Monday, May 24, 2010

Leaving and Living

First of all, I wish to let everyone know that I'm very contented with my life so far. I just feel that I'm blessed with so many good things around me. Thank all!

alrite, what's going on right now? let's come clean, lol.
Now that I have finished my National Service, I will be going back to Hong Kong this year.
My parents had already sold the house in Singapore. yea, no house in Sg anymore. Possibility to come back to Sg reduces to 25% (still quite high though). why? so that we can hav some cash in hand and oso buy a house in Hong Kong for me to stay and study. SWEET. before this, my parents are staying in Shen Zhen and they will continue to live there though they work in HK (but just for few days in a week as Art Teachers). yea, the hse in HK is gonna be pretty damn small..but more than enough space for the skinny me to mess ard.

clear so far? okay let's move on. I will be going for my Uni's course's interview on 3rd June. Will fly on 1st June, and will return back to Singapore on 6th June. If the Hong Kong City University's Creative Media Bachelor Course accepts me, then my school will start on September this year. And so between 6th June till the end of July, I've decided to stay in Singapore and spend more time with my friends before I put my heart and soul into ART all over again. my beloved Pearl Bank Apartment's unit #33-xxxxx will be handed over tmr on the 25th May!!! will miss the super amazing view from my ultra mini balcony!!! haha, so where to stay for now? at Khatib!! (long story as to why i'm staying there)
YUP, pls call me up for more outings and gatherings!!!

BY THE WAY, My parents came back to Singapore on 13th May's night. And it's only until 23rd, then we've finished packing the things that we want to ship back to Hong Kong and ShenZhen. Total 27 boxes of REAL GOOD STUFF. hahaahaha!! and we've thrown away another few tonnes of REAL GOOD STUFF as well!!! as there were too many REAL GOOD STUFF STUFFED in our hse and it's too many to bring all back. (yea, i've exaggerated abit...but u noe wat i mean?) My parents, my sis and I are all artists/designers and collectors. we generate a lot of things (artworks) and we keep all of them! and if we oso collect stuff bla bla bla...I think 'moving house' is a BIG issue here. in the end, we've thrown away countless books, mainly art related stuff, countless good papers for chinese ink to draw, countless little deco items, countless countless drawings from 2 chinese painters (my dad and mum), a once-fashion-design-student (my sister) and once-NYP-animation student (me). HOLY SHIT. and lots of art frames. and believe it anot, i have been throwing alot of textbooks, magazines and stuff to the recycle bins until i give up. oh yes, those exquisite rosewood furnitures! all 'donated' to the 'house-movers'. and those electronic items and many moreeee....ALL CLEAR. and that equals to...PAIN PAIN PAIN...becos of many reasons, we do not hav enough time to clear and give away the 'treasures' :(
haha, when the hse is is really quite spacious. I like. but sad that i can't enjoy this wonderful space in this wonderful spot in Singapore much.

kk, here are some questions that i wish to answer haha...

why leave Singapore?
There is ONE main reason. I want to realise my dreams of making my own movies. And I see that Hong Kong has provided me with the best possibility. I know that sooner or later, I would work there and gain invaluable work experience. at first I planned to work in Singapore for a couple of years after Army, then go to HK (without going thru University study)...but, as half way thru the Army, I see that it would be better that i study Uni in HK, make more friends, be more familiar with HK, spend more quality time with my parents and relatives there, and really live an exciting life in HK as a student, then a worker...haha!!
and so, my parents did all that could do to this idea they would LOVE to get me back into their arms asap, lol!! yea, and of cos, i don't think i'm ready for this super competitive industry yet...and so, one reason leads to another...I have to go in 2010. (2012 world ends rite? hahaha...nehh~)

So u mean Singapore cannot realise your dreams issit? u wana fight huh? huh huh huh???
ermmm...haha, let me explain why. My works are mainly inspired from works by China, America, Japan, Hong Kong and France. and believe it or not, I think my target audience or ppl who will be more interested in my stuff are the people of China and Hong Kong as my works is hugely about them. So it is only logical to go to China or Hong Kong and mingle with them, be inspired even more, learn more about them and work my concept/ideas out with them in order to get the best possible result of those RAW ideas that i'm SO CRAZY about!!! it's purely about my taste, my sources, my market and my interest.
and i wish to add on, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to shoot a live action movie in Singapore about Singapore for Singapore and the world to watch!!! but this is not the first thing i can do so far, but its one thing that i really wish to do.

Did you consider serving the Army as a waste of time?
NO. provided I've tried really hard to make the best out of it, and fortunately enough, the Lee Hou Yeung after Army is possibly 10 times wiser and tougher than before.

Would you think that you would be a 'better' Lee Hou Yeung if you've never come to Singapore at all?
if anyone would ask me this qns, here's my answer...I'm proud to tell everyone that I'm extremely happy with who I am now. and living in Singapore for 17 years had definitely play a HUGE part of who I am now. and I won't want to change anything abt it. in order words, the 'me' now is the BEST me :)

Any back up plans?
The first thing that has came to my mind is to come back to Singapore and be a lecturer teaching Art and design. Now that i don't even have a house here, i really don't think that i will return to Singapore and make a living. if i screwed up in HK, i shall continue to screw up over there i guess, hahahaha!!!!

