Thursday, January 27, 2011



2011 it is!

and the month of January is going to be the past soon! I know it's a mindset thing
y...cos when i'm so looking forward to this year and have this hunch that it will be pretty good (not sure for wat reason)...and this year really seems to be much better than 2010. yeah, it's only one month for 2011…at least it’s a good start haha

(it's all in the mind. it's all in the mind. it's all in the mind)

well, first of all...i'm very happy with timetable for Sem B, and i'm even more happy to know that the elective courses i've picked are great courses with great lecturers...shall brief through all of the courses when i'm done with Sem B! I shall enjoy this wonderful ride first, yea!

hmm anyway, i've been visiting shenzhen for several weekends already as I'm seeing this Chinese doctor, who will now take care of my health problems
from now on, lol. yea, he is now prescribing me with chinese medicine...that will help to RE-BALANCE THE CORRUPTED FLOW OF 'YING AND YANG' IN MY FREAKING BODY. yes, my body has 'crashed' several times upon my return to HK, and i'm really in bad shape those days. Feeling restless, can't concentrate well, no appetite, slow in movement, lousy mood etc. Having enough rest, drinking enough water, eating enough food is not helping my case i realised. So during the holiday after Sem A, i've decided to go to ShenZhen and seek help from the doctors there (for I believe they are more ‘pro’ than the chinese doctors in HK)…and i'm extremely fortunate to be able to meet Doctor Gu, who has already helped me to gain much of my health back during the process! but there still a lot of 'recovery' to be done lahhhhhhh.... :P

HEALTH is so important (we all know that). but i've neglected it for such a long time...

I've been thinking whether I should head back to specialise in Animation (again) or should I follow my actual plan to specialise in Cinematic Arts (related to filming)... BUT after weighing
all the pros and cons, with relation to my Degree study, school, lecturers, interest…etc…. I've decided to stick to my initial plan! For i still believe that it's essential for me to experience filming (for I love this medium too!) even if I can pretty much see myself not going to work in this field in the future. (but who knows!)

for now, I have more interest to work in an animation or a comic industry..hopefully I can land a proper job at these areas…and have a good start for my freaking career, lol! YES, I’m freaking worried about my freaking future.

I guess that why my health is getting poorer recently…I worried too much. (but who doesn’t!)

ok! time's up. gotta head to school soon!

btw, sometime i really want to quit sch and just stay in my hse to paint and draw all day long, for the next five years....

just saying...hahaha!