Sunday, December 26, 2010


wow. 2010.

the big transitional year for me.

overall, it's quite a weird ride for me. i can't say this year is normal, hell or heaven. it's a very weird mix of everything.

haha, mus be too much ups and downs and spin around this year. still having motion sickness i guess. so i can't decide if this is a good or bad year for me. maybe more of a negative thing bah...cos i dun feel very positive while trying to feel 2010 as a whole. but

my health is really bad this year. got skinnier/lighter/more invisible after a stomach flu!

yea. 2010 is pretty much done. I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO A NEW YEAR RIGHT NOW! perhaps I just want some new energy to flow into me, to feel fresh again :)

dun know why...I have this feeling that 2011 is going to be great! hope that i'm right!

oh ya, i've finally bought a new bag to replaced the really old one, lol! yay, so happy!

anyway, 2010 has provided me with several important (personal) lessons...will keep them in mind.

okay, i'll be heading to ShenZhen and stay for a few days...will do my countdown to the new year there with my parents, haha!

so i shall wish everyone a great year ahead here!! :D

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hi there

yay,143 posts! jus nice i've saw some interesting new blogskins on the blog site, so i decided to conveniently change my blogskin to celebrate for this entry, haha!

Almost been living in HK for close to 5 months, and it's quite a monotonous one haha, for i was basically very committed to my study. Shall briefly summarise.

As my University life truly kick start after September 21, the last time I’ve blogged, I was kind of M.I.A (not active in facebook, msn and blog) until I’m done with the semester. Why? I need to concentrate. And this is Mission Impossible: Infinity.

This semester has involved with many new topics/subjects for me to study, and I’m glad that this was happening as I want to learn new things. Okay, I shall run through the subjects that I’ve taken so far…Informally of cos…

Core Modules

+Creative Writing in Chinese

What? Writing creatively in chinese, duh. And then? I am extremely slow in reading long chinese text, be it traditional chinese (for HK) or simplified chinese (don’t think I can improve much on this. Shit.) Still writes with pencil, lol. If I write in pen, I think I can do so much cancelling and stuff until u can’t see what I’m writing. I can’t express myself properly (dunno why). I realized that my chinese suck big time. seriously. Fortunately, the part-time lecturer (full time writer) is great at teaching this subject, learnt a lot from her.


What? It’s an intro course. Gotta try the dark room to produce my very own black and white photo. So? Got to learn about decisive moments, portraits, landscapes, visual poem and other photography related study material. Great exposure for a beginner like me. I’m glad I’ve gone through this module :P

+Sound Basics and Design

I suck at this module. But this could be the best thing to happen on me if only I can follow the lecturer and learn more about Cubase software and those theories and information about sound and design. In a nutshell, I love sound and music, but I just suck at it. Damn sad.



What? I’ve passed the test that I’ve mentioned last time. and so I’m supposed to take a more advance course. Well, this course was very basic too, but it’s so freaking important to me, for I’ve not ‘laid any foundation’ for English since primary sch, lol. Learn about different type of writings. So? English improved! But still stuck at beginner level lah.


+Lifestyle Diversity and Choices

Yeap. I chose this course. I think it is quite cool. And indeed, it’s really cool, haha! Every week the lecturer would cover a new topic…about diversity and life choices. He made us question about the norms and standards and stuff. Useful for me :)

+Rational Thinking and Creative Ideas

Yeap. I chose this course cos I think I need to learn more about rational thinking….and creative ideas. And indeed, I did learn abit more about these topics, but i firmly know that the course can be a much better one, as the lecturer was solely reading off the powerpoint slides 90% of the time.

Even though I've spend most of my time in study, i don't think i faring well in terms of grades, but that's not my concern, as long as i can maintain a gpa of around 3 and i can learn great/new things which is what is happening now. so everything is going pretty well :D

Alrite, this is the best I can share about my studies so far. Can’t go into the details, because I should stop writing anymore sch related stuff, haha. Have been spending too much time on these (seemingly easy) subjects.

Cool, I was born with a rare gift, Anti-mental-focus ability, a kind of natural-body-reflex behavior that helps me to defocus on the thing that I want to focus on. (In other words, I get distracted easily.) With this inborn ability to be able to easily think about something else while doing something, is really something really troublesome when time just slipped away like that. Every sec counts. I don’t dare to count…

Another way to put it. My brain can multi task pretty well. It can think about 5 things in 1 second. Send signals to instruct my body to execute the 5 thoughts/tasks in the next second….which my body cannot react normally to. What’s next? Whole body hang for 1min 30seconds. Restart brain, restart body. Work normally, one thing at a time. 2 min 46.3 sec later. My brain starts to multi task again. Nice.

