Monday, April 30, 2007

Labour Day

okay cool....labour day...a day where hardworking people can hav a rest.....

however, tis doesn't apply to me, the ultra hardworking guy of the century, and of cos i guess all the japanese animators in Japan are currently still working like there's no tomorrow.....we love our labour day should even work harder in order celebrate our great labour....wth am i talking abt....

btw, now i hav lixiong, shihan, clara, yee long, zi qun and kai yun working on fypj with me....we booOOOoooked the entire Nanyang Polytechnic okay?! we can start playing hide and seek liao....wahahahahahha.....

alrite, got to work liao....i chose this blogskin because i was not given much time to find 'the one' i like....and the options r all pretty pretty sissy girly curly....haix....nvm, so i shall be sexy cheesy cocky starry for the moment.... >_<....
i just changed my blog skin. tingting helped me. the pro in the pro-ness world. li hai ba. muahaha. jeananne behind ask him go die. leeyeung doing roberto like he wears pampers. i never hack into his account. his password behind is "bsst" infront he type too fast cannot aim.

byebye!!!!! he loves ussssss

Friday, April 27, 2007


Original games in,
ordinary people come to play.
The extraordinary gameplay
doesn't need us to pay,
so jus play play play...

weee-u-weee....! i can write poem...hahahahahahaha

the games inside are simple and clean, easy to understand, cheerful, effective, entertaining and very time

my final year project friends are crazy over the games inside, especially the 'mouse jumping on the bells and up and up it goes' game.....trying to earn billions of pointless points....well, i totally suck at that game....can never jump for more than 30 bells....the mouse's fault....LOL

i pretty like the 'bugs' game...hasn't really play all the games though...but ya....that games is pretty nicely designed, the game requires certain degree of thinking....great gameplay....really cool...i like this game, partly because i dun screw up as bad as the 'mouse bell' game...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

tagboard ready

lucky day for me.....

i've got great help from yawen and kaiteng, Interactive media superstar?...cough...cough...far from it...but.....hmm.....getting there.....but hmm...still quite far.....

okay...yawen started blogging around the same time as me, however....her site is so complete and nice....she knows her html stuff well i current blogskin is so freaking boring....
gotta find some time to do something abt it....haizzz

oso mus give credit to clara....she helped me get rid of some extra 5 tagboards tt appeared on my blog....yaya and teng teng didn't do a clean job after all......still, i'm e ultimate loser in 'technology'.....(like i feel damn proud like

thanx all..... : )
(btw, liying has itchy hands....she used my pencil and draw on my white keyboard!!! aiyo...)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

level up...

hip hip! hooooOOooooray!

i finally bought my harddisk this saturday. $102 for 80GB. Samsung. at Sim Lim Square.

special thanx to Tan li xiong, the bear of the bear of the bear! without him, i would probably got cheated by those smart ass salesman.....haven touch it yet, dun dare to do anything till i go afraid of high tech stuff....too
and i bought a $10 cheapo ear piece....damn happy somehow..... ; )

the following pic is my dear kingston thumbdrive facing my deadly 'hand-drawn' monster!
rest in pieces.....though u're already broken....i still feel alot for this holy piece of thumbdrive, cos it still works till now, though i've 'beheaded' it for more than 5 times.....good brand good product bad owner....

kk, shall keep it with me lah...the monster wun eat it up lah....i'll eat it up lah...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


pink is e hottest colour i must admit....shiatz...

Monday, April 16, 2007

great song!