Can we stay at your place when we go to HK for holiday?
HAHAAHAH! good question. here's a good answer too. I'LL TRY, but not very possible.

how sure are you about making your dreams come true? seems super hard to achieve, lol!!
trying something and then getting a definite result/answer for it is always better than guessing and pondering over it and not taking action at all. I hate doubtful feelings. yes, all men prefer definite answers. btw, nothing is a 'Fail' to me.
I oso have several definitions on Dream and Success...and to be right, i'm already living my dream (ya, in your dreams)...i just wana live it BIG, hahahah! from ideas, to papers, to books, to short films, to feature length films, to franchise, to hall of fame, to history books and then die with a smile on my face. OR jus from ideas to papers, ideas to papers, ideas to papers, ideas to papers, ideas to papers and then die with a smile on my face. Either way is living the dream and success for me, just that i would like to try if i can realise it BIG, tats all :)

ok enough for the Q&A session...

alrite, tmr is my last day of my ever-exciting 'moving hse' programme...finally get to rest for awhile before i go for my interview. YAY!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

RayRay 1YO

HOORAYRAY!!!! Today is RAY RAY's one year old birthday!!! 21st May!!!
Despite being so busy with moving hse and stuff, i've decided to do a quick doodle to celebrate RayRay's BIG BIG DAY!!!

I wish Ray Ray will stay forever young, nice and lovely!!!!

hope Ray Ray will like this gift of mine! :P

omg, tml is another super busy day, gotta slp now!! goodnite!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

i for information

I think the main reason why it's kinda hard for me to post frequently is because i don't like to blog over casually, like..'crap, i hate the weather and tuesday sucks.' -end post.

in the end, i've chose to sum up things and blog about it in monthly basis and also provide some little details here and there..and then post some art works, links or photos to make the posts more 'yummy' to read hahaha

but it's kinda slow...

then suddenly facebook emerges and has become our ultimate 'information and daily updates' platform for our family and friends. it is EXTREMELY casual, informative and accessible. not bad~

but i feel abit uncomfortable when those informations (from me or from my friends) can vary from absolute nonsense to something totally personal. some are just seeking for attentions, some are really casual comments abt daily lifes, some are pretty good infos that are worth sharing. so there are alot of good infos and bad infos coming in 24/7...come and gone. abit too fast for me, abit too casual for me. and of cos, not everyone is expected to follow all the updates from the facebook, so it's perfectly fine to M.I.A and then miss out everything, if not tons of infos.

yea, u can always back-track on those 'missed out infos' by going to your friend's profile page and go thru what he or she has been doing over the week or weeks. no prob at all. but sometimes i think that i have been wasting time, instead of saving time to catch up with my friends or keeping in touch. hahaha, i can't really sort out evidence to support this statement, but thats how i feel now.

i feel that keeping my account 'alive' or ultra-responsive means that i'm living in/with facebook. not a very healthy sign for me. there should be a 'safety' distance between the user and the facebook.

btw, let's say i totally dun wana attend to my facebook account...your friends can still write on your wall and 'help' u update abt the things u've done with them. what's better, they can post photos with u inside and share them with all your friends. ...nope, u can't delete those comments and photos with u inside. those comments and photos belong to your friends'. it's already out there. probably 20 ppl saw the comments or photos when they are uploaded 5 secs later lol. too fast too furious isn't it?

yea, i dun really like this aspect of facebook. not that i have much to hide. I jus prefer more privacy and control over things that involves me.

now, facebook is almost a must-have. so, we will have to deal with this ability given to the users. some enjoy it while others don't. I will still keep the account because it really is wonderful in many aspects...but the 'good stuff' can also back fire on you in a way u may not even know it.

(and if the piece of information really needs to reach to u. i think that handphones and email is still the best way. )

my (rather casual) conclusion abt facebook, is that it is overly informative and accessible, hence we have to use it very carefully and wisely to our advantage. and bare in mind that facebook can be equally devastating as how helpful/useful it is.

well, I still like blogging alot. i have 100% control over what is going on on my blog. all the contents are generated by me, and sincerely from me. the informations will stay as long as the blog exists. i'm the writer as well as the creative director for what i've 'published' on my 'monthly magazine' for my readers. and then i can always go back to my first posts and relive my life all over again. the flow and connection from post to post is quite special to me, and i value it.

note that facebook is not equal to blogging. both are very different thing. but i'm trying to compare them from accessing and providing information's perspective.

i stll have alot of other things to talk about...but i hav tons of things waiting for me to accomplish in a very short time.

luckily i managed to squeeze some time and energy to write a post for now....when all things are pretty much settled down...i would like to write something more personal and detailed for sharing as well as review in the future.

Blogging is a 'gentle' platform.....Lee Hou Yeung likes this.