Saturday, December 31, 2011

goodbye 2011

oh well. i didn't make good use of my time. i wanted to rest and slack, more than i wanted to blog. and now i can only post my last painting for 2011 here to make it a 'proper' post for December...

2012 will be a fantastic year. i just know it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


ok, my gastric pain is pretty much gone. it has been around for 2 weeks plus, and i did not go to see a doctor...which can be quite dangerous. as in, my stomach would bleed, rot or even explode if i don't attend to it anytime sooner. alright, i'm kidding. lucky for me, before i drag my body to see the gave me some banana to eat and Yakult to drink. WOW. they are super effective! lol, after several banana and yakult session, my gastric pain problem is almost completely gone! i dislike seeing doctor and i enjoy eating banana and drinking yakult...and now, they can actually solve my gastric problem, hooray!! thank you banana and yakult (either one of you, or both of you saved me) And of cos, thank you mom for the timely rescue.

next, lots of work to do. will talk about it after i finish my semester.

maybe this is some bullshit...but i can feel my ultimate super turbo fantastic Xelex Power is coming back!

or maybe i'm just happy that the gastric pain is gone :D

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gastric Pain

it's back.

there was a period of time where i had experience CONSTANT gastric pain for a few days. it's fucking bad. i totally couldn't concentrate on anything, but to roll on the bed, to get myself to sleep, only then the pain can go away. Eventually, i went to see the chinese doctor and had two servings of medicine before things got better. The doctor said that everyone would experience bad gastric pain at least once in their life, and once they overcome it, they may not be having it ever again.

well, it's back. for me. it's not as bad as the previous time. i can still blog about it now, lol. but yea, gastric pain is "brain-stopper" in my point of view. as in, my brain stops working when gastric pain "takes over". This may increase my stress level when there are work waiting to be done, and that means more gastric pain. sibei sian. this feeling sucks. for i am neither sick nor healthy, i can still work...but not efficiently. guess i need to see the doctor again.

haha, reminds me about Daryl and his gastric pain moments. now i can understand how fucked up this is. and it's not helping when we are cracking lame jokes to make everyone laugh...cos laughing does not go with gastric pain well. lol!

for now, more warm water and more rest bah.

Anyday without gastric pain is a happy day. Hahhaa!

One more month and I’m somewhat done with my year 2 semester A. lol.

I know I’m doing things and learning things. But it’s like a dream. It feels like an illusion sometimes. this is probably because I feel that I have not work hard enough and have not really absorb all the new information. I still suck at learning new software, can never catch up with the lecturer’s lightning speed demonstration. Even when I can follow her pace, I would still forget what I’ve learn when I don’t touch the software for around 5 days. So every week’s new lesson is something new, and yea, i’ve forgot about what’s been taught…and I’ll forget about what will be taught soon. All is left, are the visual memories of me clicking the mouse, staring at the computer (wondering how to do it or what went wrong). It is just an experience with a new software…and that’s about it. No more information about the software. When I operate software or a machine, I don’t really use real memories, cos I didn’t retain them somehow, I use my muscle memories instead. How pathetic.

The most interesting thing for this semester is the (Chinese) scriptwriting class. It’s really fun to write your own story. To construct everything from scratch, and then see your characters coming to life…being able to follow them…and let the story unfold or retold in it’s own way. But the process for this to happen requires a lot of thinking, research and soul searching. The story I’m working on is far from done. The submitted version will not be the final version. Note that I am only required to write a 30 page script for the submission, which is not the full script. I wish I can finish the full script with the final story asap, if not it’ll be another ‘illusion’, lol.

And oh, I finally watched “L’Illusionniste” by Slyvain Chomet. Fantastic work. Will watch it a few times more to admire the wonderful animation in it.

Okay, back to ‘entertaining’ my gastric pain.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

For Earthlings

On September, I got to watch a documentary called “Earthlings”. I happened to click on “Earthlings” simply because I am interested in this term, which groups up all living things on earth with no discrimination or what so ever. My first thought was that I will get to see the beauties and similarities that all living things share, but it surprised me when this documentary is going another direction to make us understand the term Earthling. It will discuss on how mankind (the dominant specie of the planet) has been mistreating other animals, disregarding their own rights to live a free life.

I have always wanted to know exactly how our human world functions. And this particular “Earthlings” documentary can answer some of my concern.

Alright, I recommend everyone to watch the documentary “Earthlings” when you are free and watch it at one go. And after watching the documentary, please also watch Gary Yourofsky’s powerful speech that tackles the same issue. (If you cannot stand all those animal abuse videos present in the documentary, then you can choose to just listen to Gary Yourofsky’s speech. He will get you well-informed as well.)

After watching both videos, immediately I am sure that I will never support the Pets, Clothing, Research and Entertainment Industries that allow animal abuse to happen. As for Food industries, I will find my way to become a vegetarian or even vegan in the future. This change in my eating habits will be pretty challenging, but I will try my best to make it work. Hong Kong is really a meat-eating society…why do I say so? It’s extremely difficult to have a meal similar to “Mixed-vegetables rice” or 杂菜饭 that can be easily found in Singapore. At least 95% of the food sold in food stores in Hong Kong must include meat as the “main dish”. Therefore, it is really quite inconvenient for me to convert into a vegetarian. Anyway, the conversion is taking place for me already and I have reduced by at least 40% of my usual meat consumption during this month. Thanks to the food center near my school area that sells vegetarian food (with ‘fake’ meat and fillet), which I have been eating for lunch during my school days recently.

For now, my practice is not to eat meat whenever I can. Until I have found out where I can buy vegetarian products etc, I will slowly proceed to eat meat only once or twice a week. Hopefully, I can find my way to fully refrain myself from eating meat in the future. Well, I’m doing this for the sake of the animals which I strongly believe they do not deserve this kind of treatment. We have no reason for this to continue once we know about this and when we declare that we love animals.

And guess what, by doing this (not supporting Pets, Clothing, Entertainment, Research and Food Industries that abuse animals)…we are also saving the environment and our own health.

It’s time for some more reflections as to what we should really care about and do about in our lifetime.

There are many other documentaries available online (on youtube) that inform the truth or rather uncover the ugly side of us.

In the age of the Internet, there is (almost) no one stopping us to find out the truth and take actions but ourselves and our faulty belief system.

Lastly, I wish to express my thanks to the people who have made the documentary and
Gary Yourofsky for his wonderful speech.

(153 posts btw)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


lol, i've took the time to edit my prev post, but in vain.

why edit? i've rushed to finish it and then blog it just before i head to shenzhen. once i came back to hk and review my writings, i can see tons of careless typo and grammar errors.

the blog post was related to 'nothingness'.

being particularly interested in the topic that i've chosen to discuss, i wrote some pretty long stuff about it. and just now, i've managed to 'polish' it to help me deliver my ideas across better. however, when i clicked the 'pusblish post' button, it brings me to an error page. my updated blog post has vapourised to nothingess.



not going to edit it again. will not keep the prev error-ful post either.
and this shall be my post for August.




alright, goodnight.