Sunday, August 30, 2009

i can see it

i've found a wonder book recently. super happy.

this book really makes me feel that i can realise my dream.

i'm super motivated.

but i'm super occupied.

mum's back from HK todae. had a lunch with her, told her abt my "Butterfly Language" story idea. She loves it. Its the first time she praises me abt my own story. B4 this, she would jus nod her head, one ear in one ear out. haha

eh, previously i tot i'm going to study in HK city university's Creative Media. nope, not anymore. I would go for some other fine art course in some other Uni in HK. cos, i know what i want. Thanks to Digital Media Design :)

watched District 9 with sis. I think its the first time i watch a movie with my sis. we both enjoyed the show. worth the money, very entertaining.

watched UP alone, lol. first time watching alone. (all watched b4 except me)
like Wall E, the first part is very well done, then gradually becomes any other typical show that is ends with lots of actions. to me, both Wall E and UP's first act and their 3rd act has different direction, style and approach. basically, their 3rd act spoils the show. simply becos they thot that the audience would prefer to watch some actions in the films.

i say Ratatouille is the best Pixar show.

the next show i wana watch is Moon! can't wait!

kk, gotta go.

dinner with mum. scene 3 act 2 take 1.


Monday, August 17, 2009

this game

having off today...will bk in later.

hmm i hav no complains about my life for now...

no wait...

there's something i need to complain right knee's ligament strain is BACK. it's not 'working' well again...i have to stop running after running just 1km or less. in the end, all my preparations for the 21km, Army Half Marathon (16/08/09)has gone to waste as i could not take part...but i was there! looking after the participants' bags. nice...

the strain has been around for more than a month already. maybe i didn't stretch properly bah...cos i can never touch my toes when doing leg-stretching exercise...Sit and Reach failure I am. haiz...inflexible piece of shit.

nvm, other than is pretty good now.

however, i noe...i noe...i noe...whenever i've settled with some conclusions abt my (on-going)life, the next moment something will change the course of things and u will have to adjust to it.

u cannot complain...

the cycle of peace and chaos will take their turns to 'play' with your life. i say, learn to enjoy sufferings.

i'm already anticipating my chaos to come.

pessimistic? nope, i think i'm starting to understand this game.

and i'm starting to like it.

i don't think this game is abt winning. i still don't know what's the goal of this game...i believe no one can win this game...and perhaps, there's no win or lose in this game. it's about something else.

i think it's about...

time to book in.

haha, i'm not trying to be like that art tutorial(maybe i am)...hey hey, i'm really trying to figure things out. but u mus be ready that error may occur mid way...but as long as u've enjoyed the journey..the final result is never important. tats why i like that vid?

did i make a point?

nvm. hope i didn't waste anyone's time here.

bye bye!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

great lesson

now i get it.
have a good day guys :)