Monday, December 31, 2007

BYE BYE 2007!

Oh Oh Oh.....its time to say goodbye....goodbye to the year 2007....

trust me...this is an emotional moment for me.

live in this world for 19 years....totally in love with living....feeling alive....for now, i dun mind living for a 100 years....saying a century of lame jokes...

i remembered i made this statement this year....

"Life is wonderful if you see it my way."

and well, actually i wish to latest statement....."Life is beautiful. And it is as ugly as how beautiful it is."

in any case....i jus love this life....a life of no turning that we dun wish to regret....though regretting abt life is inevitable...hahahaha.

i hav so much to say, but time is seriously running out....2008 is coming!

welcome 2008! a new chapter of my life will begin pretty soon...and i will make every chapter of my life wonderful...becos i believe i control my life...i decide my feeling of the day...and i wan to be happy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (i jus love laughing out LOUD!)

to end this post, i shall show u the very very last photo i took in 2007 (self-took). making this photo worth 3 billion pounds..........................................of butter.....(still lots of money there...LOL)

my head represents zero....hand represents seven....07 there you go :)
breath in, breath out...
smile guyz!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

PHS Gathering 2007

Pearl's Hill Primary School Gathering 2007

7 years since graduation during 2000...yup, 7 years was quite a long time....we've all changed quite a lot...very happy to see that there were more ppl coming to our gathering this year...mus keep it growing till 2010...tat makes us some 'old' alumni of the long gone Pearl's Hill Primary School (P.H.S)...still, PHS will stay in our heart doubt abt that :)

talking about childhood memories....primary school was a fantastic experience. sometimes one will talked abt something i've totally forgotten and then i will say abt something they have totally forgotten....those laughters tat i vaguely remember had all return on 28th Dec 2007!

thanx to Teo Chun Huat for making this happen once again...his camera took some beautiful pics too! Check them out!

Went to Hooters for dinner.
last time, primary sch we still misbehave...

then we went to Clarke Quay riverside...

some monkey forced his eyes open....spoil the sweet moment...LOL!

absolute vodka? absolute no kick!

Pearl's Hill Primary School (PHS)

okay, i screwed my 's' up....WATEVER!!!~

wish everyone an excellent new year!!! as in, everything works out well....super energetic....full of luck...lots of money....lots of opportunities....many ppl wooing ppl booing u....always free.....
and i'll slap your face and shout! "HELLO!!! U THERE?" hahahahaha!!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Xmas

guess wat? A new year is coming!!!! okay, u noe i noe.....
will turn 20 next year....pretty cool i tink. hahaha! still young man, lots of stuff are waiting for me to do...
Btw, my cousin(Chris)'s wife Amanda gave birth to baby girl Christine on 23rd Dec 07, absolutely amazing! Can't wait to visit them and pinch the baby's chubby face! hahahha!

Alrite, a new year marks a new beginning (for me) passion for art is jus getting warmed perspective/attitude towards life hasn't change much....happy go lucky....lucky go hard to happy...lucky lucky...go go go!..(tat's 4 me to

okay, this is Peace Robot. It carries no weapon...very safe...very friendly :)

damn, gotta practise more...the lighting feel is still pretty sucky! and i took quite long to achieve this.....paint paint paint paint paint pain pain pain....hand it? peace!

Friday, December 14, 2007

53rd post!

the 53rd post! i'm glad tat i am still faithfully blogging....but hey, why only 53 posts? i tot i shud hav reached the 100th mark long

well, heres something abt me....13 years ago....
in 1994, i went to visit the place where ex-president, Ong Teng Cheong and his wife, Ling Siew May stayed....not sure how to address tat place....but i noe the chinese term....'zhong2 tong3 fu3'

kk....enjoy the pics man.....i look damn silly last time...hahaha!

king of the hill?!

i'm e only one walking e opposite direction....stupid.

omg, wat am i doing?

now the policeman is helping me to 'own' the

cool, how's 13 years later? studying digital media stuff thingy watever and ever.....will serve the nation pretty doubt abt that....
and ya, my recent timing for 2.4km was 17 mins.....totally unacceptable....i actually walked for the entire last round.....the next day, went to play bball and badminton....fantastic experience....
but now, my legs ache like dinosaur egg....u noe wat i mean....its beyond words to describe.....

i need to pass my napfa man.....i dun wan to spend a second extra in NS....not tat i hate it...but 2 years are seriously more than enuff for me.

oh ya....i need to chop my legs in order to pass my sit and reach test......damn......

Friday, December 7, 2007

jus great..

i love taking group photo, i love holding onto paper/form/cert, i love to play games, i love friday all happened on 07/12/2007. wonderful.

after six, we went to games creation community room (GCC room) to do the thing we ought to games. then, the beloved, well respected Technical Officer(TO) came in and do the thing he loves to do....there he goes again, "Gimme your admin card." fine, student < TO. we lose. next, he went to zap our cards and he passed eachof us a paper to fill up. the disciplinary offence form thingy....we would love to help the TO to fill this up...and being so proud to be the TO's victims...we took this photo. (right in front of him.)

it was so funny man...we took this pic as if we received the grad cert...hahaha! (grabbed this collage from joshua. shihan took the grp photo. he was lucky enough to get away from TO's monster hand...LOL)

so here's my sculpture for Sculpturing assignment 1. together with 2 friendly green froggys.

yes, thats my parents' bkshelf.....all on chinese paintings and art related stuff.

(translation: I say...)

left: its gonna rain....
right: tats wonderful!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Red Crowned Crane

Red Crowned Crane. to me, its the most beautiful bird specie. I love the colour combination of black, white and red. these colours are most commonly used in chinese paintings and calligraphy. in some way, i would see the red crowned crane as a living piece of chinese art...absolutely amazing creature :D

yup, if i'm to become a bird, i will definitely choose to be a Red Crowned Crane!!!! Actually, i do look similar to cranes....long neck, sharp beak and skinny legs....hahaha....

here r some pics i grabbed from the net. (copyright issue: pardon me for posting them here without any permission.) i jus wana share the love...hahahaha

awesome shot!

i believe i can fly...i believe i can touch the sky~

my gang members...

i like this one.

wow, i wana be there!!!

look at those small wings...cute lah.

godly No.1 bird! Red Crowned Crane!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

hello december!

Hello December! yes, the end of this month marks the end of this year. it has been a fantastic year for me. but who noes, next year is even betta? yes, we shall graduate next year..and move on to the next phase of life. for most guys, we will hav to go National Service(NS) for 2yrs...tats the time where i can be stupid and jus train my muscles....kidding.... For the fine ladies, its time to 'see', 'feel' and 'interact' with the REAL world!...yes, go out and find a proper job....if u dun wan to start job so early...go further study...or u can join NS too!!!! hahahaha! one for all, all for ass....

so as i've promised, i will post my works here...tml is my minor deadline....and i shall submit these few as well....take a look bah....

Boxer. "punch punch"

Loathe. i painted this when i was feeling frustrated.

Lollipop gal. painted this during 1st Oct(Children's Day) time to finish it...and the more i look at it, the weirder she makes me photo ref...suffer a lot from tat...shall not touch tis piece anymore.

okay, i'm done. Btw, i was 'bed ridden' yesterday....fell ill...
luckily theres panadol....i'll eat 100 panadols b4 i go to slp tonite....confirm can recover.

Life is good when u think its good. U jus need to think. Mind power. Get it?