Tuesday, November 29, 2011


ok, my gastric pain is pretty much gone. it has been around for 2 weeks plus, and i did not go to see a doctor...which can be quite dangerous. as in, my stomach would bleed, rot or even explode if i don't attend to it anytime sooner. alright, i'm kidding. lucky for me, before i drag my body to see the doctor...mom gave me some banana to eat and Yakult to drink. WOW. they are super effective! lol, after several banana and yakult session, my gastric pain problem is almost completely gone! i dislike seeing doctor and i enjoy eating banana and drinking yakult...and now, they can actually solve my gastric problem, hooray!! thank you banana and yakult (either one of you, or both of you saved me) And of cos, thank you mom for the timely rescue.

next, lots of work to do. will talk about it after i finish my semester.

maybe this is some bullshit...but i can feel my ultimate super turbo fantastic Xelex Power is coming back!

or maybe i'm just happy that the gastric pain is gone :D