This is really really…

Okay, cut the crap. Actually, I just want to apologise to my friends for being unresponsive in the internet platform. Please understand my strange condition, haha. I can't afford to assign one more task to my brain for now. will fix this prob!

Anyway, I love my home here in HK. The location of this house is EPIC GREAT. It’s near my sch, near train station, near basketball court, near several food stores, near the market and it is near the art center where my parents teach chinese painting there.

Hmmm, I did not play basketball or exercise for a few months already. It’s been awhile since I last weigh myself, if I’m lucky, I should be around the same feather light weight as before. Great.

NBA. Boston Celtics!!! Beautiful ballgame. Miami Heat! Yucks. Rockets! Dissapointing and Sad for Yao. Mavericks! Interesting. Lakers! Pau Gasless. Spurs! Classic. OKC! OKCool. Not really concern about other teams, haha.

Starcraft 2? Hell…Maybe next time.

Movies watched online? The Social Network. It’s not easy for me to be interested in a ‘lawsuits and dialogues’ oriented film, I’m glad I enjoyed this one. Finally…I’ve watched Inglourious Basterds. Quite refreshing. That Germany Colonel guy’s acting is great, no wonder he won so many award for that role. Credits to the director for crafting such an interesting character. Nice show!

Vids I’ve watched on Youtube. Tons. These things are the nutrients for my brain to multi task (in a wrong way) and thus causing my body to malfunction, lol. I don’t think I’m addicted to youtube. I’m addicted to the informations I can get from there. The amount of treasures and shit flowing into this platform is crazy! While I’m a treasure hunter, I’ve successfully retrieved many great stuff from it, but during the process, I’ve ocassionally fell into the dark side and watched stuff like spoofs, collegehumor, lame world records, pets, baby laughing, all those vids with ‘most’, ‘epic’, ‘-est’… there goes my time. my precious time. my eyes. my precious eye(sight). my health. my precious health. my life. my precious life. Still, youtube rocks.

On a side note, over dosage of (good) information can be quite devastating too.

On a side note, as time can be my biggest enemy, it can be my best friend too. (still trying)

On a side note, my ability to sidetrack so naturally can be a good thing too. (HA. HA. HA.)

Alright, tats about it. I believe this is a good entry, haha! I would talk more about HK when I get to know it better. Trust me, I’m still very new to this place :)

Hope everyone is living life with great energy!! Go Go Go!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hmm, life is okay so far, sometimes i would feel damn low though. this school is pretty confusing. or maybe i'm stoooopeed...(swallowed hard)...i...i...i...haiz...

anw, I'm super unproductive and rusty nowadays. *&^*%^$&&* super angry with myself *^&^$%^#%. I don't understand why i just can't concentrate on my work. i find it hard to read long passages. and i took super long to do english and chinese essay writings&^&^&$%@#@($& I find it very hard to express myself when writing. (*&^*%*^%789 there are so many simple chinese words that i've forgotten how to write, and have to look up online dictionary all the time. and i only know these little amount of vocab...hence i hav difficulty doing descriptive writing. haiz....i'll take it slow bah....*%%$%#$%^$#@

oh ya, this is the ONLY finished work i hav done since the day i've came back to HK. and i forgot to thank this guy, Teo Min, for helping me to install Photoshop into my computer (so that i can add colour to this ink work)... Thanks man! btw, Teo Min is the first person from SG to drop by in HK and meet up with me so far!

i wish to draw more...but i'm too slow with my school the end, no time. wth. shit.
i'll be very busy...cos the assignments' deadlines are nearing, and then new assignments with three times the difficulty are coming, bla bla bla....

oh oh...i've watched Satoshi Kon's Millenium Actress...i give it 7.5/10...and Feng Xiaogang's Aftershock....i give it 9/10. (luckily i watched Aftershock at home, for i can't stop crying lol) ...brilliant works! must watch!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


i've just watched finished 'Tokyo Godfathers' online. Have always been wanting to watching this anime film created by Satoshi Kon, and until recently I almost got to borrow the DVD from CityU's library, only to realise that it was being borrowed by somebody else. In the end, i couldn't wait anymore and decided to stream it online and watch it while i hav the time this morning.

