Friday, July 22, 2011

so far so good

Alrite…first of all, my holiday has been great so far. Before my trip to Singapore, I went to Macau with Daniel and his girlfriend, Sherraine for a 3 days 2 nights trip…and thanks to them, I got to stay in 2 diff hotels each night…the first one is Galaxy Macau and the other one is Hard Rock Hotel. I have to say that Galaxy Macau looks like some Paladin or Aladdin Palace…it’s grand, elegant and grand and beautiful and grand, lol... (note that it is a new hotel, hence everything looks more polished and stuff)…I personally like it’s exterior and interior design very much. If I’m not wrong, it’s a five star hotel, and their hotel rooms really reflected that standard well, haha. As for Hard Rock Hotel, it’s more of HARD and ROCK as you can see. So ya, it’s a very different environment compared to Galaxy Macau, both are unique and I like both of them :)

Hmm, I'll briefly summarise what I have done in my Macau trip…Visited various Hotels, visited various casinos (ard 7)…(spent a hell lot of time there, and I gambled a little..lost some money only, phew, haha. Anw, I was more into watching Daniel play some Dice game and Roulette most of the time, lol), ate Portuguese Egg-tarts (excellent stuff), ate few other nice food there too, watched an approx. 15 mins “Dragon Dance Show” (not sure about the name) screened in a dome in Hard Rock Hotel, pretty cool experience…Visited the memorial site of Macau…and then went to a museum nearby. and oh, there’s a man-made beach in Galaxy Macau, love the 'fake' waves there!…And then more gambling…more gambling…lol.

Hmm, I think that’s generally what (the tourist-side of) Macau is about. It’s about…beautiful buildings used to house only casinos, various high-end shops and restaurants for you to gamble and shop and eat till you ‘die’. I’m trying to say that…I really like those mega structures…but not those shitty things that you are ‘forced’ to do inside. Btw, there is no arcade in any of the Hotels. Why? Because you will only be spending little money in a quite a long amount of time there, and this is not what they want. They prefer to limit your entertainment choices…and encourage u to try your freaking luck in the casinos. Very wise…and evil. tsk tsk tsk...

Imagine, if gambling in casino is a waste of time and money, and time is money…just how much money have you lost in the end?…Not mentioning about sleeping late and breathing in second-hand smoke all the time. just how wasted can this be?

What is casino? Cash-In-No.

And so, two days after my Macau trip, I was on my way to Singapore.

My 10 days in Singapore were among my (very few) best days I have had so far since the day I’ve left Singapore.

yup, it was a wonderful trip. It was wonderful because I got to meet my friends in Singapore, simple as that. Hanging out with my friends in Singapore is something I frequently do when I’m free back then, but now, it is sort of an annual event for me.


And of course, I have to thank my cousin, Chris Bro, for letting me stay at his place. We had interesting talks together and he reassured me that I’m gambling with my future when I told him about my “future plan”. To be exact about my plan, I don’t have an exact plan. Shit. …How I wish what I’ve plan for my future will work out the way I’ve plan it to be. man, it’s either the future is ever unpredictable or I’m a lousy planner. In any case, there is just hell too much uncertainty in my life. All I can do now is to be prepared for everything…lol…sounds good in theory…but impossible to achieve in action. But hey, this is really what we should all be doing now…to be prepared for everything…all the changing and the non-changing…ups and downs…gains and loss. It’s all about the mind, heart and body. and just nice, Chris Bro sees a person in term of these 3 areas as well. He said that I have the heart to become the artist I want to be. but I seriously lack the business sense for things to work out right for me.(my mind ain't good enough)

“You’re dreaming,” he said. “Hell yeah,” I answered with my heart.

So now I know what I’ve been lacking/ should upgrade on…it’s about time to understand the world from the business view point. I’ll try to. But allow me to complain first… I fucking hate the bu$ine$$ world. Over and over again, it destroys the values in Art, Nature and Humanity. I’ll briefly understand it, just to give a little shit about this gigantic, obsessive, hideous monster….my all-time arch enemy in all 13 dimensions of the universe. I’ll not fight you…cause if I do, you’ll win the game again. I’ll understand you and then have my ways to ignore you while still getting the job done.

Okay, in other words…I’m trying not to be a slave working for money.

Anyway, it’s great to see my friends again…knowing that everybody are moving forward and things are going pretty well for most people, except for some. Yea, my brothers have “fallen”…in the game of love. It’s pretty frustrating to know about such news. There’s not much I can say about this, so stay strong guys. and to everyone, just keep rolling man!!!

oh, I wish to point out that it’s always your friends, your dream…and if you’re lucky, your family and your soul mate that will lift you up every time you’re down. They matter. They are what make your life a life. Cherish them. I’m really too too too fortunate to know that I have already made lifetime friends, have a dream worthy to fight for, and have a wonderful family (and relatives) with me. I’m extremely thankful for all this.

All that my parents wanted me to be is to be a healthy and upright person. That’s all. They’ve never pushed me to do anything, i'm grateful for that, still I'm going to follow their footsteps and be part of the art world. It’s heartening to know that my parents are happy with who I am now and what I’m doing now…except that they are ‘angry’ with me for not taking my breakfast seriously, not drinking enough water and not exercising regularly …haha!

Talk about exercising, I’ve just went to shoot some hoops today! That’s my fourth time exercising this year. Cool huh. well, i’m glad that I’m still quite accurate with my mid-range set-shooting. But I can’t shoot jump shots well now…I blame it on the heavy and slippery basketball, lol!

So what’s going on with me now? I’m basically skipping around the following fields…watch movies, watch youtube videos, watch, pencil sketch, digital doodle, developing projects that can never be completed, read online manga, watch anime and trying out Chinese painting (insanely difficult but can be fun too). and playing basketball of cos. Hmm, I’m just allowing my heart to tell me what to do next. I’m pretty efficient this way, haha. Cos in this way, I’m working with my mind, heart and body nicely ‘aligned’ together. The risk/problem is that, my heart tends to lead me to all directions.

So be it. All in.