Sunday, November 23, 2008

100th post! 一百!

1. What is this?
A Question and Answer session by me for me about me do re mi.
It’s my 100th post. Shall do a little sharing session with you guys, haha!

2. How mature are you?
Mature enough to handle emotions, truth and disappointments.

3. How childish can you be?
Haha…very childish?

4. Are you happy with yourself?
huh, yea...huh, no....huh, yea...

5. Do you believe in miracles?
Yes of cos. It’s everywhere.

6. Do you believe in destiny?
Epic yes! (means totally yes…haha.) but as it ‘controls’ my life, I make sure I make all the decisions that I can make for myself so that I won’t regret about it later.

7. What is love?
Love is a quest. Love is a curse. Love is the cure. I’m trying to understand it…haha!

8. What is success?
Bringing the best out of you.

9. Describe the life as a human.
It’s a falling star…Comes and go. Be sad that it’s short. Be happy that you’ve existed. Living is not a big deal…but I’ll try to make a big deal out of it. That’s how I handle life now.

10. What is life?
If I say light is a living thing, you may say that I don’t know science well. However, are you sure that science is absolutely right that light is not a living thing?

11. What is the most difficult part of life?
When u believe that that part of life is the most difficult, it will be the most difficult part.

12. Do you like to try your luck?
I don’t hav much luck when comes to gambling. But I’m a lucky person overall.
Oh yea…gotta answer e question….hmmm…I don’t like to try my luck : )

13. Good bad boy or Bad good boy?
Bad good boy. (I’m a bad good boy…haha!)

14. What changes you a lot?
When I began to accept failures. When I started to appreciate everything. When I started to give myself more confidence.

15. If the world is made up of 50% good and 50% bad, what are you going to do about it?
Learn to love all. Nothing is bad.

16. Are you willing to give up everything for the person u love?
If I’m to give up everything (family, friends, drawing etc) to be with her….my answer is No!
If I’m to give up my life to save her?...Yes! Provided I can really save her…lol

17. Are you a selfish person?
Yes. But I practice selflessness everyday. If u still think that I’m a selfish person…I’m terribly sorry about that.

18. Can you change a person?
I tell u what…here’s what I’ve observe. Monkey see monkey do. People follow people. U do something, u will influence him or her…a change in him or her will take place. (it’s a little change…but don’t belittle it.)

19. World War III…will it happen?
Highly possible, but it won’t be the last world war.

20. Are you a sensitive person?
Yea, I think so. It’s a blessing to be sensitive towards things.

21. What is style?
Style is you.

22. What is universe’s ultimate?
U noe e scissors, paper, stone game? Nothing is ultimate.

23. Do you believe in Immortality?
No. Life comes with death.

24. What is perfection?
Like immortality, perfection is absolute. I think they never exist. Perfection is something that human thought out from their creative minds…It is just a concept.

25. What are some must try in your life that you have not try yet?
-Dressed up like a girl and put on heavy make ups, then go for crazy photo shoot!
-Perform in a band as e lead singer!
-Skydiving! I’m still not ready for!
-Act in my own short film. (when I’m old)
-buy and sell stocks...lose some money.
-play charity basketball! Get limelight, enjoy yourself, and help people! Wow!

26. What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with you?

27. Have u ever attempted to write your own song?
Yeah. They all suck big time! But I love how they suck! W-A-H-A-H-A!

28. Do u want to adopt a pet?
When I’m old I guess? I would love to own a zoo though…

29. What’s the secret to commercial $uccess?
It’s a secret right? Shhh…

30. What is art?
Art is human’s soul in visual form.

31. When are you most frustrated?
-When I want to do something, then something ‘more important’/ higher priority comes in your way and stop whatever you are trying to do.
-When something not within your control screw you up!
-Wait and nothing happened.
-Search and nothing is found.

32. Favourite colour?

33. What do you have to say to this blog?
I adore this blog. I can relive my ‘moments’ anytime, haha! When I’m blogging, I would prefer to rest…when I’m resting, I want to blog. Life is full of contradictions and wonders, this blog is an excellent place for me to share what I feel about life! Wana do 100 Q&A for this 100th post, but yeah, 33 is good enough : )

Sunday, November 16, 2008

99th post!

wow! this is my 99th post!

I wrote this Chinese Love Poem! it's a very fun process...i got to practice my han yu pin yin! haha! ...hmm, writing a love poem isn't easy. this one took me 2 hours? sadly, i feel that the 'flow' isn't there yet....

never wrote a love poem's my first try!

不知从何时起, 我已深深爱上你。


只想真心说出一切, 把迷雾扇开。

让我打开幸福之门, 带你走进爱的世界。
变成魔法师, 让你走在彩虹上, 和云共舞。
变成小丑, 来让你笑开怀。
变成金丝雀, 唱你最爱的歌。

XXX, 我爱你。

oh i'm so romantic...haha!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ariel's birthday

i finally have some photos (with me inside) to post. my social life has been cut down to one and a half day every week. that explains why i dun hav much photos to share nowadays...(emo)

ANYWAY...lets take a look at....

Ariel's 21st birthday party!!!!!!! at Holland Village ther...


pls sign!

okay, sign lo!


mi and Ariel, the birthday gal!

Mi and MissPiggy, Joey. i'm wearing her tee-shirt....LOL!

cute little gal!

they look like sisters rite?

eat all you want.

abit dim..but the mood is HIGH! okay, i'm not gd with words.

i look drunk...haha. (we're drinking tea btw)

i took this one. not bad...haha!

the CAKE! the little gal is on stand-by mode already!!!

grp photo! blur blur...but magical!

Ariel is the Queen of the day!

I'll spend my 21st birthday in the camp. they will drive all their Leopard tanks and do a parade show for me and fire 21 shots into the air! How COOL is that? wahahahaaa!

super good news!
my mum is returning on 19th Dec till 1st Jan! 2 weeks! i mus do a parade to welcome her back...LOL! miss her very much! i wana cry like a baby now....hahahaha!

yeap, i hav a feeling that this year will end great!

mum told me HK is getting cooler nowadays....changing season.
well, Singapore is Hot and Wet!