Thursday, February 28, 2013

A story about us.

 In short, just remember that you are both nothing and something.

How so?

When we are nothing, it means that we are ultimately all the same, hence without differences, there is nothingness, and this brings us to the see the ‘face’ of Nature. When we are something, it is about the details of Nature, hence the flowers, the wind, the feelings, the thoughts. The details provide the differences, the sum of everything points to nothingness, and this is the contradicting environment that we can only exist in.

Story exists in the detailed end of the universe, it is about character, event, time and space, and not surprisingly, nothingness lies at the other end of this universe. Story is both something and nothing, which means that story is as human as we are, and they can reflect on us, reveal more details or eventually bring us to nothingness, where an ultimate story means nothing, the deepest or the furthest of humanity means nothing and there is absolutely nothing wrong or right about it. Let the story rests at any point in this universe, let the human be more than human, it is all right, and it is all fine. 


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