Sunday, April 18, 2010


heyo! today i shall tok abt things that motivate and inspire me greatly...

Kenji Kawai's music has shocked my soul 360 degree!!! recently i've been playing his music using the ipod touch that my sis gave me (thanx sis!)...and i shut myself off from the real world...looping the sound tracks and jus kept on writing on my story ideas...and of cos, these ideas share similar feel or approach with the music.
and this live concert performance is so fantastic that i mus share with u all! how i wish i was there!!

if i introduce the music, then i must oso introduce this epic sequence from the anime movie, Ghost in the Shell:Innocence. this sequence has consumed my mind and soul...probably because of the chinese futuristic themes...the details...the effort...the creativity...and the music....
so ya, 'Butterfly Language'(my humble creation) will try to match that, LOL!

SHANGHAI EXPO 2010! i really love Shanghai's Pavilion's design. there are quite a lot of great architectural designs in here...enjoy!

this is a great preview of the place! definitely mus visit there one day! yea, i don't think the end result will look SO nice....but this set-up/ plan is pretty epic..i like!

btw, i hope more buildings that carry cultural background and a sense of identity to be built in the future...imagine a city of futuristic chinese buildings!wowowow!!!
i shall come up with the blue print asap...haha!

alrite, i've just visited Pixar's exhibition at Singapore Science Centre yesterday. Its a great experience...everyone who watched any of Pixar's films and like it should pay a visit.

I'm totally motivated to work on my own projects now :)

and there's more motivations and inspirations...

Wong Kar Wai's films. OMG. his films are f***ing good! I feel that he is so underrated. but there's no surprise here, cos his films aren't dedicated to the mass audience due to his themes, pace and probably execution wise. but thats what make his films so nice to me!

i love the approach abt the bird with legs. Featuring one of my fav actor, Leslie Cheung. i'll rewatch the show when i'm free!

haha, now i even have plans to make a short film abt Chinatown of Singapore. i'll try my best to make this possible.

and i've been consuming weight gainer recently! for a month already :) have been working out...drinking the chocolate taste drink with 55g of fats per serving, twice a day! and luckily, i'm really putting on some weight...but very slowly hahaha! will persevere! i can do it!!!

and i've been reading Tao De Ching (by Lao Zi)...will go read up abt Zhuang Zi...and will continue to read up abt I-Ching...i'm jus trying to understand more abt Chinese culture and the wisdom from the great thinkers.

going to ORD soon...there's no better news than this.

alrite, tats my update for now, take care guys :)