I jus feel that I hav to watch this film somehow...and i know that i will like it...simply because i enjoyed his other works very much (Paprika and Perfect Blue) ...his works are very realistic and yet very imaginative or at least entertaining to me. He create films through his own unique vision, and everyone mus really work with him closely in order to realise the work. He is just like another Hayao Miyazaki...just that Satoshi Kon has his own approach to filmmaking...they were both amazing ppl.

how i wish i can be like them. it's a difficult path to follow...or lead...but this is really what i want to do. to write my own scripts, and make these ideas into films with a group of ppl. it's a wonderful process. I look up to these giants in this entertainment industry...hoping to draw strengths and inspirations from them and their works, and then continue to realise my own dream or goal.

As the show 'Tokyo Godfathers' ended, i have once again, found new strengths to carry on with my life. It's a pretty simple story...but the storytelling and the interesting characters have made this films very entertaining to watch. and as usual, i would go online and read the reviews, as well as trying to find out more abt the show or any latest news about director Satoshi Kon.

... Quoting from the Wikipedia......"On May 2010, Kon was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Given half a year to live, Kon chose to spend the remainder of his life in his home. Before his death, Kon uploaded a final message onto his blog. Kon died on August 24, 2010 at the age of 46."

i'm totally devastated right now. As his fans or people who appreciate his works, we all know that he was now at his prime of his career, which means that we are all expecting more great works from him! and his most recent project would be 'The Dream Machine'...his fifth film...but unfortunately, the cancer took away his life before he could finish the film.

I feel that Satoshi Kon is creating films of his own genre...i really don't want to accept this cruel truth... whyyy?

Life is so unpredictable indeed. i can't type anymore for the moment.

here's the link to read Satoshi Kon's last words.

Farewell, Satoshi-sensei.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

On your mark, get set, go!

i've been living in HK for more than a month! i'm still quite unfamiliar with this part of the world actually.

it's not easy to set up a house. not mentioning setting up a family and running it well. (lol at my english)

anw, the hse is finally ready today. yea, it's Operational Ready Date (ORD) is 28 August 2010 haahahah! i had a 1 month Basic-Renovation-Training with it...and the end result is pretty satisfying. the house will only get better and opposed to my deteriorating fitness, lol!

and so i've been spending quite some time 'fixing' my timetable. the reason i can blog now is because i've managed to get a particular elective module that would give me a better timetable overall. If not, i'll hav lessons from 9.30am till 3.30pm straight on friday!! i won't go into the details, but basically the students of Hong Kong cityU hav to register quite a number of modules by themselves everytime before the semester starts, on a first-come-first-serve basis.

on a side note, the university is really near my hse as i just need to walk for 15-20mins to get there. the walk from my home to school is a quiet and a pleasant one...i love that walk. this also means that i can jolly well choose a 3hour lesson and place it on any day on my timetable and not to worry that i will be wasting a lot of travel time and energy if i'm just going to school to have a 3 hour lesson on tat day...becos i only need 40mins travel time in total...and i love that walk. haha! yup, most students need to spend a lot of travel time and transportation fee to go to school, and so they prefer to cramp their timetable...and hope to free up one or two days..and relax at home. not bad either :)

alrite i hav talked enough about how flexible i can be about my timetable haha, and tats all i can share for now. for school is starting this coming monday...whereby ther will be a very formal Orientation week organised by the school lecturers and lots of tasks hav to be done....(in order to earn e-money that u will need to use in sch in the near future) i can't screw it up...and so i'll be busy!

and so, till next time! i'll update more about my school life in Hong Kong!

my fellow friends who blog more about your life and everything else! share!!! :D

and yup...i guess i've missed quite a few outings with you guys in Singapore already! miss those time being together. but yea, we are all in the transitional period...getting ready to step into the society and be capable enough to contribute to it. it's time to hav a little less fun but more hard work put in. For the stronger we get, the more people we can help!! at least this is what i think :)

so yup, we'll meet again. and i shall get ready for my 'run'...all the best to me. all the best to you.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blog a little


alrite, i'm currently using the computers available in HK cityU's library! since i can use the com for as long as i can, i've decided to blog a little today :)

yup, 2 more weeks till sch starts. and i hav already met quite a number of freshmen through the orientation grp tat i'm in...haven't really know everybody well, but i know they are all nice ppl haha! will get to know them better when i'm in the 3 days 2 nights O'camp i guess :)

btw, my orientation house's colour is Red! and i was in the Red House when i was in my Primary School, nice. it's really like going through 'Rebirth' or a 'Retake' after I hav left Singapore. And i hope that i would do better this time! I want to be someone more independant, more dependable, more mature, more determined and less lame, haha!

