Sunday, March 25, 2012

March On

wow, i missed the posting 'deadline' for the month of February! If I recall correctly, i was busy having fun. Had my Chinese New Year Celebration in Shen Zhen, and the 春晚show was very entertaining to watch. the 相声 were all hilarious and meaningful to watch. the stage was very high tech! formed up with many many many large cubes of around 2 meters in length...and this large platform is incredibly flexible as these cubes can move up and down to various form different kinds of stage for each performance. and each side of the cube, except for the bottom one, is a full screen...that will help make up the mise-en-scene for the stage. very effective and nice to watch!

and now, March is going to be over soon! oh my...time flies! i hope this is doing me good. as of 03 March, i've officially became 24 years old. oh my...time flies! i hope this is doing me good XD.
Big thanks to the people who wished me happy birthday. really appreciate it! thanks for the love and support. as i occasionally miss the timing on wishing you guy's a happy birthday, i hereby wish everyone love and peace! keep moving forward! cheers!

Currently, i am busy helping out my senior to finish her Final Year Project. It is compulsory for the second year student (me) to help out the final year student on their fyp, which will be a short film of around 30 mins long. As much as, my senior is planning for a simple film production...things just naturally gets more complicated as we try to get it done...hence, the intended period for filming has been extended. each extra day of work can be very demoralising and costly. but this is really part of the game if you want to do film. YES, i am getting pretty paranoid, and have been thinking much for my own fyp which will occur somewhere around this time next year. Similarly, i aim for very simple set up, in terms of location, story structure, number of actors that i can manage them well. but as a story guy, i aim to get the story develop/evolve into its best form...and that's where things get out of hand. I am having this idea which i want to work on further, but as i didn't limit how my story flows...more and more characters start to jump in into the story, same for locations. as much as i am enjoying this 'crazy ride' in my mind, i fear that i have overdevelop it to something i love but can't be done. houleeshit. i have a hunch that i will have to ruthlessly cut down the story or simplify it...which i think will lose lots of energy to the work. damn.

other memorable events during march, the great master, Moebius, has passed away. I totally love his works and they are absolutely inspiring for me. Rest in Peace.

and the election for Chief Executive for Hong Kong is over. Leung won. but most people in Hong Kong were angry with result, saying that it is not what the people want. The people of Hong Kong wants a re-election as they believe that this is a 'small-circle election' where the public have very little say in the event. People are saying Hong Kong is dying. but then again, which country is doing really well nowadays? very very few i guess. we are all struggling. but i hope that we don't get too negative to the negative things that WILL happen. one might think that there is another way to this problem, but most of the time, things just have to happen the wrong way. still, i'm glad to see that people of hong kong are very clear of what is doing good or bad for their city, and they will stand up and defend the good things (freedom, justice etc) when necessary. However, i have this feeling that everyone is feeling very low here....maybe they are right that the city is really dying...but i think the frustrations and anger should be transmitted to some other channels which will do Hong Kong well, instead of doing self-mocking and stuff. Hong Kong people have great passion. we all can feel it. Make good use of it, and Hong Kong will never die.

Okay, that's all. i'm late for class, haha!

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