Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hello March!

time is kinda 'flying' for me, great! i recently POPed from my basic tankee course! everything is going pretty well. hahaha, army has brought me to a whole new world....i'm feeling happy, sad, emo, creative, empty, full, restless and full of energy...tat's my life. full of bull and shit, ups and downs, simple and complex, stretched and pounded....wonderful and wicked. awesome awesome awesome...

alrite, lemme tok normally...(haha!)

i'm very proud to be a tankee!

some last shots of me b4 i turn 21!

my half naked body is now online!!!! epic!

not a simple shot k...haha!


okay, i'm turning 21 this coming tuesday! 3 March 2009!
I believe i'll be a good adult! WAHAHAHA!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


hey Feb!

i've served the army for 6 months plus already!

66 more weeks to go!

i can do this, haha!

2009 is pretty good so far :)

my wish for 2009 is....

let me zoom past 2009 asap! in a happy happy way!


yea, tats a wish...


(this is a really short post, haha!)