Saturday, January 26, 2008


dear diary....

okay tats lame...

so lemme do some update...

-napfa test...failed to get silver becos of 2.4km(13.12min)....will try sweat :)

-3d animation assignment 2 on lip-sync... i hav no comment abt the rig....its....its....(argh my brain!)

-website's name?
why this name? i believe in art. art believes in me. it's a belief...a legend...a myth....
anything upthere? not yet. doing the 'shit' now....

-before this name, i tot of,, and many many more...hahaha!

-got gary's 2nd album from shuguo, got gary's 3rd album and yang zhong wei's songs from joan. haiz, i wanted to buy their the end, i gave in to 'free' buy their albums next time bah...haha

-wanted to buy a bag, go shop shop since last century....

-i want to play least shoot some hoops...just for a while?

-stress is 360 degree around me now....and i still blog....

-i need to buy much issit for 1 second? can i get more if i'm using singapore dollar?

okay, back to 3d animation....

hope everything works out fine.

Monday, January 21, 2008


cough cough....i'm here to tok abt my previous post on fusion 08....

lol, i got some feedbacks from my poly frens today abt that post...they read the post and interpreted the way i do not want them to other words, my lousy english has led to some misunderstandings/miscommunications....damn depressed now....hahaha

so i'm here to clear up the 'mess'...

my main intention was to encourage ppl to go to Fusion and stuff...and i didn't mean to be unfriendly to those who aren't willing to go to fusion...

so all my poly mates, "Best wishes to u guys!"

thats the best thing to neutral and good...hahahahaha!
(dun hammer me or stab me....)

kk, crap post again...spare me!


kool, i shall take the chance to tok abt something else.

eh, i will do a very detail post abt my NYP life 3 years spent in Digital Media 'Dead-sigh'....i mean design....

hmmm, probably after fusion...when i'm finally a free man....i will write this entry. a '600 million words, super ultra detail to the hair and germs' kind of entry....

hopefully, its a happy!

i have work to do...gotta go....take care guys.

i need a break! i need more personal time! argh argh argh argh!!!!!!!!
i'm the kind of person who prefers to speak out all the things i noe b4 i hit the secrets before i'm a gonner....hard to achieve...but i'll work towards that!!!!
okay, i'm totally off track now....i need my holidays......

let's move on...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

shark fin soup

man, i hav to blog this.

I swear i will never eat shark fin soup again in my life.

this means NO eating it during people's weddings, my wedding or any ocassion.

sharks are such beautiful creature. they have been around for such a long time....and we human are making them face extinction...

face extinction because of? their tasteless fins.

I was young when I had shark fin soup at chinese restaurants. Now, I grew older and know know how to act accordingly. Hence, my decision here is final. And I strongly encourage you all to quit eating shark fin soup or anything originated from sharks.

I am feeling so guilty, angry and sad right now.

watch this.

human human human....ugly side of human is so human...u noe wat i mean?....we are the worst predator, omnivore and carnivore on earth! this record is so hard to beat, keep up the good work guys.

damn it.

c'mon, spare a thought for others.

say NO to shark finning.

Fusion 2008

Fusion 2008

My grad show, Fusion 08, is coming soon. Pretty worry about the outcome becos i'm not well prepared for the show.

Currently, i am 'packaging' myself to become both concept artist and storyboard artist. Its not difficult to 'sell' myself cos i believe here is where my strength lies(i'm only slightly less genius than da vinci)...but the difficult thing now is to gather around 15 good works to show how versatile, skillful and creative i am...for instance, some male and female character designs, some environment design(not my focus), some monster designs, some mecha designs and some illustration pieces. still not enough to impress the employers? then gotta show some animation i've done, and some sketchbooks...

cool, so i finally got to impress those employers, wats next? present them ya name card...with your personal info inside. wat info? ya full name, address(maybe), your mobile number and your personal website.

yes, personal website....not a website that stores ya daily entries or nude a website that contains ya ART stuff...paintings, sketches, showreel bla bla bla....

oh, i hav 2 spend $$$$$$$ to buy my own domain. and when the employers contact me, i'll be serving NS and couldn't do any freelance work, becos the gov say 'no outside commitment during NS.' u don't follow, u get owned upside down....

all of the above has to be done pretty soon(4 wks? i hate to remember dates..)....and there comes my sarcastic "THANK YOU!".....the school has such "GREAT PLAN" for us! and btw, when doing all this, i still hav my assignments to finish, i "LOVE" the pressure and i "DON'T" think that i will screw my portforlio and website up.

with all the 'shit' i am facing right now, the only thing i look forward to now is Fusion 08.....LOL!
i hope that everything will work out fine :)

and for those who doesn't want to go the Fusion r my thoughts:

1) sigh....maybe u don't want to work in this industry anymore.

