Friday, December 26, 2008


woho! its my primary school gathering! the number of ppl reduced significantly...some gotta bk in...some inside camp, cannot bk out....some got party...some jus dun wana come...nvm, i still got to meet some of them yesterday. we picked Pearl's Hill School to meet this time! and yeah, tat place is no longer a school anymore, it has transformed into a hotel! and so we went there and had a drink.
u know, my primary sch dated back to the 1880's...hence, i got to meet some seniors...of ard late 20s? 30 plus?...anyway, its cool to see them...

very soon, i'll be graduated from PHS for 10 years! (in 2010).

and yeah, this year i got to see Elvi, the girl in pink. She's once my (pearl bank apt) neighbour!
and chun huat, the guy with eyes closed, is going to ORD in 50 plus days! Damn it!


okay, this is my 103th posts! gonna carry on my something special whenever my post hit the number 3. So here's a passage written by me...about my primary school life, all about!

was thinking about translating it...but u noe, my english is too powderful to do any proper translation. so yea....haha!










在课室里, 我和好友们每天开‘秘密会议’,交头接耳地说无聊的事,
那些日子过地真开心, 真自在。

在球场上, 我和好友们比谁都要认真好强。
打球像打仗似的, 为了赢便不择手段, 是非不分。



哈哈! 我学会跳投了!无敌!

7 6

10 10 ,平!


陈老师站在我桌前笑着说:“恭喜你, 你可以去课室外罚站了。”

“我的荣幸。” ()

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Atlantis Hotel

Info took from an email, most of u guys noe abt this already... but i jus wana put it on my blog so that i can mentally 'revisit' this dreamy place whenever i'm free. This place is the Atlantis Hotel! CHECK THIS OUT MAN!

1. Water world ... the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai , one of the world's most anticipated hotels, finally opens its doors on September 24.Situated on 113 acres of the Palm Jumeirah, the hotel boasts over 1539 rooms.

2. Water bed ... the Neptune and Poseidon Suites are exclusive to Atlantis, with both bedroom and
bath views directly into the mesmerising underwater world of the Ambassador Lagoon.

3. Sea view ... the Ambassador Lagoon is a window into the wonders of the ocean,
and the centre-piece of Atlantis, with over 250 species of fish and sea creatures.

4. Fish surprise ... keeping with he water theme, the Lost Chamber is a maze of underwater halls and tunnels under the Ambassador Lagoon with over 65,000 fish.

5. See sea food ... Ossiano is home to a three-star Michelin chef, and offers gourmet seafood
with views of the exotic marine life of the Ambassador Lagoon.

6. Pleased to meet you ... Dolphin Bay is a four-and-a-half hectare lush tropical setting
where you get the chance to meet the colourful characters in their natural habitat.

7. Big dipper ... Aquaventure is a 42-acre waterpark with the Zigguret
Centerpiece that touts a 27.5m vertical drop.

8. Shark tank ... after the Ziggurat, you will emerge slowly through the lagoon at Shark Attack.

9. All washed up ... the Rapids is a 2.3km path of tidal river with one
metre waves through a lush tropical landscape.

10. Shark proof ... you can also experience the Shark Tank from the dry,
and more comfortable, viewing chamber.

11. Bar view ... sip cocktails in the oceanic space of Barazura and enjoy
views overlooking Palm Jumeirah.

12. Grand view ... the Grand Lobby makes a colourful first impression.

13. Bath time ... the spa experience includes two hours of spa treatments,
your own private time in a jetted tub and access to both indoor and outdoor relaxation areas.

14. Spa service ... the Royal Spa Suite offers treatments designed to
individual needs, and a spa menu delivered by private butler service.

15. Grand designs ... each of the 1373 spacious guest rooms and 166 suite is designed with subtle oceanic and Arabic influences.

I so wana be a millionaire rite now! I love the look of this Hotel. The Poseidon suite for Pisces Boy Lee Hou Yeung!!! it's designed for me!!!! ARGH!!!!! okay, its damn expensive...duh... BUT! i will definitely work hard and save/earn lots of money!!! most probably i'll bring my future wife there for honeymoon!!!! oh my tian! I'm daydreaming again...

this place is (my) heaven! I WILL be there!

Dubai is amazing man. I'm very attracted to that place...

I need a cup of hot tea to calm my nerves rite now...


some vids to go along...
the fireworks for the opening is visible from space! awesome!!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

hi december.

weird...i usually don't like raining when i'm going out. but these few days, (raining all the time...) i'm okay with the rains! it didn't spoil my mood...probably i'm not playing bball haha! yea, i'm too tired to shoot some hoops recently.

yea, come what may.

aniway, i don't have much to share this time. just wana say Hi to everyone. hope that everyone is doing fine. don't forget to play hard and study!

hmmm, the biggest failure in life is perhaps not failing once?

suddenly this line popped out from my brain...haha

it's december now. the month of 'packing up' for the new year 'a new start'... gotta move on man...

kk, my brain can't process normally now. cya and good day!