Saturday, May 31, 2008


totally brilliant!

this year's NBA Championship 2008 is between Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers!!!!

the Celtics-Lakers rivalry is one of the greatest NBA story...the 2 teams met each other in the finals for 10 times (since e year 1959, till 1987.) Celtics won 8 of the 10 meetings, while the Lakers won the last 2 championships...(becos 'Magic' Johnson and Adul Jabbar were in Lakers tat time)

21 years passed...the Celtics finally got the chance to return to NBA finals! (after the legendary Larry Bird and co left the team...Celtics had never been able to form another powerful squad to win another title for the club.) Not until my heroes, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allens became Celtics players.

Now they will face LA's basically a KOBE BRYANT basketball team. He determines the fate of Lakers...and believe me, he and his teammates are really strong...they are a much younger teams...compared to the Big Three of Celtics who averaged 30 plus..(quite old for pro bballers.)

I hav a feeling that Lakers can win e title this year. BUT!!!!! But i support my Big Three!!!!

Celtics is the green team! GO GREEN GO!

Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce (Celtic's new hope!)

Larry Bird is no.33. God-like shooting touch!

well, Kobe Bryant can score 81 in one game.
who's the man?

Kevin Garnett is the one!


this Celtics-Lakers rivalry match is going to be another NBA classic! i'm glad tt i'm part of this era! i am a big fan of NBA! love it love it love it love it love it love it love it!!!!!!!

NBA, where amazing happens.

(help avertise their wonderful slogan abit..)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

jb and stuff

okay, gotta put down some stuff...

this is the malaysia trip!

we came to here to take bus to Jusco shopping mall.

in the bus....couple posing happily...

Jusco, here we are!
wait a minute, Ariel bent down becos......???
EEEEWWWW....NC16 stuff...
some branches cut her leg....

then we went to watch Drillbit Taylor movie...very so-so comedy...
and we went to eat some jap food...

Zhi Jie is ready to eat!

Weibin is ready to eat too!

and i am ready to eat too!

the gals are ready to pose!

Hire girls to advertise.
Ginseng sales increase by 20%

Hire Lee Hou Yeung to advertise?
all ginsengs in the world sold the next day.
haiz...too power.

aniwae, Jusco is something like Vivo city....nevertheless it was a fun trip!

finally watched IRON MAN movie! it was enjoyable. i give it 7/10!!!

I watched it with Joey....and she totally know nuts about the show. after Tony Stark built his first iron man and managed to escape...(approx 1 hour showtime)....Joey tot that the show is going to end! OMG...tats super hilarious becos it means that she tot the Iron Man's final form is tat crap metal robot!!! dudehead lah joey....

the show is about science...and yet, the show didn't care much about logic and possibility...but focuses on entertainment value and visuals. well, I LIKED TAT! if the director is trying to give Iron Man a believable approach...e 'batman begins' approach...the movie is gonna be much duller.

in anycase, Robert Downey Jr. did a brilliant job on Tony Stark! he's performance as a super hero is the best compared to batman, superman and spider man. btw, i jus dun like toby maguire to act as spider man...i dun like his eyes. (sorry toby.) but hey, i like Robert Downey Jr. 's eyes!!!!! hahaha!

this makes me wonder if he can act batman well....LOL! and so i did this to see if he looks good with a batman head gear....hahahaahaha!


yes, i can't wait to watch the dark knight.


lastly, i got my diploma! its only helping me to collect dust at home...haha

tats all :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

fame and fortune


topic: FAME and FORTUNE...(from a perspective of an artist)

these 2 things are really 'haunting' me sometimes... i'm not born to want to be famous or freaking rich....but i believed that i am indirectly forced to go into this in, pursuing fame and wealth for the rest of my life..(along with other objectives in my life of cos..)

how am i indirectly/unconsiously forced? i think its from what i see and hear everyday...

suspected medium: people, television, movies, internet, radio, newspaper, posters, books and your freaking bills...(yes, u need money to pay the bills)
they are usually about the famous people, its about power, its about popularity, its about beauty, its about being number 1, its about being the best, its about money...

how can u not want to be richer?money is a powerful tool...its very valuable...but there's a price to pay for it...
and the 'price' i see is.....u are somewhat blinded by it....failing to see other beautiful things...failing to really know what u really want....bla other words, MONEY (actually fame oso) can change you. the way u are. who u are.

this 2 things GREATLY ENLARGED when i want to work as an artist. and it began to scare me abit.becos i want to be freaking popular and my art works are purchased by everyone.

someone from above says: lee hou yeung? kiss my ass....

when u work as an artist....u are not just concern about your art....u will worry if your art sells anot...simply becos your art is linked to your job and its linked to money.

Equation: Art--->Job--->$Money$

if u dun earn much means that your art sucks (in a way...)

solution: your art needs to be more well liked by the public.

