Saturday, September 26, 2009

December 21 2012

I want to blog abt this since last year haha!

yeah, they call Dec 21 2012 as Doomsday and there's a reason why...

hmm, i guess everyone probably knows what i'm talking abt. the maya calender's prediction on the end of the world, pole shift, mass destruction bla bla bla. (and a movie abt this day is oso coming up. may watch it for the visual effects only) anyway, i would like u all to go through this vid before i start to tok abt what i think abt the prediction ...and rmb to read the comments oso...kinda interesting :)

okay, i find that this is by far the most intriguing prophecy abt the end of the world that i've come across. probably becos the maya calendar is very accurate in its predictions...AND...the ancient chinese's I-Ching (pronounced as Eee-Jin) is another work from 'God' that i find its readings would be very reliable for i believe that the chinese and the mayans have discovered the secrets of everything in their own way!!!

i say that their works are works from 'God' becos i find it impossible to find out what-i-would-say a 'strict pattern' in the Way of Life. but yea, the chinese and the mayans did it. F#%@ing amazing!!!!!

(i noe there are probably others who have oso discover the order of the world...but i shall jus tok on these two for now.)

now let's check out the maya calendar and the I-Ching.

yes, this is the calendar. speaking of the perfect combination of art and science.

A-R-Mazzzzing!! everything abt life is in here...oh my...

this is an extended application of I-Ching on the Tao diagram.
again, the secrets of life are perhaps decoded here...
reminds me of Wheel of Fortune!
Big Money! Big Money! LOL!

If the periodic table governs the elements of this world.
Then I-Ching governs the elements of life and death.

thats my informal intro abt Doomsday, focusing on the knowledge of the past/ancient.
actually, i'm more interested to know more abt these ancient works than knowing if Doomsday will kill us all or not. simply becos i don't think human will be extinct on that day. as long as some can continue to live on, i'm more than happy. and perhaps that day will be just like any other day rite?

Ever since i started to put all my heart and soul into Art... I began to discover that there is somewhat a pattern to many things that run this world. There is an ORDER to things. if we OBSERVE, SIMPLIFY them , CLASSIFY them and STUDY them...we will be able to find patterns, cycles and orders in them. we will be able to know what is going to happen next...for we already know how the pattern is going...and there, we are able to predict the future!

what i've discovered is nothing...compared to the work of I-Ching, a simple product that provides easy access to the greatest secrets of Life. by classifying and re-organising all the signs of Life into symbols. made into a table that would contain all the possibilities of life. it was built upon the very basic of life...the Ying and the Yang. I hav no say whether the table is perfect or not, but i find that it is perfect. at least, from the mathematical point of view.

i'll (briefly) study I-Ching one day. haha!

okay, sounds like i really believe that Doomsday will happen on December 21 2012...
hmmm, actually i don't know. i don't really give a damn. and i can't do much about it.
i couldn't be changing all my plans and just go enjoy my life by doing nothing but play rite?...then what if 'nothing' happens on that day?

Xelex( founder of Xelexology) 's verdict abt Doomsday is....

Still believe that Doomsday will fall on December 21 2012. And that I will most probably die on that day.
I will continue with what i'm doing as per normal but with a sense of urgency that i will die very soon. Therefore, i must live life to the fullest by trying to achieve my primary goals of my life before that day comes. so that if i really die on that day, i would have no regrets :)

time is running out.

time is indeed my greatest enemy.

Lastly, i would like to blog down this dream I had last year.
I was at my house and all of a sudden, everything is like heading towards the 'wrong' direction...i hav a very bad feeling abt what's going to happen. Dark clouds spread across the sky in a very short time...(just imagine the movie, The day after tomorrow)....and when i dashed to the balcony to check out what the hell is going on, i realised that the city is flooded by the sea already. there is no sign of hope at that time. i'm dumbfounded...i stood there helplessly... watching the sea level raising higher and higher...
BUT! beocs i live at the 33rd floor and it is high enough for me to escape this disaster! the sea couldn't devour my hse, haha! i'm safe. when i'm at home, i will be safe from this disaster. thats the msg i got from the dream. so i'm going to invite all my frens to my hse and have a crazy party on Dec 20 2012!! rmb to bring lots of food and swim wears just in case! we'll be the kings and the queens of the new world! alrite!!!!!!

haha, i'm so not taking this seriously.

whatever comes after Dec 21 2012 is a bonus.

Be prepared.

further readings...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Keep Breathing...

some old pics. went to some toy convention thingy at art museum. as expected, the toys (on sales) didn't wow me on that day. however, something unexpected there, jus wowed me! those freaking cool toy guns (for trying)! i got to play in one of the mini-death match game. and as expected, i got zero kill and one death at the end of the game.

yeap, met zishen there. and gotta thank him for introducing this hobby to me.

G.I.JOE the rise of the revenge of the fall.

all sorts of weapons, COOL!

Terminator 4 : Resistance Fail

nice cosplay

ghost buster gal and the legendary mask riders. Epic win!

finally, here r my latest doodles.

my "just-draw" feeling is back.
hence, a random piece of art is born.
the rabbit theme was discovered later after putting in some random objects/subjects.
just draw lah!

don't pissed of that peeing guy there, pete.
hmm, i used ink brush for this one. and later used a 0.05 fine marker to refine some edges.
will continue to explore this medium :)

i've been spending more time reading recently. little time for drawing. its fine, cos i noe i'm slowly progressing to the direction i want to go. and this (great feeling) helps me to overcome ALL SORTS OF BAD THINGS that happened in my camp. i'm super overworked, super shag, super pissed off, super sian....and time passed really really slowly for me. the next thing i noe is that my weekends are burnt like free. likely can claim day-off.

my knee is not healing. i fucking hate this injury. its one of the main reason for my unhappiness in camp. (bite lips)




breath in, breath out...

kk, let's enjoy this wonderful piece of song.
Keep Breathing.

all that i know is keep breathing...

hang in there :)