Saturday, July 26, 2008


i'm feeling really tired after the 2 weeks of army training.

life in the army can be really devastating to a person with a negative mindset abt serving army.

and of cos, i hated army long b4 i serve...and i took quite a lot of effort to adjust myself during my stay in Tekong island.

Lucky for me, i managed to enjoy most of army training. A great deal comes from good commanders and good company, which leads to good platoons, good section, good bunk mates and good buddy.

and to my surprise, the food there is pretty good. far better than what i've expected.

btw, i'm posted to the FALCON company, platoon 3, section2, bed 07! hence my ID number in the army is F3207. cool huh?

one funny thing i wish to tok abt. I recieved the army letter, and i was told to reach tekong at 11.30am. there's extra information abt free bus services will be provided at pasir ris bus interchange at 10.30am. SOMEHOW....i jus read until the word 'interchange' and i stopped reading the letter. In the end, i reached pasir ris at 11.30am. and realised that i missed the bus by one freaking hour! i almost had a heart attack. the next bus will be at tat means i'll be 2 hours late when i reach tekong! indeed, i was 2 hours late. luckily, the people in the army didn't punish me(newcomer).

wats more interesting. my buddy, cheng ning....was late too! he oso missed out the 10.30am timing SOMEHOW! hahahahahaha! yeah, so we were late together....and when we reach our room to see where are our beds...we are actually sleeping beside each other. and by bed number, he is assigned as my buddy. what a start....

aniwae, i'm lucky that i didn't fall sick YET. and i injured my right knee(not very serious though)...trainings are tough, but not so dangerous YET. so yeah, i still can take it.

the coming week is where HELL comes...the commanders will be much stricter on us.


no pics for my b4 and after for now...cos my sis took my cam away.


watched batman. i enjoyed watching it. I love the very dark, moody, crazy and suffocating atmosphere that the director Christopher Nolan is trying to display in his own batman movie. the new 'messy and very intelligent' joker is fantastic. the make up for 2 face is fantastic. the bat bike is fantastic. the cast is fantastic. batman's cape is more than fantastic( i love the way he flys!)

but i jus felt that Christopher Nolan had suppress batman's emotions a little too much. in other words, Christopher Nolan's batman is a bit flat and boring. I would like to see Bruce Wayne to cry in pain when he lost the love of his life, Rachael. and i do think that the audience would like to see batman crying in pain. (which helps to show a more human side of Bruce.)

Failure to save Rachael(his love) and Harvey Dent(his hope for Gotham city's future), Batman should be really really upset and mad abt Joker (and everything abt himself). but all i see is the same-old-well-composed Batman/Bruce. from my personal opinion, i believe Batman have enuff reasons to throw Joker down the building without catching him back.

and the movie ended, without elaborating what happened to the Joker after he was hanged upside down by batman. and we were left with little clues abt the following batman movie.

i only know that police and dogs will be chasing batman in the next movie. yes, batman is afraid of dogs. lol.

Overall, the movie is wonderfully done. jus that i didn't get to see what i want to see from Bruce/batman.

and yeah, its a great loss that Heath Ledger can no longer act as Joker to continue the Batman vs Joker story plot. unless the Director gets a new actor for Joker, which none of us would want to.

kk, tats all i wana type.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Survivor Tekong

my 88th posts! this post marks a new chapter of my life, my army life!

the above pic is a quick doodle of me with a nicely shaved head.

i will try my best to survive!

wish me luck!

be back soon. 26 July 2008.

if i'm not back, that means....

i'm married with another guy.

just joking.

Monday, July 7, 2008

b4 i go...

oh man oh man oh man....

today is 8th of July. on 10th July...i'll be a different man. no longer a free man. i'll become an effing recruit! i'm starting to feel excited about it!

kk, lets check out some photos first....

