative ideas. And indeed, I did learn abit more about these topics, but i firmly know that the course can be a much better one, as the lecturer was solely reading off the powerpoint slides 90% of the time.

Even though I've spend most of my time in study, i don't think i faring well in terms of grades, but that's not my concern, as long as i can maintain a gpa of around 3 and i can learn great/new things which is what is happening now. so everything is going pretty well :D

Alrite, this is the best I can share about my studies so far. Can’t go into the details, because I should stop writing anymore sch related stuff, haha. Have been spending too much time on these (seemingly easy) subjects.

Cool, I was born with a rare gift, Anti-mental-focus ability, a kind of natural-body-reflex behavior that helps me to defocus on the thing that I want to focus on. (In other words, I get distracted easily.) With this inborn ability to be able to easily think about something else while doing something, is really something really troublesome when time just slipped away like that. Every sec counts. I don’t dare to count…

Another way to put it. My brain can multi task pretty well. It can think about 5 things in 1 second. Send signals to instruct my body to execute the 5 thoughts/tasks in the next second….which my body cannot react normally to. What’s next? Whole body hang for 1min 30seconds. Restart brain, restart body. Work normally, one thing at a time. 2 min 46.3 sec later. My brain starts to multi task again. Nice.

This is really really…

Okay, cut the crap. Actually, I just want to apologise to my friends for being unresponsive in the internet platform. Please understand my strange condition, haha. I can't afford to assign one more task to my brain for now. will fix this prob!

Anyway, I love my home here in HK. The location of this house is EPIC GREAT. It’s near my sch, near train station, near basketball court, near several food stores, near the market and it is near the art center where my parents teach chinese painting there.

Hmmm, I did not play basketball or exercise for a few months already. It’s been awhile since I last weigh myself, if I’m lucky, I should be around the same feather light weight as before. Great.

NBA. Boston Celtics!!! Beautiful ballgame. Miami Heat! Yucks. Rockets! Dissapointing and Sad for Yao. Mavericks! Interesting. Lakers! Pau Gasless. Spurs! Classic. OKC! OKCool. Not really concern about other teams, haha.

Starcraft 2? Hell…Maybe next time.

Movies watched online? The Social Network. It’s not easy for me to be interested in a ‘lawsuits and dialogues’ oriented film, I’m glad I enjoyed this one. Finally…I’ve watched Inglourious Basterds. Quite refreshing. That Germany Colonel guy’s acting is great, no wonder he won so many award for that role. Credits to the director for crafting such an interesting character. Nice show!

Vids I’ve watched on Youtube. Tons. These things are the nutrients for my brain to multi task (in a wrong way) and thus causing my body to malfunction, lol. I don’t think I’m addicted to youtube. I’m addicted to the informations I can get from there. The amount of treasures and shit flowing into this platform is crazy! While I’m a treasure hunter, I’ve successfully retrieved many great stuff from it, but during the process, I’ve ocassionally fell into the dark side and watched stuff like spoofs, collegehumor, lame world records, pets, baby laughing, all those vids with ‘most’, ‘epic’, ‘-est’… there goes my time. my precious time. my eyes. my precious eye(sight). my health. my precious health. my life. my precious life. Still, youtube rocks.

On a side note, over dosage of (good) information can be quite devastating too.

On a side note, as time can be my biggest enemy, it can be my best friend too. (still trying)

On a side note, my ability to sidetrack so naturally can be a good thing too. (HA. HA. HA.)

Alright, tats about it. I believe this is a good entry, haha! I would talk more about HK when I get to know it better. Trust me, I’m still very new to this place :)

Hope everyone is living life with great energy!! Go Go Go!