Saturday, May 30, 2009

111th post!

thats rite. this post is dedicated to my drawings! (some fireworks pls...haha)

i am not driven enuff...

i allow myself to not doodle or paint for weeks.

totally lack of discipline.

i couldn't focus to churn out what i had in mind.

NBA is driving me crazy.

Youtube is distracting me.

online manga is sucking me in.

I'm jus a little bit tired i guess.

nonetheless, here are some sketches that i've done since JAN. wtf, i've done so little.

u are so screwed.

hmm, intend to do some cool all-round villain super soldiers...

i hate the way i drew this shit. nvm...

this one was done to represent myself in the army. lame...

a scene of us on the truck. i like sitting on 5 tonner!

Demon King. unfinished. will never finish.

copy from Discovery Magazine.

i added this guy to the ad, haha!

K-ON. yes, i mus confess that i've been watching lots of anime now.
take that as expanding my knowledge for art, hahaha!
yeap, i like this anime :)

but of cos, i hav lots of other doodles lah..(try to comfort myself)...i dun wana share with u all leh..lalalala.....hahahaha! and i... and i...



haiz, i don't wat to say already.

gotta keep drawing!

yea, i guess i'll jus post my art here from now on.

getting lazier and lazier...

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Germany Trip!

Back from Germany! (for more than a week already, oops)
very sad to say that i'm now updating my blog monthly...not weekly!
anyway, its May now! and i'll ORD in a year time! bring it on...bring it on...

alrite, this post is about my Germany trip... i know, these photos make it seems like i'm on a holiday. NO! its formal army training with some free and easy time on the weekends...i can't share with u my training experience here, but yeah...enjoy this part of my fantastic Germany experience!

to have a better picture abt my trip, i've landed my foot on Hanover, Hamburg, Bremen, Heidelberg and Frankfurt!!!!!

b4 reaching the camp, our coach stopped over at Hanover for lunch. Pretty nice place...

On the first Sunday, we went to the Panzer Museum.
Teo Min, Nicholas and me :)

there are A LOT of tanks and other armoured vehicles!
totally overwhelmed...

Vroom Vroom! tak tak tak! tak tak tak! tak tak tak!

i used to have a toy tank that looks like this one!

twin cannon!

the ultimate weapon! LOLOLOL!!!!
tat round is super big btw...the vehicle at the back will fire it!

Leopard 2A4! notice the rounds at the front of the tank.

some diagrams abt all the tanks...

my mind can't process this kind of thing...hahaha!

Area Inspection!
(a model bunk for German soldiers in e past)

Knock it down la! wat a!

we went to Hamburg in the afternoon. SUPERB!

soooo beautiful! nice weather too!

swans by the river...wat can i say...

Hamburg train station.

i hav special feelings towards train stations. and this one is fantastic!


there are many old clock towers in Hamburg. this one is the oldest.
mi and Eugene! my bestie :)

i'm trying to levitate my digi cam. nice try, hou yeung.

Mi and Platoon Sergeant Peng. we call him PSP.

i enjoy looking out of the coach...nice sceneries!

another sunday. Bremen it is!

the town hall is damn nice. so is the church on the rite!


Swine flu? Pig fever!!!!

interior of a smaller church. didn't get to enter the one beside the town hall...haizzz

went into the shopping centres, and saw an orc.

2day1night R&R! last weekend in Germany.
spent most of the time in Frankfurt...

overall view of the city.

getting cold at night. gloves and beanie on!

trying to act abit...hahaha!

inside Frankfurt train station.

the last day...we went to Heidelberg to see the old castle.
it's located on top of the hill. and there was a 70plus year old tour guide to tour us ard this magical place!

i want to go there again! after visiting Heidelberg, we went back to Frankfurt for some last minute shopping! then poof! on the airport! poof, back to Singapore!!!

sheeps by the hill. instant classic.

mi and my cigar. hamburg. classic of the classics!

Yeap, i got to know Germany better from this trip. I mus mention that i don't enjoy eating their food. its lot of ham, different type of bread to munch on, salty meat (most of the time)...and your usual potato, salad, vege etc. aya, i prefer chinese food lah!

but i love the cool weather there... i've went through so much training there, and i didn't perspire more than 10mins of training here in singapore. and night it will get really cold, i needa 'wrap' up myself to prevent from getting cold. i will not survive their!

Previously, when i play Counter Strike, my nickname was ParisbOY...and i went to Paris.
then i went on to play another first person shooter game, Day of Defeat. i played on the Germany side 98% of the time. I'm a german dog! hahaha! and now, i went to Germany.
I wonder if i play for US, will i get to go US soon? WAHAHAHA! this is jus a lame connection between my game and my oversea trips....bleh~

Lastly, my mum came back from HK!i treated my mum to watch movie, GuGu the Cat. i like one of the lead actress there...haha! but my mum dozed of three times in the!!! She muz be damn tired... On mother's day, we had dinner at some food court. it was very rare for me to spend time with her like that nowadays....will cherish every second! Dad is very busy with his work in HK... could only contact him by calling him once a week. Glad that he's doing fine :)
i'll go back and learn chinese painting from u, shifu! (kidding...)

life is pretty good for me now. but i think i can manage my time better. if anyone knows that i have an art's like facing extinction now. i'm letting it die...super dissappointed with myself. i gotta fix this gotta fix this gotta fix this gotta fix this...can someone jus give me a nice punch on my face??? (i guess one million haters would volunteer in like

the red pill or the blue pill? (that Matrix question)

man, i chose the red pill. now i'm going for the blue pill! muahahaha!

wish me luck guys!

personal notes: rmb to cut ya stupid hair!

and that's my MAY 2009 issue.

Good day/ Guten Tag !