Cosfest at Downtown East! my first time to a cosplay event...its quite normal...i didn't get to say.."oh wow!" or "OMG look at that!" or "Shit! thats some awesome shit!". Neither did i get to do the following actions...1.Faint 2.puke 3.sleep..... so ya, its pretty cool overall...

My poly friend, SeeJay is cosplaying (3rd guy from left).

Winnie, my pri sch fren! she is really cool! i'm cosplaying banana btw...
Adrian's framing is fantastic...most of u all won't noe winnie is carrying a samurai sword.

went sing at partyworld e next day! had a great time!

watched Handjob movie....oh, i mean Hancock movie. its pretty entertaining to watch. far from great though.

i oso managed to get really wasted. played some poker game with breadboyz. got owned by the absolute vodka. puke like a....i dun noe how to describe it. they actually filmed me vommitting! the game is quite crazy, intense and refreshing. will intro to others next time.

i really accomplished one thing after my fusion show(grad show)....tat like there's no tomorrow.

i think i've over-play too much....its good and soul is feeling very tired...its like i didn't get a good rest at all....i'm gonna age quicker?

the future is very very very uncertain! but i'm not troubled over it anymore.

actually i'm troubled by it.

i'm honest to myself.

facts are hard to swallow.

they are so spikey.

anyway, huifen had a bet with me! she said that i will smoke (on my own will) within/after my 2 years in army. i'm wana bet 5 million dollars? cos i'm freaking sure that i will win the bet. but of cos, the bet has to be more practical. so if huifen lose, she will give me $10. If i lose, i'll give her $100. yes, i'll pay her more cos i'm really freaking monsterly sure that i will win the bet.

i'll claim my money 2 years later. huifen! start saving....LOL!

recently, i started to do some pumpings at night to get myself ready for Basic Military Training.
i hope that my performance there is not the worst. cos tat will make my life easier there...being the weakest guy in the platoon is mentally and physically torturing! someone turn me into a girl pls!......(lame)

kk, i hate to tok abt army stuff. but maybe i'll change my perspective abt it soon.

if i'm not wrong, i'll be out of e camp by 26th july(saturday).


now, will head to my sketch blog and do another update! go take a look!

Friday, July 4, 2008


yeap...some more happy moments!

Secondary 4/9 class gathering! less than half r present.
but i got to meet frens who i haven't meet for years!
tats ver cool...haha! (late june 08)

after the rather crampy dinner, we took a grp photo!
thanks to Crystal(from sec 4/7) for helping us take photos!
she got like 6 digi cams to take loh!

Valentina. My seating partner for first half of the year. totally screwed up my studies.
she gave me five or six blue blacks on my arms b4!!! siao ar!

Second half of the year...O' Level nearing. I chose to seat with a super nice guy! Melvin Foo!
He would wake me up whenever i'm dozing off...n he encourages me to study hard! big thanx!
really relieved that i didn't pull ya results down...haha!

daniel and kev were my seating partners oso.

Xelex's signature pose WIDESPREAD! I'm still e best at it! muahahaha!


Qian Tong's birthday! happy 20th! We went to Mind Cafe to celebrate her birthday!
my first time playing in Mind Cafe...fantastic experience!

RouFang, Winnie, QianTong, Lameass, Kathleen, ChunHuat.
yeah, i changed my specs. so? big deal ar? ok ok...


lastly, i celebrated Adriano kojimama's (his real identity remains a mystery) birthday. we went to play LAN games. Call of Duty 4!!!!!
freaking awesome! love shooting each other's ass!
a pic speaks a thousand words...but we didn't take any pic for that day. we'll take some grp photos some other days bah...we hav to do it! time is not waiting for anyone. we will turn old soon! omg!

damn , i miss my sch days! primary sch...sec sch....poly....
make me wana go Uni...for the fun of it. not for the cert....hahahahaha!
seriously..being a student in sch is super fun okay.
but i enjoy my time now..being a free FREE man...

kk...i needa rest soon. nitex.