I believe that i'm pretty close to 'Death' during the moment i stepped into the Departure Hall at the Budget Terminal on the day i'm leaving singapore, for this decision to leave is equilvalent to killing 'Lee Yeung' (my old self), someone who has similar personality as Woody of Toy Story, in hope of becoming 'Lee Hou Yeung', the grand master of Film and Art, lol! and i had also paid the price of leaving my frens and giving up watever-watever that i hav built on in Singapore just because I feel that I hav to take this path if I want to be Lee Hou Yeung. there's a time for everything to happen, and this is the time to decide who i really should become, hence 'killing' Lee Yeung for now seems to be the right thing to do.

(sry if it's confusing u, haha)

and for several days, when i jus got back to Hong Kong, i was a walking zombie.

who the hell is Lee Hou Yeung? i was at loss. those pain, doubt and emptiness that i was having almost killed Lee Hou Yeung too. all i know now is that i jus need to do well in what i'm supposed to do...dun care abt the big picture too much. tats all i can do now.

fortunately, i hav my parents by my side during that time. and i got really busy with the renovation and the buying of furniture for my new place to stay, thus helping me not to think much about other things that would possibly 'kill' myself over and over again. While i still can't go online at hm to catch up with frens and relatives, I've spent most of my nights watching and playing basketball!!!!! (oh yea, my Dell computer has not arrived yet haha)

i took the English Placement Test. i didn't do well....shit. but yea, the result would only reflect if i have passed or failed the test. if i pass i'll take a more advance english course, if i fail i'll take the less advance english course. so the fact is that everyone in the Uni hav to take up English study to fulfil certain credit requirement! so yup, pass or fail, jus study la!

kk, shall do a quick conclusion here...

Lee Yeung is who i am. Lee Hou Yeung is who i want to be. Crazy is what i will become.

Run with me!! :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

July July

time is passing by abit tooo quickly!!!!


'Miss July' is back. that means half a year is gone...and half a year more to go for 2010. abstract summary abt my life for the first half of 2010...

'My feet jus could not touch the ground.'

yup, picture that.

okay, one good news so far...

my application to study in Hong Kong City University was successful. gotta thank my frens for their well wishing...yup, i'll work hard!

I'm pretty excited about it. I can foresee alot of stress and workload in the near is going to be pretty challenging and brutal. but i eat that for sounds wrong. is actually pretty sucky rite now...maybe becos i'm going to leave's complicated, lol.


gotta fix myself back slowly...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Leaving and Living

First of all, I wish to let everyone know that I'm very contented with my life so far. I just feel that I'm blessed with so many good things around me. Thank all!

alrite, what's going on right now? let's come clean, lol.
Now that I have finished my National Service, I will be going back to Hong Kong this year.
My parents had already sold the house in Singapore. yea, no house in Sg anymore. Possibility to come back to Sg reduces to 25% (still quite high though). why? so that we can hav some cash in hand and oso buy a house in Hong Kong for me to stay and study. SWEET. before this, my parents are staying in Shen Zhen and they will continue to live there though they work in HK (but just for few days in a week as Art Teachers). yea, the hse in HK is gonna be pretty damn small..but more than enough space for the skinny me to mess ard.

clear so far? okay let's move on. I will be going for my Uni's course's interview on 3rd June. Will fly on 1st June, and will return back to Singapore on 6th June. If the Hong Kong City University's Creative Media Bachelor Course accepts me, then my school will start on September this year. And so between 6th June till the end of July, I've decided to stay in Singapore and spend more time with my friends before I put my heart and soul into ART all over again. my beloved Pearl Bank Apartment's unit #33-xxxxx will be handed over tmr on the 25th May!!! will miss the super amazing view from my ultra mini balcony!!! haha, so where to stay for now? at Khatib!! (long story as to why i'm staying there)
YUP, pls call me up for more outings and gatherings!!!

BY THE WAY, My parents came back to Singapore on 13th May's night. And it's only until 23rd, then we've finished packing the things that we want to ship back to Hong Kong and ShenZhen. Total 27 boxes of REAL GOOD STUFF. hahaahaha!! and we've thrown away another few tonnes of REAL GOOD STUFF as well!!! as there were too many REAL GOOD STUFF STUFFED in our hse and it's too many to bring all back. (yea, i've exaggerated abit...but u noe wat i mean?) My parents, my sis and I are all artists/designers and collectors. we generate a lot of things (artworks) and we keep all of them! and if we oso collect stuff bla bla bla...I think 'moving house' is a BIG issue here. in the end, we've thrown away countless books, mainly art related stuff, countless good papers for chinese ink to draw, countless little deco items, countless countless drawings from 2 chinese painters (my dad and mum), a once-fashion-design-student (my sister) and once-NYP-animation student (me). HOLY SHIT. and lots of art frames. and believe it anot, i have been throwing alot of textbooks, magazines and stuff to the recycle bins until i give up. oh yes, those exquisite rosewood furnitures! all 'donated' to the 'house-movers'. and those electronic items and many moreeee....ALL CLEAR. and that equals to...PAIN PAIN PAIN...becos of many reasons, we do not hav enough time to clear and give away the 'treasures' :(
haha, when the hse is is really quite spacious. I like. but sad that i can't enjoy this wonderful space in this wonderful spot in Singapore much.

