Friday, March 11, 2011

What do you want?

The Earth is "sick" because we are "sick".

Not many people, including me of cos, have a complete and accurate understanding about the relationship between us (human beings) and our environment (Earth). but i wish to contribute some of my understanding and opinions about this relationship. Do inform me if any of the information provided here is wrong or questionable.

so here we go....

-We should live with Nature and not against it-

(this statement is derived from 天人合一, which has similar meanings and agendas.)

this way of living life has been introduced to us a long long time ago. It's time to really proceed with this "system" of living. not really to save earth... it is to save ourselves.

We are so fortunate to be capable of learning, sharing and creating…we can use these powerful brains that we have to get what we desire to get…through manipulating the environment etc. We are the only specie on earth today that enjoys this kind of “privilege” or "power".

It is Nature that has imparted us with this unique power in one way or another. (maybe by some "accidents" or the evolution theory.)

No other living thing has done as much (negative) physical impact to earth than us. Look at what we have done to Earth within the past few centuries…all these drastic (negative) changes had happened in a very short period of time if compared to Earth’s “age”. We can “achieve” this because of the gift that Nature has given to us, only that we have been using this gift IN A COMPLETELY WRONG WAY.

We created the modern Monetary/Financial system to help us run our human world. And while trying to maintain this system, we are enslaved to it and are seriously “hurt” by it. This system is about profit vs loss…it’s all about money... winning and losing. Money has no value to Earth. And we are fighting against each other, do harm to Earth and other living organisms because we want more power and more money….(what else should we be concern about ?)

Maybe we can’t be blamed? because we human beings are flawed creation...and so, how can we come up with a perfect system to guide all of us to a perfect world where everyone is happy, while we know that nothing is perfect or can be perfect? So should we continue to stick with this (monetary) system as we know that any other alternate system that we would create to replace this one will have similar or other equally troublesome problems as well?

I ask myself this question:

How “Natural” or how “Human” is this (monetary) system?

To me, it is against Nature’s well-being. It is against human’s well being.

The stronger the system, the less human we are. (should elaborate on this point)

But we are still supporting this system.

Can I say that we are victims of this system (to be stuck in it). we would all vote for a change (for the better) if we were asked right?

...hmm...maybe we should have a change. maybe we should stick with this system....(when can we come to a conclusion to this issue?)

We have been “programmed” by our fellow governors, teachers, society, entertainment industry etc to understand and serve this system. We are now “so aware” that we must "understand" and serve this system as efficiently as possible, if not we will not be able to prosper or SURVIVE? Just how “strong” we can be if we abandon this system?

We might have considered about all these issues before, but most of our efforts are gone to waste if our eventual reaction/decision is something like this…

"…Let's go with the FLOW (as everyone else seems to be dealing with it fairly well). Just ignore this BIG picture (it is too big a picture for a person, especially the commoner, to think and act differently and change anything of such a scale). Just mind what you’re doing, what you’re supposed to do and what you want to do. We are just a tiny speck of dust in the universe, what truly matters anyway? (this is our wise take on life)"

…and then we’ll fit right back into system. Never wanting this system to become "weak" again as it will further make our life less meaningful or worthy to live on.

To me, this decision is equivalent to selling your soul and humanity for the well-being of the system. And the most ironic thing about this is that we are selling our souls and humanity to something that we have created out of our mind, and not because of external threats such as the natural disasters or alien invasions.

In the process of maintaining this system, we have done a lot of inhuman acts. most of which we are not aware of...(i hope so)....and some which we are aware of! this is sick. very sick.

(i have tried to avoid "messing around with the system" and try to improve the quality of everyone's (problematic) life on other levels through other platforms. but now, i am pretty sure that what i truly wish for all mankind to have (peace, health and happiness) can never be attained if we continue to entertain this ridiculous world system about gaining personal profits.)

i don't think the rich and the famous are truly happy. so what's the point of the system if the people at the top are not truly happy, and the people at the bottom are not truly happy? and moreover, we are causing a hell lot of troubles to our "creators", Earth.

