Saturday, January 30, 2010

Singapore Citizen

What is similar between Gong Li, Jet Li and Lee Hou Yeung? [3marks]

Model Answer: They are Singapore Citizens. [3marks]
Abstract Answer: They have 'Li' in their names. [1mark]
My Answer: They are Superstars. [-30marks]

Yes!!!! i've finally took my Oath to become a true Singapore Citizen at the age of 21 :)

serving 2 years of army and then go back HK for good sounds absurd. but i have no regrets. In fact, i want to serve the army. I love to torture myself. I want to throw myself into a shit hole and then experience all the negative shit that can happen when u've lost your freedom and to do something against your will...i intend to overcome the shit and then return to the 'civilian' world with a new insight abt life. cos i've never think tat i'm 'strong' enough for this world...and i believe that taking in more shit now will help me to make less 'fatal' mistakes in the future.

but of cos, i mus know how to convert shitty experience into golden wisdom (if u noe what i mean)

yea, 2 years of shit is really a freaking long period of time. especially when it occurs when you're most youthful and energetic. what a waste. I mus be crazy to be enjoying this..... no, i don't enjoy this at all. but i'm just believe that this is the correct path to take. i have a hunch that this experience is gold, haha!
i must be a sadist to be laughing abt this.

aniwae, I think i've finally come to a stage where i can hate nothing, and can love and appreciate everything. I love every single bit about life and the universe. it's a great feeling. and i have this feeling with me all the time now!

one can actually train/practise to acquire such an attitude towards life...

join the army now! :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

2010 LOL!!!

okay, my 130th post for the new year. not bad~

2 things is gonna happen this year for me.

ORD (getting out of army) and getting my ass back to Hong Kong.

I've been anticipating this since last year haha!

unlike last year, i'm expecting A LOT from this year. and any year after this year...until 2012, lol!

it would be best if there's an overseas trip with my frens this year after i ORD.

okay, another big transition is going to happen. but i'm 30% ready only, haha!

lots of prep-work needed to be done.

Hou Yeung's 2010 living lifestyle?
keep talking!!! keep drawing!!! keep playing!!! keep reading!!! keep eating!!! keep watching movies!!! keep watching NBA!!! keep laughing!!! keep dreaming!!! keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding love~!!! keep breathing!!!!

kk, take care everyone!

super good mood today btw :)