kk, here are some questions that i wish to answer haha...

why leave Singapore?
There is ONE main reason. I want to realise my dreams of making my own movies. And I see that Hong Kong has provided me with the best possibility. I know that sooner or later, I would work there and gain invaluable work experience. at first I planned to work in Singapore for a couple of years after Army, then go to HK (without going thru University study)...but, as half way thru the Army, I see that it would be better that i study Uni in HK, make more friends, be more familiar with HK, spend more quality time with my parents and relatives there, and really live an exciting life in HK as a student, then a worker...haha!!
and so, my parents did all that could do to this idea they would LOVE to get me back into their arms asap, lol!! yea, and of cos, i don't think i'm ready for this super competitive industry yet...and so, one reason leads to another...I have to go in 2010. (2012 world ends rite? hahaha...nehh~)

So u mean Singapore cannot realise your dreams issit? u wana fight huh? huh huh huh???
ermmm...haha, let me explain why. My works are mainly inspired from works by China, America, Japan, Hong Kong and France. and believe it or not, I think my target audience or ppl who will be more interested in my stuff are the people of China and Hong Kong as my works is hugely about them. So it is only logical to go to China or Hong Kong and mingle with them, be inspired even more, learn more about them and work my concept/ideas out with them in order to get the best possible result of those RAW ideas that i'm SO CRAZY about!!! it's purely about my taste, my sources, my market and my interest.
and i wish to add on, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to shoot a live action movie in Singapore about Singapore for Singapore and the world to watch!!! but this is not the first thing i can do so far, but its one thing that i really wish to do.

Did you consider serving the Army as a waste of time?
NO. provided I've tried really hard to make the best out of it, and fortunately enough, the Lee Hou Yeung after Army is possibly 10 times wiser and tougher than before.

Would you think that you would be a 'better' Lee Hou Yeung if you've never come to Singapore at all?
if anyone would ask me this qns, here's my answer...I'm proud to tell everyone that I'm extremely happy with who I am now. and living in Singapore for 17 years had definitely play a HUGE part of who I am now. and I won't want to change anything abt it. in order words, the 'me' now is the BEST me :)

Any back up plans?
The first thing that has came to my mind is to come back to Singapore and be a lecturer teaching Art and design. Now that i don't even have a house here, i really don't think that i will return to Singapore and make a living. if i screwed up in HK, i shall continue to screw up over there i guess, hahahaha!!!!

Can we stay at your place when we go to HK for holiday?
HAHAAHAH! good question. here's a good answer too. I'LL TRY, but not very possible.

how sure are you about making your dreams come true? seems super hard to achieve, lol!!
trying something and then getting a definite result/answer for it is always better than guessing and pondering over it and not taking action at all. I hate doubtful feelings. yes, all men prefer definite answers. btw, nothing is a 'Fail' to me.
I oso have several definitions on Dream and Success...and to be right, i'm already living my dream (ya, in your dreams)...i just wana live it BIG, hahahah! from ideas, to papers, to books, to short films, to feature length films, to franchise, to hall of fame, to history books and then die with a smile on my face. OR jus from ideas to papers, ideas to papers, ideas to papers, ideas to papers, ideas to papers and then die with a smile on my face. Either way is living the dream and success for me, just that i would like to try if i can realise it BIG, tats all :)

ok enough for the Q&A session...

alrite, tmr is my last day of my ever-exciting 'moving hse' programme...finally get to rest for awhile before i go for my interview. YAY!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

RayRay 1YO

HOORAYRAY!!!! Today is RAY RAY's one year old birthday!!! 21st May!!!
Despite being so busy with moving hse and stuff, i've decided to do a quick doodle to celebrate RayRay's BIG BIG DAY!!!

