Friday, October 16, 2009

123th post! Ray Ray!

Post #123 is dedicated to someone special...

okay, this is probably my greatest work till date, LOL!!!

Presenting to everyone, let's welcome RAY RAY!!~~
He 'came out' from my heart. He may be me, haha!

(note: he is called Ray Ray. can't jus call him Ray. His chinese name is 雷雷. Pronounced as lei lei.)

Ray Ray is just as curious and playful as any other kid, but he especially loves mother nature (trees, flowers, hills, river etc) and his little red ball. His favourite tee-shirt has a big piece of green leaf printed on it. And his hair is definitely his trademark!

If i'm persistent and creative enough, i would create a series of Ray Ray Children Books.... Everyone will buy and read the books, and then i will mind control all the kids and become the first i go again..haha!

this is my initial concept sketch of Ray Ray. His body proportions have yet to be finalised yet, so is the overall art style...I wish to make him more animatable...but i still prefer him to have a big head and short limbs...cuter that way.

Ray Ray's favourite tree. Here, I've drawn him in a more angular manner. The art style is less cartoony...more of my own elements inside. kinda like this approach :)

no colour template yet. gotta create his world too..not easy...i can't tell that if he's a causasian or chinese, lol! most likely causasian bah.

yea, i love trees. and i want everyone to love them too. Ray Ray probably came to this world to help me achieve this 'goal'. In return, i shall give Ray Ray lots of friends and lots of wonderful exprience :)

He will never grow old, always smiling, always loving the tree...

i shall help him say.."Hi!" hahaha!

suddenly wana sing....
ABC! easy as 123! oh simple as do-re-mi, ABC, 123, baby you and me girl~~~
(michael jackson's ABC song)

yup, tats all!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


okay, i did go onto the internet and some bookstore to read up about I-Ching. its very impressive...but can be quite complex and hard to understand sometimes. will read more after my Australia training trip which starts from 08 Nov till i don't know close to 4 weeks of military training ass...

so i decided to use my wacom tablet again...want to paint a tree...use a photo as reference...the composition is super boring again i know...spam lots of texture oso...but i had lots of fun painting this one. and i've learnt some new technics too. clap clap!

title: Blue Blue Tree.