Tuesday, August 30, 2011


lol, i've took the time to edit my prev post, but in vain.

why edit? i've rushed to finish it and then blog it just before i head to shenzhen. once i came back to hk and review my writings, i can see tons of careless typo and grammar errors.

the blog post was related to 'nothingness'.

being particularly interested in the topic that i've chosen to discuss, i wrote some pretty long stuff about it. and just now, i've managed to 'polish' it to help me deliver my ideas across better. however, when i clicked the 'pusblish post' button, it brings me to an error page. my updated blog post has vapourised to nothingess.



not going to edit it again. will not keep the prev error-ful post either.
and this shall be my post for August.




alright, goodnight.