Nature has never attempt to make profit out of something. It has not demonstrates to us anything about gaining extra profit or winning, but about sharing and balancing. We are Earth’s product. We live on Earth. Just how dangerous it is if we are living our lives against Nature’s way of life? We may be able to find out soon. Till then, everything is too late.

We are really sick nowadays, far worse than people of the past. This system makes us sick and inhuman. The amount of "harms" that we have inflicted upon ourselves or have allowed to be inflicted on us will soon exceed our very own limit...we are breaking down.

and Earth will balance out our negative thoughts and behaviours by unleashing series of natural disasters upon mankind. I believe this is at least 80% true. Nature is not revenging, it does not harbour any personal intention or interest in anything. Nature is just reflecting our deeds and counter-balancing everything that comes and goes along. And when we are putting up absolute outrageous behaviours? The Nature will answer us with outrageous behaviours. Take that. and hey...can we afford to take it? Human is nothing compared to the "power" that Nature possesses.

Then why still do the (inhuman) things that we are doing now? I beg for an answer. I don't think that those "governors/controllers" way up there do not understand the weigh of this matter...but why are we still doing it?

are we really all brain-washed? is it too late to change for the better?

In fact, we are at the best position to change for the better now because of the technology that we possess now. .. we just have to use them for the right purpose.

By the way, here are some videos that we should share with everyone we know:

Please also read through the information/description about the above video.

do you still want to be angry with yourself and the world now? haha, i'm still quite angry with myself and the world now. will control...will control....

Unfortunately, there is no english subtitles for this video. I'll briefly explain here...this part of the film used a few of China's historical events to explain that there is a close connection between Mankind and Nature, and a peaceful relationship should be maintained at all time so as to live a peaceful life on Earth. Those people during ancient times would carry out "worshiping" events annually to show their recognition of Nature's important role in their lives and commitment towards maintaining a peaceful relationship with Nature. and Nature does react and answer to human's calling when a healthy bond is established or reestablished.

have we lost this (vital) connection already?

(btw, I recommend everyone (who understands chinese) to watch this documentary/interview starting from episode 1, part 1. it may take quite a long time to finish them all, but it's definitely worth your time. Master JingKong is a great great great teacher!)

...Okay, i shall sum things up.

Our every movements affect our surroundings. Nature's every movements affect us. not just our (physical) actions can affect the things around us, our thoughts and feelings can physically affect them as well ...even if we did not act them out.

Hence, we should maintain a positive attitude towards life, others and everything else. (this could reduce the possibility of any further "natural" disaster perhaps?) So, we should be responsible for how we feel, think and act. on a more precise matter, in response to the video about Water can react to our writings and speech, we should be responsible for the words that we speak, the words that we type and write. try to GENERATE LOVE AND HOPE. yes, we can.

this is the simplest and the most effective solution. we'll feel better...we'll become better...and Earth may become more stable too.

All the little things that we do will have a GLOBAL EFFECT. (it is only too little to be noticed.)

When all mankind is feeling "sick" and behaving abnormally...(against human nature)...then Earth will be affected too. more so when i think that we are Earth's special children. our well being will have a great impact on Earth.

There are so much for us to do in order to steer back to the right direction.

What we need to do now is to reestablish the link between us and Nature. We should live our lives according to how the Nature lives or operates, that is to share (care) and maintain balance (sustainability). And i think within a short period of time, we will "regain our humanity back" and then we can truly enjoy the wonders that Nature has provide us with.

Strangely and sadly, such simple act seems to be the hardest thing to do too.

Follow your empathetic heart. Think like a normal human being who regards Earth as home and the Nature as the source of life and happiness. And most importantly, act like one.

After all, this global issue/tragedy will not be stopped simply by our emotional thoughts and feelings. Appropriate actions have to be taken, if not the (monetary) system or "The Invisible Pet Monster" that we have created, raised and supported till now to "take care" of us will only serve to devour us all in the end.

We should support a system that supports the well being of mankind and Nature (and this will be discussed next time.)

but before this can happen, please stay strong and positive. keep generating love and hope. and act decisively when needed.

I appologize if you feel that this post is a mess, i'll elaborate my points when i have time. for now, just try to grasp the few main ideas that i'm trying to get across. thanks!