"Never Gonna Leave Your Side"
Daniel Bedingfield
I feel like a song without the words
A man without a soul
A bird without its wings
A heart without a home
I feel like a knight without a sword
The sky without the sun
cos you are the one
I feel like a ship beneath the waves
A child who's lost its way
A door without a key
A face without a name
I feel like a breath without the air
And every day's the same
since you've gone away
I gotta have a reason to wake up in the morning
You used to be the one that put a smile on my face
There are no words that could describe how I miss you
and I miss you everyday
yeah and I'm never gonna leave your side
and I'm never gonna leave your side again
still holding on girl I won't let you go
cos when I'm lying in your arms
I know I'm home
They tell me that a man can lose his mind
Living in the pain
Recalling times gone by
And crying in the rain
You know I've wasted half the time
And I'm on my knees again'till you come to me
yeah I gotta have a reason to wake up in the morning
You used to be the one that put a smile on my face
There are no words that could describe how I miss you
and I miss you everyday yeah
and I'm never gonna leave your side
and I'm never gonna leave your side again
still holding on girlI won't let you go
I lay my head against your heart
I know I'm home
I know I'm home
I know I'm home
and I'm never gonna leave your side
and I'm never gonna leave your side again
still holding on girl I won't let you go
cos when I'm lying in your arms
I know I'm home
Daniel Bedingfield's best song i would say....the lyrics really fit the music the melody, love the pace, perfect singing.....jus great! will loop the songs a million times if i can....hahaha
go U-tube and search for his mtv!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

ATM card

hahaha.....todae i've went to the bank and got my first ever ATM card.....19 years old already....this shows that i seldom withdraw my money from e bank.....cos i kinda love to see my account book's money

well, i never had a playstation, xbox, gameboy, mp3 player, cd player, ipod, pocket pc and hard disk life still goes on pretty well without all this high tech stuff...hahahaa

high tech stuff i own currently: desktop, handphone, broken kingston thumbdrive, broken ear piece and a 'waccow' tablet......pretty damn sad isn't?

but ya, gotta buy a hard disk and a proper ear piece asap.....or i might as well go to the jungle and live liao.....

time to spent lah, stingy bastard! ( a voice within me was heard...)

Thursday, April 12, 2007


we all know mother earth is facing BIG problems....WE are causing most of these problems...
do we have a clue how this will end?
what is our solution to the problems?
have you started playing a part to save the world?
(this is the time where we can all be heroes...but strangely and ironically......)
Can u sense that the world is 'crying'?

we r making our history....we are reaching the 'finishing line' soon ...

Well, just be prepared for a miserable ending for human civilisation.....there's no way of turning back i guess.....

we r too selfish and greedy...

Monday, April 9, 2007

3rd post!!!

this is great! my 3rd post....get to see my favourite number 3 again....

Currently in wk6/wk12 of my Final Year Project(FYPJ)...half way through and so much has to be done....i regret playing dota sometimes...wasted my time getting owned upside down by the frequency of getting pwned for first blood is 88%....tats really

well....i shall do something special whenever my post hit the the next 3 coming up will be my 13th post.....(hopes tis keep me going on....hahaha) here's scotts caple and me! he's e Art Director for Pixar's "The Incredibles"....fantastic storyboard artist man~......Respect!!! >_<

note: during 2006, he was invited to come to Nanyang Polytechnic to impart his valuable insights in art and animation to us....incredible lah...

Friday, April 6, 2007


okay...i wana bitch a little bit today.....SHIT ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i realise i really suck when comes to softwares, computer, calculator and even handphones. I seldom email ppl, dun understand almost all components in my com....i bought my com, because my fren bought tat com first, and say its good and trust him, so i bought it without knowing a single 'shit' about the i afraid of technology?....i guess hang, thumbdrive broken, kenna virus, cannot read file.....all these happen when i touch those 'high-tech' mother nature hinting me that i should go back to the grassland and eat grass...and be a good lamb?

i really wan to master digital animation, photoshop, corel painter and some editing softwares....currently i still noob in all this, though i'm in Digital Media Design course. I am really not sensitive to all those hot keys, working pipeline and stuff....tends to forget them so easily....

'technology is jus a tool'.........yeah rite, jus a tool.....jus a tool thats enough to take away my precious life.....whatever...

alrite, i feel much better now.....

am i blogging?

kkk....still very new to blogging.....though its been around for quite some time....

i actually hav a lot to say abt blogging....mainly negative ones haha....cos i feel that its a waste of time, skin deep, 'empty'....ya....shall stop here.....

but why would i start tis blog?

well, i realise tt i can post my artworks and share my experience in life to all my fans around the world and some in other planets.....(real fact: i dun hav to ability to create my own art

my blog address is leehouyeung.....too boring rite?
not actually....its the only way to advertise my name efficiently....

so, XeleX (my nick) is a blogger now! : )