Sunday, September 4, 2011

For Earthlings

On September, I got to watch a documentary called “Earthlings”. I happened to click on “Earthlings” simply because I am interested in this term, which groups up all living things on earth with no discrimination or what so ever. My first thought was that I will get to see the beauties and similarities that all living things share, but it surprised me when this documentary is going another direction to make us understand the term Earthling. It will discuss on how mankind (the dominant specie of the planet) has been mistreating other animals, disregarding their own rights to live a free life.

I have always wanted to know exactly how our human world functions. And this particular “Earthlings” documentary can answer some of my concern.

Alright, I recommend everyone to watch the documentary “Earthlings” when you are free and watch it at one go. And after watching the documentary, please also watch Gary Yourofsky’s powerful speech that tackles the same issue. (If you cannot stand all those animal abuse videos present in the documentary, then you can choose to just listen to Gary Yourofsky’s speech. He will get you well-informed as well.)

After watching both videos, immediately I am sure that I will never support the Pets, Clothing, Research and Entertainment Industries that allow animal abuse to happen. As for Food industries, I will find my way to become a vegetarian or even vegan in the future. This change in my eating habits will be pretty challenging, but I will try my best to make it work. Hong Kong is really a meat-eating society…why do I say so? It’s extremely difficult to have a meal similar to “Mixed-vegetables rice” or 杂菜饭 that can be easily found in Singapore. At least 95% of the food sold in food stores in Hong Kong must include meat as the “main dish”. Therefore, it is really quite inconvenient for me to convert into a vegetarian. Anyway, the conversion is taking place for me already and I have reduced by at least 40% of my usual meat consumption during this month. Thanks to the food center near my school area that sells vegetarian food (with ‘fake’ meat and fillet), which I have been eating for lunch during my school days recently.

For now, my practice is not to eat meat whenever I can. Until I have found out where I can buy vegetarian products etc, I will slowly proceed to eat meat only once or twice a week. Hopefully, I can find my way to fully refrain myself from eating meat in the future. Well, I’m doing this for the sake of the animals which I strongly believe they do not deserve this kind of treatment. We have no reason for this to continue once we know about this and when we declare that we love animals.

And guess what, by doing this (not supporting Pets, Clothing, Entertainment, Research and Food Industries that abuse animals)…we are also saving the environment and our own health.

It’s time for some more reflections as to what we should really care about and do about in our lifetime.

There are many other documentaries available online (on youtube) that inform the truth or rather uncover the ugly side of us.

In the age of the Internet, there is (almost) no one stopping us to find out the truth and take actions but ourselves and our faulty belief system.

Lastly, I wish to express my thanks to the people who have made the documentary and
Gary Yourofsky for his wonderful speech.

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