2) if u think so, pls find some a decent 8 to 5 kind of job cos this job requires a 'growing' passion and a 'never say die' working attitude...which will be use for working long hours and staying overnight...LOL...Without passion and determination, u will 'die in this industry. similarly, u will 'die' in anywhere else...(i'm not toking abt excelling in the industry, i merely toking about survival.)

3) so maybe u want to work in this industry....but u jus refuse to go for the show. then u hav some prob which i dun wish to waste my time toking abt...and tats a very negative thing for me to say. (sorry) why not go? ask yourself....

4) other reasons? eh....i'll hug u and say, good luck bye bye.

why go? here's my answer:

1) to get feedback from the working professionals.
not jus on your works, observe how they look at you....u'll noe where u stand in this industry. don't be too serious if they somehow look down on you and your works...who says that start mus be good in order to continue the 'game'. there are hills to climb....over this hill, u may get to see a paradise right in front of you. staying at the same spot or choose to retreat? u noe what will no......nothing will happen.

2)honour yourself. come on, its time to show! 3 years of effort in this course. u don't want to have your own booth to showcase ya work? gosh, wat can i say.

3) the best way to say goodbye to this course. join the Fusion and then burn the sch together. alright, i getting too far. i like this sch

now, the biggest obstacle is to get my website done nicely. thinking of the website's name jus gonna kill me...cos i can't use (someone's site..damn it!)........should i name hahaha...NO!
and i noe nothing abt html, and i dun want to noe...*start crying*

namecard design? plain white card + black colour fonts = best design
i am environmentally friendly...dun wanna waste ink...jus go to the freaking website lah!
haha, i'm lieing to myself again. how can the sch allows this...

Fusion 08, bring it on man! *fighting mode-ON*


Sometimes I want the time to freeze, so that I can remember the breeze~

such a romantic line by me! wow....i'm so good...hahahaha!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


yeap...2008 has come. nothing much has change....all the freaking assignments tat i have yet finished have come along with me to the year 2008...

much less impactful compared to those days in secondary sch or pri the start of the year, u'll face subjects of higher education, change of teachers, propably change of classmates....and u'll often counter incidents like writing the wrong year on the sch assignments.....those were the days....

now....i'm studying in Nanyang poly. very different from my previous education style/ exams, only projects and assignments....sounds cool huh? come join my course (digital media design) and u'll noe how 'cool' this course!

toking abt change...the biggest change for this year will be....graduation( during early march) and entering NS!!!

do u wan to graduate asap?

tmr. if i can choose when i can graduate, i'll choose tmr. let me move on man....LOL! this course allows me to meet lots of interesting ppl and i have hell lots of fun with them. however, i've jus identified tat theres nothing much i can learn from this course...very sad. so i wish to 'waste' no more time and immediately jump into my own world and create my own stuff....kinda selfish thoughts...but time is precious ya noe? no time no time....

do u wan to go NS asap?

can i don't go?...


and so i finally got to watch Pan's labyrinth!!!!!! i so wanted to watch it in cinema, but i didn't do so becos of my F-ing, i managed to watch it at the show from lixiong.thanx.

kk, lemme tok abt it. the show is awesome....
it is very LOUD! the story doesn't have massive explosions or super high quality sound effect...but it was those childhood lullaby, suppression and other dark themes that have made this movie so LOUD! like a lost soul screaming!....a voice tat can only be heard from within...and tats louder than loud. damn, my comment for this film is jus so hard to understand.

in all, its an awesome show. 9/10. i'll recommend it to everyone, except those who can't bare violent/bloody scenes....liesl? u should watch this show man...HAHAHAHAHA!

directed and screenplay by Guillermo del Toro. bow to you! totally love this show!


here's a lame conversation by me and was jus barely after 2007.

joke of the year? yes for now....