I wish Ray Ray will stay forever young, nice and lovely!!!!

hope Ray Ray will like this gift of mine! :P

omg, tml is another super busy day, gotta slp now!! goodnite!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

i for information

I think the main reason why it's kinda hard for me to post frequently is because i don't like to blog over casually, like..'crap, i hate the weather and tuesday sucks.' -end post.

in the end, i've chose to sum up things and blog about it in monthly basis and also provide some little details here and there..and then post some art works, links or photos to make the posts more 'yummy' to read hahaha

but it's kinda slow...

then suddenly facebook emerges and has become our ultimate 'information and daily updates' platform for our family and friends. it is EXTREMELY casual, informative and accessible. not bad~

but i feel abit uncomfortable when those informations (from me or from my friends) can vary from absolute nonsense to something totally personal. some are just seeking for attentions, some are really casual comments abt daily lifes, some are pretty good infos that are worth sharing. so there are alot of good infos and bad infos coming in 24/7...come and gone. abit too fast for me, abit too casual for me. and of cos, not everyone is expected to follow all the updates from the facebook, so it's perfectly fine to M.I.A and then miss out everything, if not tons of infos.

yea, u can always back-track on those 'missed out infos' by going to your friend's profile page and go thru what he or she has been doing over the week or weeks. no prob at all. but sometimes i think that i have been wasting time, instead of saving time to catch up with my friends or keeping in touch. hahaha, i can't really sort out evidence to support this statement, but thats how i feel now.

i feel that keeping my account 'alive' or ultra-responsive means that i'm living in/with facebook. not a very healthy sign for me. there should be a 'safety' distance between the user and the facebook.

btw, let's say i totally dun wana attend to my facebook account...your friends can still write on your wall and 'help' u update abt the things u've done with them. what's better, they can post photos with u inside and share them with all your friends. ...nope, u can't delete those comments and photos with u inside. those comments and photos belong to your friends'. it's already out there. probably 20 ppl saw the comments or photos when they are uploaded 5 secs later lol. too fast too furious isn't it?

yea, i dun really like this aspect of facebook. not that i have much to hide. I jus prefer more privacy and control over things that involves me.

now, facebook is almost a must-have. so, we will have to deal with this ability given to the users. some enjoy it while others don't. I will still keep the account because it really is wonderful in many aspects...but the 'good stuff' can also back fire on you in a way u may not even know it.

(and if the piece of information really needs to reach to u. i think that handphones and email is still the best way. )

my (rather casual) conclusion abt facebook, is that it is overly informative and accessible, hence we have to use it very carefully and wisely to our advantage. and bare in mind that facebook can be equally devastating as how helpful/useful it is.

well, I still like blogging alot. i have 100% control over what is going on on my blog. all the contents are generated by me, and sincerely from me. the informations will stay as long as the blog exists. i'm the writer as well as the creative director for what i've 'published' on my 'monthly magazine' for my readers. and then i can always go back to my first posts and relive my life all over again. the flow and connection from post to post is quite special to me, and i value it.

note that facebook is not equal to blogging. both are very different thing. but i'm trying to compare them from accessing and providing information's perspective.

i stll have alot of other things to talk about...but i hav tons of things waiting for me to accomplish in a very short time.

luckily i managed to squeeze some time and energy to write a post for now....when all things are pretty much settled down...i would like to write something more personal and detailed for sharing as well as review in the future.

Blogging is a 'gentle' platform.....Lee Hou Yeung likes this.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


heyo! today i shall tok abt things that motivate and inspire me greatly...

Kenji Kawai's music has shocked my soul 360 degree!!! recently i've been playing his music using the ipod touch that my sis gave me (thanx sis!)...and i shut myself off from the real world...looping the sound tracks and jus kept on writing on my story ideas...and of cos, these ideas share similar feel or approach with the music.
and this live concert performance is so fantastic that i mus share with u all! how i wish i was there!!

if i introduce the music, then i must oso introduce this epic sequence from the anime movie, Ghost in the Shell:Innocence. this sequence has consumed my mind and soul...probably because of the chinese futuristic themes...the details...the effort...the creativity...and the music....
so ya, 'Butterfly Language'(my humble creation) will try to match that, LOL!

SHANGHAI EXPO 2010! i really love Shanghai's Pavilion's design. there are quite a lot of great architectural designs in here...enjoy!

this is a great preview of the place! definitely mus visit there one day! yea, i don't think the end result will look SO nice....but this set-up/ plan is pretty epic..i like!

btw, i hope more buildings that carry cultural background and a sense of identity to be built in the future...imagine a city of futuristic chinese buildings!wowowow!!!
i shall come up with the blue print asap...haha!

alrite, i've just visited Pixar's exhibition at Singapore Science Centre yesterday. Its a great experience...everyone who watched any of Pixar's films and like it should pay a visit.