(wat i see here)....fame is now in the way (poisoning u unknowingly)....cos u are thinking sell more art pieces through directing your art works more towards the public's taste.fame leads to money.

(fame and fortune are linked in many ways....)

new equation: better art--->more fans--->sell more art--->more Money$$$$$

this solution seems logical....but it is this mindset that 'killed' so many artists!!!!! why? cos now u use MONEY AND POPULARITY to be the RULER of your art works. in other words, u allowed money and popularity to change the way to do art....which leads to...u are doing stuff that ppl likes and hence....u will gradually lost track about wat u exactly like and wat u exactly want to achieve....(and tats wat i mean by being blinded by fame and fortune.)

so wats my take? first of all, dun let money and popularity be the judge/ruler/standard/value of your art. U should be in control when doing art...and after that, get feedback and advice from others to help u understand your art better....and from there...continue to improve.... but then again, u don't want to change your art entirely so that u can please everybody....cos u may be 'blinded' by fame again...

xelex says: nobody can please everybody, u stupid pea brain!

u should be able to know how much to improve/alter/change..and how much to keep/ignore.... u will have to figure this yourself... :)

then again, i guess u heard a story about a person who did great art that nobody likes during his time....and he earned f***king little money....and eventually he died miserably....then many years later, ppl start to realise those art works were brilliant! and the art works were sold for lots lots lots of money!

this artist is really remarkable...nobody likes his works then....but he totally ignore abt fame and fortune....and continue doing wat he thought was great. but he led a very hard life becos he failed to obtain enuff/any fame and fortune. tat's his choice....

whats my choice? i choose to do everything. do things u things that can things i like. be water my friend....LOL! sounds cool huh? well, i may 'break' becos of that...cos when i say i do things tt u like and things tt can means tt i'm concern abt fame and fortune ....and that little concern abt fame and fortune may 'blind' my own artistic vision.

the joke: fortunately, the art that i do is well like by everyone, including myself.

xelex says: lee hou yeung rocks! 3 cheers!

before u wana close the window....(i'm refering to the browser....not your hse's window...)

pls hear this.

don't let fame and fortune control/overtake u!!!!!

(side note: i use 'u' becos i feel tat the reader can relate to it more. its more direct and powerful. so i'm here to clarify tat i'm not pointing fingers at anyone...and to be frank, i am scolding myself to be obsessed with fame and fortune all the time....LOL!)

lastly, focus MORE on this!!!!!


if i'm to say one word to help improve a person's life...or my wisdom abt life.... OPTIMISM is the word.

becos life sucks....and u have to lie to yourself to stay happy.


i'm laughing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

recap on my HK trip

back in singapore now! greetings everyone!

this trip is yet another unforgetable one....HK always inspires me. and after this trip, i hav this strong feeling that i am returning to HK to start my career...i'm not sure abt this until i've made this impt trip....
one thing i wan ppl in singapore know... i am who i am....and i love who i am...the 10 over years i've spent in singapore definitely contributed largely to who i am now....and i thank singapore for that. lol!
i see HK as a place where i can grow faster and stronger as an artist...the competition, market and opportunites there are what i want...and i like the ppl parents and relatives are many factors....

but hey! i'm a singapore citizen! will serve the army at 10th July 2008. bring it on! rawr!!!!!
and i finally updated my P.R identity card for HK. good job!
i hate to discuss abt my identity....classifying myself bla bla....
but i do acknowledge my chinese ancestors! i'm so proud to be a chinese!

rmb i mentioned b4 tat my cam was spoilt? well, the memory card was spoilt too. super angry abt it...but yea, my dad bought me a new digi i shall stop complaining.

BBOYZ in da hse yo!

ghostly building...

how do i go through this crowd?

tat building looks like mi!!!!

this cross is huge!

load them up!

issit slping or issit......?

tat's the hse. i like!

back to nature! i look like i'm ready to poo poo!

i'm little kelly's uncle! she's very smart and adorable!
the woman watching the show is kelly's grandma.
the woman in the show is i don't know who.

this is power! bumped into tryphena and her family in HK!
lucky lucky lucky!
we were like.....'wat are u doing here?'....LOLOLOL!!!!!

that night, i went to see e beautiul and very misty cityscape of HK with my mum.

i look like a piece of shit in this photo.

sharon sis, me, erwin bro (sharon's dear husband), and sharon's dear mum (who teaches art as well)! my parents were there too....we had a great lunch together!

i got a bag of gifts from sharon sis and erwin bro! big thanx!!!

self take pic AGAIN....hahaha!

time to say goodbye. cya HK!

nothing spectacular abt my trip....but wat spectacular was the change in my vision abt my future.... and i've grew wiser...thanx to myself!


yea...shall enjoy my time (without working) b4 i enter army...(excited)