Saturday, August 30, 2008


hav some time to blog today!

my army life is very very good so far~! i enjoyed most of my time there. i managed to go through all the exercises...passed my physical test...passed my standard obstacle course....and now i'm left with 24km route march! then i'll graduate from tekong! can't wait to finish it...haha!

i'm really happy that i'm fitter now...abit more tan...more discipline...less lazy...more easy going...cherish life more... i'm a happier person now!

i love Falcon company. i love love love Platoon 3!!!!
we all gel together pretty well....theres quite a number of jokers in my platoon that make my life there happier.... i feel very fortunate now...

theres a guy name Fadhil....he loves to call me Doctor...cos he seriously thinks that i look like one...hahaha!

i chose to become a man in the army. in the army, man is some low ranked people who do shitty work...they are those people who follow orders and carry little responsibility. the other option is to join the command sch...where u will be trained to become a sergeant or sir to lead and command others....
i chose the easy way out...not becos i can't bear the responsibility or i have no leadership quality.
its becos i'm not committed to the army. i'm not motivated to 'fight' to the top...get rank...and then wat?
SOMEHOW...the other part of me is telling me that i'm making a wrong decision...i should do wat i'm capable my best in watever i do.
in anycase, i've tot this through...n i hope that my decision is right...haha! so now i jus have to wait and see which unit they are going to post me to. bring it on man!

i shall be a good leader among the followers...haha! tats how i can contribute! :D

there're a lot of conflicting thoughts and feelings yet to be sorted out...or will never be sorted out.
always learning to get use to i jus go with the flow...and at the same time enjoying everything tat i'll be going through.

damn, i hate to tok abt National Service....but i blogging abt it. SEE? life is fucked up...hahahaha!

time's up!


Sunday, August 17, 2008


i hav 5 mins to blog. i finished 6days5nights of field camp. and shall bk out on this coming sat..not sure when. 4 more wks and i'll finish BMT(basic military training)...its jus the beggining.
my knee has recovered i guess...i can run and jump without feeling pain liao...very very good news. watched michael phelps got his 7th Olympics gold medal. crazy guy.
erm, i'm always behind time...gonna buck up.

and yea, my painting looks noob...very rusty :(

started the sketch for the think out event #2...will post next wk bah...

kk....tekong here i come.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

ever changing

kk, shall share with u guys my b4 and after pics!!!! not suitable for the youngs...haha!


who's laughing?

a friendly recruit. haha...

i still look like crap. messed up my hair and forced a smile.

emo....cos the very next day is the day i'm seving army.

quick update.

my right knee still hurts. can't run for weeks. its very stress to be injured and not being able to participate in most of the physical exercises and practises. i want to chiong but i can't. eff lah.

i gained 1kg! holy shit from mars!

threw a live grenade! not bad....

can't draw much. my mind is like....FULL. can't function properly. but i'm very inspired...i jus stored ideas inside my already "full" brain..Lol! i never stopped thinking abt drawing, but i never got the mood to draw somehow. serious shit.

yeap. 3 weeks in tekong. i'm getting used to the life there. gotta go shoot some guns soon...then go field camp. argh!!!!!!!! points 3rd finger to the sky!

gotta go...AGAIN!