I'm totally motivated to work on my own projects now :)

and there's more motivations and inspirations...

Wong Kar Wai's films. OMG. his films are f***ing good! I feel that he is so underrated. but there's no surprise here, cos his films aren't dedicated to the mass audience due to his themes, pace and probably execution wise. but thats what make his films so nice to me!

i love the approach abt the bird with legs. Featuring one of my fav actor, Leslie Cheung. i'll rewatch the show when i'm free!

haha, now i even have plans to make a short film abt Chinatown of Singapore. i'll try my best to make this possible.

and i've been consuming weight gainer recently! for a month already :) have been working out...drinking the chocolate taste drink with 55g of fats per serving, twice a day! and luckily, i'm really putting on some weight...but very slowly hahaha! will persevere! i can do it!!!

and i've been reading Tao De Ching (by Lao Zi)...will go read up abt Zhuang Zi...and will continue to read up abt I-Ching...i'm jus trying to understand more abt Chinese culture and the wisdom from the great thinkers.

going to ORD soon...there's no better news than this.

alrite, tats my update for now, take care guys :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


finally reach to 133rd post! (will post more frequently after i ORD haha)..and it's time to share some of my works again!

yeap, i wrote this lame shit to laugh at myself haha! It has an interesting point of view about my career versus my love life.... How i can't afford to commit myself in a relationship while i longed for one. It may be funny to read, but it ain't funny to live in such situation, lol!

haizzz....sibei sian ah...hahahahaaa!

(yup, i did an english version as well)



我会把你冷落在一旁 因为我在画画、写作、想点子


我不会请你吃饭 因为我在省钱开公司


我不会打电话给你 因为我在画画、写作、想点子


我不会买礼物给你 都说我在省钱了


我不会陪你逛街 因为我不想浪费时间






我不会和你争吵 因为很无聊


我会送你回家 才怪










If I’m your boyfriend

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would neglect you most of the time, for I’m spending my time drawing, writing and thinking.

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would not treat you a meal, for I’m saving money for setting up my own company.

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would not call you, for I’m spending my time drawing, writing and thinking.

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would not buy you gifts, as you know I’m saving money.

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would not accompany you to go shopping, for it’s a waste of time.

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would not say I love you in front of my friends, for I’m showing off my works to them and had totally forgotten about you.

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would not quarrel with you because it’s lame.

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would send you home


If I’m your boyfriend,

I would only give you more unhappiness.

If I’m your boyfriend,

Then you have made a grave mistake.


I so want to be your boyfriend.


Who would understand

my lonely humor.

haha, hope that this is not the 'future me'...a workaholic with no freedom, no love, no money.

Marker pen and pencil used. Another abstract art from me :)

Hmm, i've left my wallet at Macdonald twice before, and found it after i've left the place for 5 to 10 minutes long. The 3rd time aint so lucky for me, haha! I lost my wallet at the cinema after watching Summer wars...damn, forgot to do 'Equipment Check'! (the army always do this to ensure nothing is lost as we move from point to point.) it's one of the most useful practises that i've learnt from the army and i just failed to apply it before I've left the cinema :(
but luckily, my 11B and camp pass is not kept in that wallet. Phew!

i am not very productive recently, but it's okay, haha!

aniwae, here's a few more casual movie reviews...

Summer Wars:
It costs me 100 plus dollars (my wallet) for this show. yes, the movie is so entertaining, hahaha!

Hurt Locker:
Great movie about the army boys, specifically the bomb specialists in this case. The script is good, the acting is good, the action is good, the director did a great job.
Yea, this show OWNED Avatar in the Oscars. but if you let me choose who's gonna win for Best Picture, I would say its a draw! and if i really have to choose, i would say it's Avatar. (lazy to explain, but tats my choice.)

Silence of the Lambs:
Anthony Hopkins is freaking awesome in this show!!

Jap movie based on a popular manga. I kinda like the movie.

The visuals are pretty fantastic. I like the city, the costumes, and the show's 'colour scheme'. but there are just too many little flaws that pull you away from this world.

Yo, 7 more weeks to ORD! chiong ah!!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

let's see...or let's watch


it's time to blog something.

so i shall just do a recap of the movies i've watched recently!
some watched in cinema, some watched on psp, some watched online...
I'll oso provide some short and casual comments for the films...
not in orders to which i watched them...

