Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Moonlight Sonata

always like the first part of Moonlight Sonata. well, it is the most famous part that everyone is familiar with and fond of. it was at youtube that i got to listen to the full version, which consists of 3 parts or in professional term, 3 movements. i'm at awe the first time i listened to it. i wish to describe how i think and feel about the music, or how has the music made me think and feel. but i don't wish affect anyone's first experience with it. then of course, maybe many of u guys have already heard of it, and i'm the "late" person, haha. anyway, enjoy the music. and thanks youtube again.

and oh, there was a stretch where i was really busy with work, and hence i really...completely forgot to blog! and so, i didn't update for april and may. as for june, i was really busy with enjoying my holidays...so i skipped blogging, to save time :P  but hey, i won't stop blogging. this shit will go on. it must. hahaha! and once in a blue moon, i'll go back and read my earlier posts. i was pretty impressed that i can still agree with my younger self when "he" is trying to talk "sense". and for sure, i would laugh at my own jokes. and at times, i would have to put in some effort to connect to my younger self's frequency...he's pretty random indeed.

now, i wonder how i will see the current me from this post in the future. i wonder if i can tell myself what i thought and felt about the Moonlight Sonata, when i didn't actually write it down here, haha. aiya, it's nothing much actually. just some thoughts like..."this is the best piano music EVER"...like those u always see in the youtube site, where the fans will comment in this way for the video that they like. best EVER~~.

yea, there is no such thing as best ever. even for Moonlight Sonata.

cool. good night.