Saturday, July 25, 2009


here's another art related update i guess. strangely, when i tot i've run out of gas to churn art for my art blog and decided to 'freeze' it for a while...i began to draw a lot more frequently...quite happy abt this.

i dunno how it happened that we began to draw on our hands with my black pen. when i draw on their hands...i felt like a tatoo artist!!! fun!

victim 1: Adrian Quek
i drew a Half Angel pen-tatoo for him!!
he looks completely gay, badass and nerd, all at the same time!!!

victim 2: Kamelie Kam
drew a ancient beauty for her as she requested.
took up the challenge..and is quite satisfied with the result!
e art suits the jacket somehow haha!

victim 3: Leon Lee
then i requested Kamelie to draw wise old tree for me.
looks some sleepy hollow tree...
but kinda cool ya!

luckily its getting late, or else i would draw on adrian's entire body!!
aniwae, after pen-tatooing on each of our hand, i realised that issit true that Adrian was once a Half Angel...Kamelie, once an ancient beauty and i'm once a freaking old tree!!!!

we had a good laugh...

not a good pencil render actually. i needa use burn-tool to darken some area...
i'm super impatient when comes to rendering or toning.
still, consider another practise work done.

the army life is pretty tiring for me. i didn't doodle in the bunk recently...sigh.
may wana pick up an anatomy book and get my S&K ready asap.
S&K is Skills and Knowledge.

yea, lixiong got me to come up with this term as we chat abt how we are struggling to improve ourselves when army life is taking away so much time and energy from us.
our common goal now is getting the basics RIGHT first.
I would say those copyworks, life drawings, bk reading, learn software...all fall under S&K. not artistic creation yet...(dunno how to explain clearly here.)

the eventual goal is to have the capability to create personal content. i seriously can't proceed to draw what i want to draw now...haiz.

need more practise. practise for what? for better skills and knowledge :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


i'm feeling alive. very alive.

recovered from the flu. easy come easy go. nice.

i mus announce that i've come up with a story for 蝶语 !!!!
(direct translation, Butterfly Language.)

(sorry, no time to explain abt the entire concept here, i'm jus going to type down the progress i've made. )

all along i'm pretty clear abt the mood, the emotions, the pace, the artistic direction for this world that i've created. the butterflies that brought two people together. but wat's next? well, i couldn't continue it somehow....since 2007. i've been thinking, dreaming and even being haunted by this idea of mine for a long long time.

and today, all the' loose wires' in my brain began to reconnect again...not by coincidence, its only after i watch this movie (online) by the famous director, Wong Kar Wai, who directed '2046' and 'In the mood for love' etc. this movie has many similar aspects with what i want to tell in my story as well as how i want to tell it. (of cos, there should not be anything too similar with my story and his film. i'm not copying...haha)
anyway, its only after watching this film that i got the 'wires' reconnected, and then poof! the 蝶语 story jus came out of my mind as i'm showering lol!

the film is Ashes of Time.
you can watch to trailer...highly recommended martial art film. a lot of great actors in it! my fav hk actor, Leslie Cheung is the main actor!
the story stresses alot on emotions and love actually...and i guess it's this presentation that has enlightened me to come up with my own content. here, i want to thank this film for aiding me with my story prob..haha! and i really like this film.

i will carry on from where i've left off, and finish this story/concept/world...
for my personal joy...dedicated to me, myself and i...haha!

yes, today is definitely the best day of 2009.

i can see so many so many things that i have to do and still haven't do in the future.
i'm not worried abt it, jus feeling impatient and frustrated that i cannot start working on this right away. the whole film is running in my mind...driving me crazy.

before this, i tot i can only settle the story after i've gained alot of precious life experience. probably when i'm 40 years old. hahaaha...ahahahaha!!!! i'm overjoyed...

erm maybe my flu ain't over yet. oh shit...

ok. something else. i've failed to mention abt Michael Jackson upon his shocking death news. He is now the GOD OF POP. i will always remember him as the person when he is dancing and singing. He's a great dad too. i don't give a shit abt the bad things abt him...he is totally a different person when he's performing. and thats the Michael Jackson i love.
i wanted to draw something for him...but couldn't gather the strength or will to do it somehow.
hence, i'll just say...LOVE MJ forever.

this oso leads me to tok abt name. Michael. two of my idols named Michael. Michael Jordan and Michael jackson. they are both MJ. if possible, i'll definitely name my (future) son Michael and my (future) daughter Michelle :)

alrite, i hope i will slowly realise all these in the near future.

Miss July must hav blessed me...haha!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keep bouncing...

junely...july...jooly...jolly..lolli...lorl...ord! (chants on and on...)

alrite, i jus fell off my chair after watching this clip.

the original slamdunk artist did that Ad! and go check out some other ad he did...using giant brush. love them all! he's my idol.

yea, that spur me to draw basketballers. but i somehow couldn't draw manga style ballers...hence i go and surf the net for some awesome NBA photos to sketch them. yes, more abt the pose, the facial expression, anatomy, drapery...bla bla bla

Kobe is the MVP, NBA champion of 2009. Really crafty player, respect!

Michael AIR Jordan. He is the God, the icon, the inspiration.

digital sketch. no reference this time. but...put to halt already...haha.

hmm, had a cold recently. running nose...giddiness...sore throat...welcome to my life..but don't stay ard long haha.

now i'm dreaming abt retiring. having all the time and freedom i want. see my children grad from Uni. and then slowly slowly slowly publish my No.1 bestseller children book series since the beginning of time. gradually brain-wash the world and becomes the first world President at the age of 83. rename Hawaii island as Houwaii island.


i'm not feeling very well u see.

kk, gtg.

if i'm to pick a bikini girl on the would be Miss July. i don't why either.