Sunday, February 27, 2011


ok, i'm blogging for the sake of blogging today.
it's a little bit about blogging least once a month. then i will feel better when i look at my Grand History section. dunno why. hahaa

school work is piling up lately. lots of group works. lots to learn and do. i'm cool with that :)

Hong Kong is finally getting warmer...i do enjoy the cold weather here...but i will not be able to stand it if such weather goes on for too long....cos it makes me feel lazy...or inactive...which means that i am more reluctant to exercise during this days. yeah....blame it on the (nice) weather. lol.
the basketball in my house is for decoration purpose nowadays.

but i am still faithfully following the NBA :P
just recently, Boston Celtics has traded Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson away for two quicker players. The management side of the team believes that these two new players can help them to compete better when playing against Orlando Magic and Miami Heat (strong and quick teams). I really not sure if this move is smart one or not. but i very sure that i will miss Kendrick and Nate alot...i want Boston Celtics to win the title this year....with Kendrick & Nate in it :(
and yea, congratulations to Ray Allen for becoming the player who makes the most 3 pointers in NBA history. go Ray! and i enjoy seeing your mum cheering for you at the courtside all the time!

hmm wat else? I guess i'll finish my 2nd semester somewhere around early May. I hope i can visit Singapore for around 5-7 days after that?! the mini problem now is that i don't really have a place to stay. see if i can stay at my cousin's house (he settled down in Singapore after i left, haha, never got a chance to see him for such a long time! and his wife! and their daughter!) ok. i'll try to find out. if there's no room for me to stay...i'll shall reach out to my friends in singapore! hee hee~

have to say this...I miss all my friends in singapore! my life in singapore is FANTASTIC because of you guys. i'm really blessed to be able to say that i had an amazing 15 plus years in singapore. now, i have to look forward of cos...but i will always look back to life in the past and smile...and to remember that i was once a happy kid! the growing up part...which is now...(yes, i'm still at the growing up part) pretty damn hard. and it's kinda more difficult when i'm sort of restarting my life here in HK.'s always hard during the beginning....and when you get to be more familiar with what's going on around you, you'll start to enjoy everything about it. hope this understanding can help me go through the time when i feel (kinda) lost here. i'll take it slow and easy :)

i won't be typing the above paragraph if singapore is just 3km away from hong kong. LOL.

something's gotta give. always the case.

but i'll balance it out! >_<

wow, before i enter to my zone...which nobody will understand what i'm saying...i shall stop here.

and before i go, i shall share with you guys this wonderful piece of animation made in 1968.
awesooooommmee!!! 500stars. respect. worship. love it.