No country for old men:
i enjoyed how the killer deal with things, and how he kill the people. style.

Apocalypse Now:
from the director of Godfather. worth watching, but not super fantastic as i expected it to be.

I love Ellen Page's role. I like the whole show very much.

Couples Retreat:
Funny and entertaining. its a show good for singles to watch too.

Pursuit of Happyness:
its not the hardest pursuit one can imagine of. but its really quite inspiring to watch. i watched the show partly becos i wana see Will Smith's son who is acting as his son in the show, nice.

best cameo ever. super entertaining for me. the final showdown abit poorly handled, in other words, dumb.

Bodyguards and Assassins:
nice storyline. leon lai made me laugh. Wang Xue Qi's acting damn good. One of my favourite actor of the older generation.

Mei Lan Fang:
Leon lai (acting as the old Mei Lan Fang) fails again. Wang Xue Qi rocks. and the guy acting as the young Mei Lan Fang is pretty perfect haha!

14 Blades:
Just watch for the actions.

Percy Jackson and the lightning thief:
freaking silly plot.

Schindler's List:
One of Steven Spielberg's great works. The ending is very touching. I like Liam Neeson.

yeah, Liam Neeson rocks.

Sweetney Todd:
'I'll steal you Joanna~' very nice song

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus:
so-so show. but its nice to see those movie stars coming together to finish this film.

The Wrestler:
Awesome show. the lead actor (the wrestler of cos) will be casted as the villain with some electronic wip in Iron Man 2.

I don't like the show.

Nice 2d film. i'm not sure abt the story telling, abit too simple? Nonetheless, it's a magical film. And after i've watched a documentary abt the making of, I began to appreciate the film much much more. Long live Hayao Miyazaki.

the second half of the show is extremely disappointing.

Storm warriors:
Error 404. (damn, i just can't stop slamming this show, lol)

the technology for the captured performance is outstanding. the visual is great. but i'm not a big fan of that world or the story though.

Bright Star:
Ben Wishaw is truly amazing. and of cos, the film is beautifully shot. i like this show!

I believe that are some shows that i've watched but just can't rmb...but anw, this shall be all. and there are still a lot of shows that i want to watch but haven't watch, haha!

i wish time can pass by a little slower sometimes, cos life is too good rite now!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Singapore Citizen

What is similar between Gong Li, Jet Li and Lee Hou Yeung? [3marks]

Model Answer: They are Singapore Citizens. [3marks]
Abstract Answer: They have 'Li' in their names. [1mark]
My Answer: They are Superstars. [-30marks]

Yes!!!! i've finally took my Oath to become a true Singapore Citizen at the age of 21 :)

serving 2 years of army and then go back HK for good sounds absurd. but i have no regrets. In fact, i want to serve the army. I love to torture myself. I want to throw myself into a shit hole and then experience all the negative shit that can happen when u've lost your freedom and to do something against your will...i intend to overcome the shit and then return to the 'civilian' world with a new insight abt life. cos i've never think tat i'm 'strong' enough for this world...and i believe that taking in more shit now will help me to make less 'fatal' mistakes in the future.

but of cos, i mus know how to convert shitty experience into golden wisdom (if u noe what i mean)

yea, 2 years of shit is really a freaking long period of time. especially when it occurs when you're most youthful and energetic. what a waste. I mus be crazy to be enjoying this..... no, i don't enjoy this at all. but i'm just believe that this is the correct path to take. i have a hunch that this experience is gold, haha!
i must be a sadist to be laughing abt this.

aniwae, I think i've finally come to a stage where i can hate nothing, and can love and appreciate everything. I love every single bit about life and the universe. it's a great feeling. and i have this feeling with me all the time now!

one can actually train/practise to acquire such an attitude towards life...

join the army now! :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 LOL!!!

okay, my 130th post for the new year. not bad~

2 things is gonna happen this year for me.

ORD (getting out of army) and getting my ass back to Hong Kong.

I've been anticipating this since last year haha!

unlike last year, i'm expecting A LOT from this year. and any year after this year...until 2012, lol!

it would be best if there's an overseas trip with my frens this year after i ORD.

okay, another big transition is going to happen. but i'm 30% ready only, haha!

lots of prep-work needed to be done.

Hou Yeung's 2010 living lifestyle?
keep talking!!! keep drawing!!! keep playing!!! keep reading!!! keep eating!!! keep watching movies!!! keep watching NBA!!! keep laughing!!! keep dreaming!!! keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding love~!!! keep breathing!!!!

kk, take care everyone!

super good mood today btw :)