Sunday, October 26, 2008


good and bad news...

bad news first...haha!

i currently experiencing acne outbreak! i call it acne-ggedon! it's like armageddon casted on my face! no clue why it happened...but it happened! and i'm still battling it! yesterday, i even consulted a dermatologist to help me with my prob. i should have seen him earlier...cos i tot it would jus come and go....but it jus come and come...what e fuck is this...LOL! well, the good news from the bad news is that i will recover...but it takes time. bring it on, acneggedon!

next next wk is judgement day...where i'll see the doctor to check my condition.

i actually want to post a picture of myself...but i'm afraid that i will shock the world as well as my mum, who actually visits my blog once in awhile!!!! (i shouldn't have let her know my blog address..) aniwae, she will return to singapore at ard late november...and she'll see me LIVE...wahahaha! boohoo!!

btw, my acne prob worsens becos i exercise and perspires alot under the hot sun during camp training...then..KAPOOM! acne outbreak....damn. now mus apply sunblock in camp...feels like some pussies/weaklings...well, i'm a patient now...wat can i say.

good news:

1) i am getting to like reading books! it improves my language..btw, i read both english and chinese story books for now. reading spurs me to come up with new ideas for my OWN story... :D

2) i'm now faithfully jotting down rough ideas/ drafts for my own story. i'm inspired to do this one since poly...but jus lack of something to move on. Till recently as i was doing my sentry guard duty..i was so bored that i forced myself to think abt story ideas...and tata! i got to pick up where i left in my story...and continue it! (rather, i rewrote the whole story plot again.)...bad news from the good news is that currently i found some loopholes and problems in my story...which means i'm pretty much stuck again. but no worries, i aimed to finish it by better be...hahaha!

3) i love my bunk mates. we adopted 2 hobbies rite now...reading and playing chess! feels like a library sometimes...whahaaha! we will pass on the books once we read finish relaying..haha! one of them passed me 250GB of anime! holyshit! and some of them actually listen to my stories! they give a damn abt my crazy ideas....woohoo! and we love to joke around...TOGETHER! and we get our job done NICELY...TOGETHER! the team spirit and performance is number 1 lah....will go drink with them once in while...haha!

4) NBA season is back soon! i won't be able to follow this season so closely this time....(serving the i'll still support and watch NBA recaps whenever i hav e time. BOSTON for the win!

5) i can't really think of another good news. but yeah...i'm still a happy guy. that's good news....haha!

i hope time can pass by slower somehow...i wanna get more things done. haiz....

eh, nothing more to share...

shall go back to my PSP and complete e Jeanne D' Arc game...then watch some gundam shows!~

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Listen closely...

Reality contains dreams, fantasy and illusions.

This is a statement by me. I would refer this as right within wrong, real within unreal...anything can happen if u believe in yourself. U determine the reality that u want to live in.

My reality is full of dreams, fantasy and illusions. As crazy as it may sound, i achieve harmony in life. I have not screw things up yet.

I've been living in this world for almost 20 years. and if i'm going to live till 80 years means that 1/4 of my life has passed away! the next 1/4 of my life is going to be a great challenge for me- stepping into the society, becoming a father, an artist, fighting for my dreams and goals.

My dream is always with me. It's not born in me though. I grew the dream in me. And my dream makes me who I am now. I'm already living my dream be able to draw and create. Its a very simple thing. As long as I still hav the freedom and ability to do these things, i would say my life is great already.

but there're still goals and tasks for me to fight for. To attain happiness and greater happiness in my life. Happiness- A wonderful family, stable job, good income, friends, games and sports. Greater Happiness- to put a smile on someone's face. To inspire others. To improve others. To teach and share. To make people around me happy. and that would make me really happy and fulfilled with my life.

sounds like i should be a teacher perhaps. hahaha! i shall 'teach and share' through my art works.

the general direction is set by me. I'm not lost in this big big world. cos i follow my heart. I listen to myself...what i really want. Its not really about achieving or accomplishing something, i find that its more important that you don't lose your precious time to entertain the society and gave up on what you like, your voice, your soul.

u decide the world u want to live in. seriously.

it takes a lot of brain power. and brain power is what we have. LOL!

next, lets go into some details.

I decided to stay in Singapore and self-study art, design and everything else for at least 2 years after I finish National Service. b4 i head to HK and work, I needa develop my own portforlio as an author and illustrator.... I need engage in some projects to gain some work experience in here first. My parents agreed with my plan, yay!

I've been thinking if i should go to HK and further find possible working partners. but its really a time consuming, big fuss and waste compared to staying in Singapore and self upgrade first...then go to HK to work and find working partners. I'm totally driven, i won't slack and fool ard in Singapore...whahaha!!!

finally, this is a post about my dream and plans. Happiness and greater Happiness. Art and soul.
not about army! cos its really hard for me to tok abt other stuff when i'm serving NS.

follow ya heart and be happy guys! :))))))))

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Il Mio Cuore Va

wazzup guysss?

somehow i missed some meet ups with my poly frens...dunno how u guys look like now??? damn curious....damn...damn...damn...

i managed to meet my old gang on Children's Day (1st Oct) and ate Dim Sum at chinatown...delicious food indeed. BUT...we waited for the legendary chicken feet until we cannot wait we left the place...WITHOUT eating any chicken feet! wat the feet?! damn angry abt that... feet sia....

i jus finished my guard duty yesterday! it was my first guard duty so far...we fall in at 4am...started guarding the sentry with my bunk mate, jian bin at 5.30am...and we finished our duty at 12.30am. @#(#$(*$(@&&@^@#_!!!!! 19 freaking hours straight!!!! my oh my! the duty is lame...the sentry is shitty...luckily, jian bin is a nice guy and we gotta tok abt lots of stuff....time passes faster when i'm talking...LOL!

alright, i needa correct something i've mentioned on the last post. i'm allocated to 48 SAR, leopard tankee. i'm in the second batch...2nd company. which means, the first batch/1st company are the pioneer batch to drive the tanks. and the tanks ain't brand! they are second hand from the Germans.

aniwae, the tanks are Leopard 2A4. the Germans are now using...not 2A4, not 2A5...but 2A6. tat's 2 versions newer...haha! still, leopard 2A4 is really handsome, charming and powerful! btw, they hav yet to install air-con in the its freaking stuff and hot inside. (speechless...)

okay, some fun facts...there's 2 fellow DMD students in my company! there are Jimmy from animation, and Nicholas from IM. cool! Nicole is in my bunk too...yea, i call him nicole sometimes.
and in my bunk of 16 ppl, there're 4 falcons (including me!)...very lucky! lastly, i'm still a platoon 3 section 2 guy...jus tat i'm now...the first guy in platoon 3 sec 2, instead of 7th.

yeah, i can continue saying i love platoon 3 till i ORD(the day i finish National Service) i guess!

oh ya, my OC is a female captain! she's very kind to us. the other commanders are very nice too. and my 2nd company ppl( total 53 of us, 3 platoons, 9 sections) are pretty nice too...have not get to know all of them yet...

and yeah, i shall ORD on the 10th May 2010! count down for me...LOL!

Il Mio Cuore Va :)
(My heart will go on)