Saturday, November 24, 2007

good week

man, i jus had a great week.....happy happy happy! i didn't get motion sickness when playing Day of Defeat this time. (i got motion sickness the previous 2 wk...maybe becos i had motion graphics lesson b4 playing..tats why...hahaha) speaking of motion graphics, Zi Qun and i r almost finishing with our first motion graphic piece of art! yes, i'm really glad that our Nike Burn Ad looks almost 95% similar to how we visualized it at e beginning. which means we are PRO!

saturday...i went for haircut during afternoon....and as i was in the train(heading to tiong bahru), i took out my handphone and played Beach Rally...a car racing game... to my surprise, i actually broke the record that my fren had set one year ago!!!!!!! that is unbelievable shit! i hav attempted many times b4, and when this time i anyhow play...i broke the damn record. tat made my week great! i'm easily satisfied tats why....hahaha!

then at evening, my fren called me to play bball....shit, my hands immediately become 'itchy' heart tensed up..i'm so ready to play! and so i followed my heart and went to play bball in chinatown. the fifth floor, where we called 'wu lou' a place full of wonderful memories...and this time round, i got to see my 'almost lost contact' bball frens....they are now studying in NTU. i remember i've been playing bball with them since i'm sec4....time flies. i played pretty well todae, made quite a lot of shots...missed plenty...hahhaa....won some rounds, lost some rounds.....the feeling is jus wonderful. and ya, weather is fine too :) btw,I HATE raining during weekends' afternoon to evening period....u noe why.

shit, getting wordy liao....

lemme post some crap then...

Introducing LHYmug! Love Hou Yeung Mug! yes...that guy is ME!!!! the lipstick mark is YOURS! your lips will touch my lips when u drink ya coffee. kissing while drinking. i've made the impossible genius! start ordering now! while stock last....but no stock currently.

recently i fell in love with Maroon 5's It won't be soon before long album. all the songs r nice. seriouslee. the lead singer is really talented....he will be loved....hahahahaa!

ther's a beatbox competition in singapore recently. u guys noe what beatbox is rite? but do u noe HOW GOOD is a good beatbox performance? well well well, let me be mr good and show u a super beatboxer! after watching him perform...i guess u will hav roughly noe how to judge the standard of other beatboxer. man, this Joseph guy has so many layers of sound going at the same time! pitch perfect, rythum perfect, entertainment perfect!

kk...goodnite, lee hou yeung. people will buy your mug...dun worry.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

my name

my name.

why i want to change my name? (from lee yeung to lee hou yeung)...the reason is that i want to have an unique identity. lee yeung or li yang is jus too r SOME examples:
these famous people have the same "pin ying" as my chinese name, li yang. though none of them have that 'yang' character that i have...(my yang means they sound exactly the same like mine...
and this is guy has the exact same english name as mine, from Hong Kong oso...he might have the same chinese name as mine too!!! he might look like me too!!!!! okay, his website's showcase part damn awesome...go check it out!

and now, when u search 'lee hou yeung' using google or yahoo....u WILL get to see my blog...GOSH! tat feels damn awesome...i noe i'm silly...but i highly value my own name...

as for my nick 'Xelex', i guess i'll jus leave it as it is....though there r lots of xelex ard this BIG BIG WORLD....well, cos this name is perfect for me...and i'm named myself i shall HUG this name all the way till i hit the graveyard! LOL!

i always say that i suck when comes to high tech stuff...well, check out these sites! coincidentally, they have the same colour scheme and that colour is my favourite colour!!!!!! i'm feeling both happy and sad rite now...why!!!!!! why can't i OWN the name Xelex myself.....*cries*

one day, you will hear my name from a stranger.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Boston Celtics

BOSTON CELTICS!!!!! my favourite basketball team rite now!

NBA for idiots (guide): National Basketball Association is NBA. the most well known, respected and popular basketball league in the world. where legends like michael AIR jordan are born! yes, jus remember they are people who can HANDLE and SHOOT balls better than most people on earth...LOL! They play BALLS for a living...earning BIG money and worshipped by many!

i guess i shall not go deep into NBA's history, but let me talk about the players.....of Boston Celtics, 2007. A team with the invincible BIG THREE!!!!!!

THE BIG THREE: (left to right) Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce.

Kevin Garnett. MY HERO!!! i used to use him as a reference for my character design-Mantisman! aniwaes, he is 213cm tall....he plays tremendously well at both ends of the floor...(e NBA way of saying he attacks and defends well...stupid!..hahahaha) kk, he oso has great leadership...but after serving Minnesota Timberwolves for 11 years....and not winning the championship (no luck i guess)...he decided to CHANGE!!! gosh, he's now a celtics.....joining Paul Pierce...another bright star that doesn't have enough support to win..

this is RAY ALLEN. sharp shooter. probably the best 3 point shooters in the league now. once in Supersonic and, he joined the Celtics too....thus forming the formidable BIG THREE.

so what does the captain of celtics, Paul Pierce, do? he jus need to do the warm up, smile for the camera and then play abit to entertain the crowd......
sorry this is not true....all three mus play real hard in order to win! the other teams rock too!

now they are 5-0, totally unbeatable...i guess its becos they are really unselfish players who share the ball really well....ARGHHHHHHh!!!! i love this team! it the kind of team that i can only realise in my favourite players r playing together for real!

shiatz, i should be doing 3d animation rite now....itching hands.....hahahaha

btw, michael jordan had his own BIG THREE when he won 6 championships....they were scottie pippen, dennis rodman and himself...totally awesome too. he can't win without them.

do u noe the joy of winning and the pain of losing as a team? basketball provides me the answer.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

3d animation

i went to sch todae(tuesday)....hoping to block out some key poses for my character animation 2's assignment 1....why can't i do it at home? good question, u need to have maya 8.5 in order to read that file to animate...and well, i'm still at maya 7.0...and the latest version for maya is maya 2008....holyshit! i can't keep up! its too fast........too fast for ME! the "high technology-phobia" boy!!!

the 3d industry is definately not my playground man....though i LOVE to use the 3d cameras...theres almost zero limitation. damn nice for a undecisive storyboarder like me....hahaha...well, i'm here to record down one thing awful conclusion...i can't be an animator...i don't suit this job, this job doesn't suit me...watever....i am discouraging myself to contine working on most 3d stuff (animation, modelling, texturing, lighting etc)...the softwares/platforms are ever changing....a small change in the interface can be a BIG piece of SHIT to me....tats how sucky i am when come to handling softwares...

2 months plus didn't use maya....(if i'm not wrong, it is a 3d, i kept on tabbing e spacebar to move the 3d space...OOooOooOOoops, the spacebar is for photoshop..alt is for maya....ARGH!!!!!! super frustrating....

besides my incompatencey, my assignment's model's rig is *^*^&*%*%^&* + 1 million middle fingers....i jus hate it.....although i can't do a simple rig myself...but tt rig seriously can i put in effort when the rig (the soul) of the model is sucky?.....super demoralised....i suck and the 3d model's rig sucks....nothing worse than this man....can i still be an animator? rite now...a big NO! is the answer...hopefully i will change my view on this....

ya, so todae i totally failed to animate anything...wasted one damn day...hahaha, joshua was with me n we totally got fed up by the stupid rig! end up drawing on sketchbook i came back home feeling damn tired somehow....low morale to the max......

tomorrow will be a better dae :)

3D has 3 'D's .....xelex's definition:


(rated R33 for strong violence, vulgar language and brain damage)