Saturday, March 13, 2010


finally reach to 133rd post! (will post more frequently after i ORD haha)..and it's time to share some of my works again!

yeap, i wrote this lame shit to laugh at myself haha! It has an interesting point of view about my career versus my love life.... How i can't afford to commit myself in a relationship while i longed for one. It may be funny to read, but it ain't funny to live in such situation, lol!

haizzz....sibei sian ah...hahahahaaa!

(yup, i did an english version as well)



我会把你冷落在一旁 因为我在画画、写作、想点子


我不会请你吃饭 因为我在省钱开公司


我不会打电话给你 因为我在画画、写作、想点子


我不会买礼物给你 都说我在省钱了


我不会陪你逛街 因为我不想浪费时间






我不会和你争吵 因为很无聊


我会送你回家 才怪










If I’m your boyfriend

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would neglect you most of the time, for I’m spending my time drawing, writing and thinking.

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would not treat you a meal, for I’m saving money for setting up my own company.

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would not call you, for I’m spending my time drawing, writing and thinking.

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would not buy you gifts, as you know I’m saving money.

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would not accompany you to go shopping, for it’s a waste of time.

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would not say I love you in front of my friends, for I’m showing off my works to them and had totally forgotten about you.

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would not quarrel with you because it’s lame.

If I’m your boyfriend,

I would send you home


If I’m your boyfriend,

I would only give you more unhappiness.

If I’m your boyfriend,

Then you have made a grave mistake.


I so want to be your boyfriend.


Who would understand

my lonely humor.

haha, hope that this is not the 'future me'...a workaholic with no freedom, no love, no money.

Marker pen and pencil used. Another abstract art from me :)

Hmm, i've left my wallet at Macdonald twice before, and found it after i've left the place for 5 to 10 minutes long. The 3rd time aint so lucky for me, haha! I lost my wallet at the cinema after watching Summer wars...damn, forgot to do 'Equipment Check'! (the army always do this to ensure nothing is lost as we move from point to point.) it's one of the most useful practises that i've learnt from the army and i just failed to apply it before I've left the cinema :(
but luckily, my 11B and camp pass is not kept in that wallet. Phew!

i am not very productive recently, but it's okay, haha!

aniwae, here's a few more casual movie reviews...

Summer Wars:
It costs me 100 plus dollars (my wallet) for this show. yes, the movie is so entertaining, hahaha!

Hurt Locker:
Great movie about the army boys, specifically the bomb specialists in this case. The script is good, the acting is good, the action is good, the director did a great job.
Yea, this show OWNED Avatar in the Oscars. but if you let me choose who's gonna win for Best Picture, I would say its a draw! and if i really have to choose, i would say it's Avatar. (lazy to explain, but tats my choice.)

Silence of the Lambs:
Anthony Hopkins is freaking awesome in this show!!

Jap movie based on a popular manga. I kinda like the movie.

The visuals are pretty fantastic. I like the city, the costumes, and the show's 'colour scheme'. but there are just too many little flaws that pull you away from this world.

Yo, 7 more weeks to ORD! chiong ah!!!!