Sunday, June 19, 2011


hey Time...please pass by slowly when i'm having my holidays. I seriously can't cope with your speed. and once again, i have planned to i didn't plan my holiday properly, not mentioning executing them. i'm just going with the flow for now...trying to relax...try to allow things to happen naturally...but whenever i look back, as much as i have feel/know that i have gain something valuable along this journey...i would still think that i have not make good use of my time.

hmm, maybe i really need to learn how to (truly) relax, haha.

anyway, it's not a big deal. The big deal for this holiday is that i'm going to Singapore on 24th June! YAYYYYY!!! and my wish for this trip is..........................for Time to pass away slowly. Let me enjoy my time to the fullest. every second should feel like an eternity. ok, that's!

oh btw, here's a video that i've watched today. super touching. this video has once again proved that we have great command over the life that we want to lead. in this case, a (hopeless) gangster can turn over a new leaf and become such a hopeful and respectable a life filled with true love, joy and peace. and this video has also proved that mother's love for his child is boundless. and in this vid, the kid's mother not only has unconditional love and faith in his child, she is very wise too. I'm so happy for her that she can pull his son back on track again. (and even better, reestablished the broken family.)
well, some people..(like his other gangster friends)...might not have the luck to come into contact with such great people like the kid's mother or some great teachers. but the knowledge/wisdom that will lead to the right path is forever there. And that is to genuinely love, care and respect other people. (and of course there are other important details to know if one wants to walk on the right path of life.) Well, the book (弟子规) is an old teaching material for the children back in the past...This is one of the book that can guide people onto the right path. i have briefly gone through it before...and have yet to discover the gem in it. but i will. (i guess the internet have access to the writings).
NOTE! get your tissue ready before watching this vid.

i still have so much to learn. there are so many invisble great things are out there. waiting for me to discover them :)

and i've finally read "Little Prince"! downloaded an pdf version of it online...(for free, lol)...and yeap, it's an interesting read!

well, i'm heading to Macau tmr...for two days plus. my instinct tells me that i should pay a visit to that place. I'm not going there to play play....have fun, have fun, have fun. I'm just trying to understand myself better.

okay, i need to relax.

hahaahah. shall stop typing already. i should be sleeping now, but my heart tells me to blog...NOW. and i did. brain is telling me to sleep....NOW. and i'm going to :)

i need to relax.